About TMPF

If you dream of getting out debt, and designing a brighter financial future, you’re in the right place! Teach Me! Personal Finance is all about teaching, coaching and learning from folks just like you who want to change the trajectory of their lives for the better.

Hi, I'm Ryan Rollins, and I started Teach Me! Personal Finance to help myself and others become more knowledgeable about personal finance

While tackling my own financial challenges, I discovered a passion for helping folks transform their personal finances from a point of stress and embarrassment into a source of strength and personal pride. I truly believe that while overcoming debt and achieving financial freedom isn’t exactly easy, it doesn’t have to be a mystery, either.

 In 2016, I started working on how I could turn my passion into my enterprise, and in 2017 I launched Teach Me! Personal Finance.  

Where to next?  I'd recommend starting with the basics of personal finance and explore from there!

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