9 Best Freelance Websites For Finding An Online Job (2022)

Freelancing can be a very lucrative way to generate a full-time income or money on the side of a career. In fact, 77% of freelancers are financially stable after leaving their day job.

Finding a consistent stream of freelancing jobs is the hardest part of this job path, however. You’re completely in control and need to market yourself effectively if you wish to make a good living.

You can have an overwhelming amount of work one day, and then a drought the next. It’s the nature of being an entrepreneur at times. This is why you need to take advantage of the best freelance websites, and constantly keep tabs on them for the latest gigs.

Follow along as we cover the best freelance websites, and how you can make the best of them.


Upwork is great for freelancers

Upwork empowers hundreds of thousands of freelancers to make a great living through their platform. Some freelancers use it solely for a source of all of their work, as there are jobs available for every industry.

The process is simple: you sign up, take tests to prove your skills, and send proposals to gigs that seem interesting. Employers can also directly send you jobs if they believe you are a good fit.

Upwork is equipped with a mobile app, messaging system, and a collaborative workspace. Get feedback and share ideas in real-time, while uploading files to display how projects are progressing.

Getting paid is easy, too. You have the option of taking on hourly or fixed-fee projects. Employers can set milestones, which unlocks certain amounts of payment as you complete different parts of the job.

As you begin building up good reviews and work experience, more and more work will practically land on your lap. Look at these two developers, for example.

Upwork freelancer profiles

One has generated more than $70k, and the other has made $200k! What could you do with that kind of income?



Just like its name, you can expect a simple hiring process with this website. It’s a job syndication websites that have helped millions of people just like you find careers. Better yet, there is also a heap of freelancing positions for any market.

Begin by searching for a term related to the freelance service you offer. Enter your zip code if you wish, although it might need be needed if you work remotely. This will display all of the latest freelance opportunities that you can apply for.

The right section sums up the job description, responsibilities, and clicking the orange “Apply Now” button will take you to the company’s application form.



Do you want to freelance for Airbnb, HP, Zendesk, and some of the biggest companies in the world? How about earning some of the highest rates in the industry? If this sounds enticing, you need to check out Toptal.

Its name stands for top talent because that’s what they are looking for — the best talent in the world. They hire the top 3% of freelancers in the following fields:

  1. Development: Quality assurance, front end, back end, and other web/app development roles.  
  2. Design: Graphics, user experience, user interface, and other related design skills.  
  3. Finance: Accounting, quarterly reporting, mergers, and similar financial responsibilities.  
  4. Product management: Innovating products, product strategy, design, etc.  
  5. Project management: Planning projects, organizing teams, achieving KPIs, etc.  

The screening process is confidential, and after you apply they will reach out to you with the rest of the required steps.



One of the best freelance websites that’s used by companies like Facebook and Google is Fiverr. As the name suggests, services are usually performed for $5, but it’s not a mandatory amount. There are plenty of freelancers who charge much higher rates for services on this website.

Unlike other platforms, you’re not bidding for gigs, but rather creating a place in an open marketplace. You create service pages that detail what you’re offering, the turnaround time, other details, and users can purchase them.

Some of the most popular services include graphic design, social media management, voice-overs, translation, and illustration. If you offer any of these, you’ll find plenty of work on Fiverr.


Flexjobs Best Freelance Websites

Flexjobs is a job listing site made specifically for remote freelancers. It finds all of the best freelance, contract, and remote jobs, and places them all in one central location to make your life easier. No more scouring around tons of sites to find a few low paying gigs anymore.

Use their basic or advanced search to narrow down freelancing roles that relate to your experience. Click on any of the results that pop out to you, and it will take you to the job description.

Flexjobs Best Freelance Websites

The job page has information, such as the location, job type, flexibility, and the required education level. If you wish to apply to any of these positions, you will need to subscribe to Flexjobs for $14.95/month.

When you consider how much money you could be making by landing some of these freelancing opportunities, $14.95 is chump change. Additionally, you could pay for a month, apply for positions, and cancel your subscription whether you land anything or not.

Look at this review from SiteJabber, for example.

Freelance Review

This freelance was slightly skeptical at first for paying to find jobs, but they found a part-time position that allows them to be around their children more.


99designs Best Freelance Websites

Are you a freelance designer? 99designs is the go-to freelance network for illustrators, graphic designers, and advertisers like yourself. You can do what you love for a living while receiving a steady stream of work.

Freelancers receive all of the tools they need to have an effortless workflow while finding new projects with reliable clients. You get paid within three business days, which means that you won’t be waiting around for your hard-earned cash, either.

A unique feature of 99designs is its community contests. Freelancers can submit their work to win big bucks in design contests, while also completing standard projects. Compete against other designs, grow your network, and refine your skills all at the same time.


Indeed Best Freelance Websites

When you hear of Indeed, you might think of full-time careers. But, Indeed is also a powerhouse for finding freelance positions. Begin by filtering Indeed with a job keyword, salary estimate, and other options that you’re interested in.

Then, click the “Freelance” option from the job type on the sidebar. This will narrow down the results to only freelance jobs.

Indeed job profile

Click a job listing, and it will list all of the responsibilities, required experience, and other information. If it fits your profile, hit the “Apply Now” button!


Freelancer Best Freelance Websites

Formerly the website oDesk, Freelancer is a popular freelancing site that is similar to other platforms we’ve looked at like Upwork. There are over 25 million users registered, and 12 million projects have been completed since their launch. That means there is plenty of work waiting for you to pick up.

You will notice a similar workflow like Upwork, where you will bid for jobs after completing a profile. Reviews and your work history will all be publicly available, so it’s crucial you keep a consistent track record, too.

The one big difference with Freelancer is that their fee structure is unique. 10% of hourly and fixed price projects is deducted, and services get hit with a 20% fee. Freelancers are also only capable of submitting eight proposals per month unless they upgrade to a paid account.

It’s a fantastic platform, don’t get us wrong. We recommend that you use your maximum proposals every month, while also seeking opportunities on Upwork and other job sites.


Guru for freelancer

Over $250 million has been paid to freelancers all over the world using Guru. Don’t you want a cut of that? It’s one of the biggest names in the freelancing realm, alongside Freelancer and Upwork.

If you are over 18 years of age, you can sign up for an account. There are both free and paid memberships available. If you choose the free option, you will be able to send 10 proposals per month. Freelancers can pay the following amounts to send more proposals:

  • $10 for 20 extra proposals
  • $20 for 40 extra proposals
  • $30 for 60 extra proposals
  • $50 for 125 extra proposals
  • $100 for 250 extra proposals

Presuming you are using a few different platforms to find freelance gigs, the free account can often be enough. The paid memberships include:

  • Basic plus: $11.95/month with 600 proposals per year and an 8.95% project fee.
  • Professional: $21.95/month with 600 proposals per year and a 6.95% project fee.
  • Business: $33.95/month with 600 proposals per year and a 5.95% project fee.
  • Executive: $49.95/month with 600 bids per year and a 4.95% project fee.

No matter which membership you choose, freelancers can get paid via direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer for non-US bank accounts. Projects are available on an hourly, recurring, milestone, or per-task basis, as well.

Final thoughts

Trying to find more freelancing jobs? While it can be a struggle to land those new gigs, it doesn’t have to be.

If you keep tabs on the best freelance websites we outlined today, you will have a steady stream of jobs in no time.

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