Want To Get Paid For Your Opinion? Try Apex Focus Group (2021)

It is always great to have some ideas up your sleeve to earn money besides getting your regular income. Stepping foot in 2021, we all have realized the necessity to have a side income or a passive income. A significant number of people globally have lost their conventional mode of earning because of COVID-19. Lucky are those who have a passive income which matters a lot nowadays. It is always advisable to have a source of passive income as it helps a lot during emergencies.

Have you ever thought of making money online by doing surveys and placing your opinions? These surveys take very little time in a day. Various online survey sites can help you to earn points and rewards.

Apex Focus group is a popular online survey site which is a focus group. 

However, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to know whether a survey job is fake or legitimate. You can end up not getting paid despite working on a survey for the whole day. These online survey groups come with lucrative payment schemes that will ignite the spark inside you to earn a lot within a short span! There are enough stories of people getting swayed away by such scam survey companies. It would help if you did enough research on your own before getting into any such online survey. In the following article, an in-depth analysis of the Apex Focus group has been done.

Features of Apex Focus Group 

The first question that can pop into your mind is about what focus groups are. Focus groups are almost like online survey groups but different from singular surveys. In focus groups, you have the opportunity to survey, shape, and point your opinions about the release of a product or trend. 

While surfing through the internet about Apex Focus Group, I found mixed reviews. Some users are blindly praising the group as they have been successful in earning money. However, there is a large crowd giving loads of negative opinions about the group.

People who are planning to apply to this organization often look for Apex focus group job reviews. Therefore if you want to experience a little more about how focus groups work in general, keep scrolling below.

Apex focus group is an old company that had started long back in 1988 in Philadelphia. A company named Focus Pointe Global (now Schlesinger Group) was the main mind behind Apex focus group

This company currently has over eighteen (18) focus groups, where in-person focus groups are running and are coordinating with the remote focus groups globally.

Apex focus group lists two addresses on their website. The first office operates from the USA (2160 Kingston Court SE Ste, Marietta, GA 30067), and the other operates from Singapore (316C Punggol way #07-703, Singapore 823316). 

Apex focus group helps you to make money by offering a wide range of market research groups according to your desire. You can influence the decision-makers on various products and services. The Apex focus group conducts surveys on consumer goods, healthcare, medical stuff, etc. 

The interesting thing about such surveys is that you get paid for all the surveys you conduct and then get a chance to join a focus group. It works by collecting data and then analyzes opinions from users and finds which works the best. Apex focus group then clubs interested people together via the internet with mobile phones to start the survey.

After visiting the website, you will come across a button labeled as “Join A Focus Group”, where you can have a look at the ongoing surveys. 

Apex focus group surveys have made certain criteria as everybody cannot take up all the surveys. For example, only females can do certain surveys. You will also come across the age category over there.

If you have chosen your desired focus group, you can now sign up for free. The apex focus group will only ask for some basic information like your name, contact number, and email ID.

You have to wait for the company to contact you and re-verify your residence and other criteria. The company itself will explain to you the procedures and the payment techniques.

Thus you can choose from a wide variety of topics starting from pet products, women’s clothing, business travels, health and wellness, Tattoo artists, IT system, automobiles, entertainment, sports, etc. 

Types Of Surveys And Instructions

Currently, the Apex Focus group seeks participants in National and Local Paid focus groups, clinical trials, along with telephonic interviews. They have kept open the option of online participation or in-person participation. Currently, the group requires participants for Child-related topics (where 18 years and above can participate), entertainment-related topics (about TV shows, movies, and video games), Electronics, etc.

The current surveys do not end here as the group seems to be quite interested in hiring participants who are pet lovers too.

The focus group also lays down certain expectations from the very basic participants. Participants need to be present at least ten minutes before the discussion starts. Second, they must complete the written survey which has been provided for each panel. The focus group asks participants to use the products or services which if provided. The reason being that opinions about a service cannot be just said without using the products.

Each survey or focus study has different payments. You will find the payout section on the website itself just beside the gender column. Payment methods vary as some payments are made through VISA, prepaid Mastercard, gift e-cards, Paypal, etc. However, some payments are made through cash or Amazon pay card. 

Anybody and everybody is eligible to join a survey provided they are 18 years and above. The requirements are also quite minimal as you only need a smartphone/laptop, a steady internet connection, an ability to read, write and understand and a dedicated work time. Yes! That is all you need for conducting such surveys through which you can join a focus group. Educational qualifications also look quite minimal for being a part of a focused team. It would help if you were a 12th pass candidate, or you can have a diploma. 

Another great thing about being a part of the team is that you might not have to commute. It was a great option during the COVID-19 lockdown as people were mostly in homes. Leave lockdown; you can do it anytime, just sitting at home.

Apex Focus group also does various other market research studies. You can even try these options if you want to experience something different.

Is the Apex Focus Group BBB Accredited?

Well, before that, you should know what a BBB is. Better Business Bureau helps to determine that a particular business meets certain accreditation standards. This accreditation standard includes a commitment that companies have to make to gain trust and have good faith.

Therefore it is a platform that solves the marketplace issues between businesses and their customers. However, BBB has not yet credited Apex Focus Group as there are several glitches.

Secondly, Apex Focus Group is unable to classify the whole list of companies associated with them. Now, this makes the terms and conditions a little unclear. Clicking on some of the ‘Sign up’ options will display a 404 error which is still not resolved. It thus leaves us to think about whether one should believe this focus group?

As the number of fake online surveys increases, Apex focus group legitimate questions can pop up in your mind. Legitimacy is an important factor that includes transparency. A company that has got all the policies, terms and conditions, payments, FAQs answered are transparent in their approach. This means that the company is legitimate.

As Apex focus group fails to get a BBB accreditation, this poses another question of legitimacy. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to spot whether a survey is a scam. People usually get lured in a survey that promises you to pay a lot by just signing up. You will often come across certain surveys which promise to pay you $1- $5 for just signing up and sharing. 

However, all these are nothing but scams. The best way to spot a legitimate company is to see the mode of payment. Legitimate companies will never start paying you off at the first instance. Initially, they will set it up like a cashback and reward point system. One thing which you must remember is nothing works for free! The company, focus group, or survey group must deduct their commission from your earnings, which becomes the best way to track.

Keeping in mind the above factors, we can say that apex focus group jobs legit as they do not lure you into getting a lot of money in the first place. However, it would help if you always verified on your own before jumping to a conclusion about a company. You should always be open to a discussion with the company about its policies and programmes. You can ask about payment proofs. Various independent websites put up reviews. Therefore you can check into those. 

As the coronavirus pandemic has not ended and the cases are rising again, people have again started choosing to work from home. So, if you are someone who is planning to join the focus group work from home, you definitely can. Apex focus group work from home reviews is pretty good as many people around the world are doing surveys just sitting at home.

However, payment persists, and some have complained about late payments, while some have complained about no payments. There can be several reasons why this can happen; it could have been a technical glitch. If there is a standard customer support section with transparent answers, it could be great to solve such a problem.

It becomes difficult to say whether Apex focus group jobs legit because of all the above glitches. As far as payments are concerned, it can be a little late owing to the COVID scenario. As mobility has not started being as normal as it used to be, transport issues can very well develop. Well, money and points do not walk and get transferred! People involved in managing technical issues need to get out of their homes to address several issues.

There are various other focus groups available on the internet, and as a free individual, one is free to choose and research from these groups. 

Therefore, one can be patient enough and gather all the possible information they can before going for any survey.

Customer Sentiments

Is Apex focus group real?  The Apex focus group is a real group, or it is just another fake group? Well, the answer is a simple no! Many people are working in Apex focus groups and conducting surveys. The website claims that they have 824 active participants with 1000+ market pieces of research. People conducting the researches seem to be quite satisfied as they get paid regularly and find the survey and focus group quite interesting. 

However, after analyzing Apex focus group reviews, certain pros and cons have been listed below.

Pros of Apex focus group

  • Apex focus group payments range from $45-$200.
  • The schedule is highly flexible.
  • You get plenty of other focus group opportunities listed.
  • They will pay you by cash or through gift cards. 

Cons of Apex focus group

  • If your location does not have an Apex Focus group, you won’t get the job.
  • Late & fewer payments.

Final Thoughts

Well, it would be wrong to say that the Apex Focus group is a scam. However, it is also not a much-recommended site to earn money by surveying. As users have complained about payments and other contract issues, it would be better if you have a look. Most people claim that even after doing 20-30 surveys for a long stretch, they never qualify to be fit for any focus group. They hardly get paid for the surveys they conduct. This is quite disheartening for those who plan to keep a passive income besides their conventional one. This also questions the transparency of the company about its work ethics. Therefore there is a doubt whether Apex focus group legit as there are no such reviews on the company website. 

This also points towards a hope that this might not be a scam! It can also be that the company does not have a maintenance team to look into the website, and it’s working. Therefore, it fails to provide exposure. Well, nothing comes with perfection, and you can, therefore, expect some flaws. Try your luck at Apex Focus Group once, and I hope you would not be disappointed!

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