The 9 Best Online Jobs for College Students (2022)

There were 19.9 million students enrolled in college during 2018

Were you one of them?

Then you can probably agree that tuition, a phone, car insurance, and other bills can seriously rack up over time. And as a college student, you’re already pressed for cash.

It can be hard to find the time to generate income while studying and having a social life. But, imagine if you could work online and be able to pay off school, bills, and treat yourself to things.

Would you want this?  Well, we have great news for you then.

Today we’re going to be covering some of the best online jobs for college students, some of which you can start doing today.

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​Social media manager

Do you regularly use social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Of course, you do! Every college student enjoys posting on social media and keeping up with their friends.

However, did you know that you could be getting paid to manage other people’s social media accounts?

Yep, it’s not too good to be true.

Social media management is a big market, and you don’t need to be a professional to break into it. The job includes performing tasks like posting content, responding to comments, answering messages, and cleaning up a brand’s image.

It’s a rather relaxing online job since you can do it from your phone or laptop, and it’s low impact work.

So, how get you get started? We recommend heading over to the freelance marketplace Freelancer and signing up for an account under “I want to work.”

freelancer homepage

You can browse relevant gigs by searching for “social media” or “social media management” for example.

social media jobs for college students

As you can see, many pay equivalent to minimum wage or even better, You can be paid on an hourly basis or per project, whichever you and the client feels more comfortable with.

Take the time to make an impressive profile. Use a professional photo, and include as much work experience as possible.

Make sure to include that you’ve been using social media for whichever amount of years and if you’ve attained a certain amount of followers or anything notable.

Freelance writer

Do you enjoy writing? One of the most lucrative and fun online jobs for college students is freelance writing. Who knows, maybe you can turn it into a career if you work at it hard enough.

copywriting jobs for college students

To begin, we recommend that you sign up at a writing website like Textbroker.

It’s completely free to register, and you can begin making money writing instantly. You will first need to write a test article to display your skills, but many pass it with flying colors.

The test isn’t just for assessing your skills to get accepted, but also for assigning work.

Once you’ve been approved, you can choose from thousands of writing gigs that match your skill level.

Once you write great content for a client, they can also send you assignments directly.

These writing mills are great for newbies and will help you earn money online while developing your skills.

However, we also recommend that you eventually branch off and create your own brand. Launch a site, start blogging, and attend local networking events. Your name as a writer will grow locally, and you can start earning money online without needing to use a site like

Online tutor

Which class do you excel at? You know, that one where you get the best grades and don’t relate to everyone being scared of that exam coming up.

Yeah, that one!

You could be tutoring students in that subject and earning money online.

Here’s how.

There are several platforms out there which are dedicated to helping you find students to tutor.

One of them is Skooli.

skoolie homepage

First, apply as a tutor from their website. Have any teaching certificates or credentials on hand for the approval process.

If they believe you’re a good fit for what their students currently need, you’ll be accepted in no time.

Once you’re in, tutors can set their own schedules and let students know when they’re available or not. This means that you can attend class, study, and do your regular routine, and you only tutor when it works for you.

Imagine if you earned an extra $250 per week tutoring, that’d be $1,000 per month!

​Amazon mechanical turk

One of the most common ways to earn a couple of extra bucks on, especially as a college student, is through micro-tasks.

These, as you could guess, are small tasks that pay a specific amount for completing them.

Amazon’s crowdsourcing platform Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace where businesses list simple tasks for people like you to do.

You are essentially acting as a virtual assistant, but Amazon makes the process much easier.

Normally you would have to join a freelance marketplace, apply to gigs, and wait weeks before you can start earning. Not with Mturk!

You can sign up from their homepage to begin.

Mechanical Turk Homepage

On the following page, it will ask which account you’d like to make. Select “Create a Worker Account.”

mturk best online jobs for college students

Once you’re accepted into the platform, you can view the available micro tasks from the “Hits” tab.

Best Jobs for college students

You might notice that these don’t tend to pay very much, but you have to remember that you’re able to complete them quickly. 

This small amount of money will gradually add up as you get the hang of it.

There are a variety of activities you can do, including:

  • Determining if images are appropriate or not
  • Comparing two receipts and their differences
  • Transcribing short sentences and paragraphs

Most of them don’t require any skills or experience, meaning Mturk is ideal for those that want a simple online job.

There are some higher paying HITs that you can apply for as you begin completing more and becoming eligible.

​Resume writer

Every college student has written a resume for applying to part-time jobs or other positions. Writing resumes is a serious skill and can make or break whether or not someone lands a position.

That’s why it’s possible to get paid writing them for others.  A single resume could net you $50 to $75 on average.

It’s great for students who are good at researching a client’s background and industry to determine what an employer would want and tailoring their resume to that.

Look at Upwork as an example. There are endless resume writing gigs available for college students like you.

upworks has the best online jobs for college students

Some of these pay well above minimum wage. If you could complete a single resume for $50 every day through platforms like this, that’d be $1,500 per month.

That’s serious money for someone in school like yourself.

​Search engine evaluator

When you need to know something, where’s the first place you go? Google, of course. As a search engine, their goal is to provide users with the most relevant and highest quality results.

But, some websites slip through the crack. That means low-quality links end up being displayed, and the search engine need help to clean this up.

That’s where you come into the picture.

If you’d like to earn money doing this, check out the website Appen. They host a variety of jobs, including micro-tasks, language jobs, and corporate positions.

Appen homepage with jobs for college students

Most importantly you can become a search engine evaluator by selecting “Apply” under the “Raters” section.

Choose your location and language, and Appen will determine which opportunities are available for you.

best online jobs for college students

One of the primary tasks you will complete as an evaluator is to determine if specific results match search phrases.

For example, it might ask you if a sports website is relevant to the search “Sports betting.” This means that you also have a direct influence on something you use daily.

This brings us to our next point, which is a similar online job for college students.

Virtual recruiter

Are you a passionate and charismatic person?

Then you might be an excellent candidate for being a virtual recruiter.

Just like a standard recruiter, this job entails helping companies recruit more employees, volunteers, or other positions.

simply hired virtual recruiter

The difference is that you can do it online, all from the comfort of your dorm or home.  Check out the job listing website SimplyHired and search for “Virtual recruiter” or similar phrases.

You can expect to be interviewing candidates, handling emails, and other administrative tasks during the hiring process.

If you’re good with people, this is made for you.

​Use reward websites

If you pursue an online job from this list or another part-time occupation, reward websites can be used on the side to increase your income even more.

We recommend using several different reward sites at once to maximize your earnings. They’re ideal to use in your downtime between classes or on the bus ride home.

These websites will pay you in points, which you can then redeem for cash, gift cards, and merchandise like televisions!

Imagine being able to earn some money on the side, shop at your favorite stores, and add some cool gadgets to your dorm.

Look at the survey site Vindale Research as an example.

You can sign up, finish questionnaires, and get paid via PayPal or check. 

vindale research homepage

​Test websites

Companies and web designers often need help determining how their websites feel from a user’s experience.

To get useful feedback, they will pay individuals to navigate their website and use various features. You can expect to earn anywhere from $8 to $10 per test.

user testing with whatusersdo

While you could manually reach out to design companies, it’s more efficient to use a service like Whatusersdo.

This website works by having your screen record your experience navigating through a website. It provides useful insight into what you interact with and avoid.

Businesses can then optimize their sites based on what you provide.

Final thoughts

Working online can be very profitable for college students. There are jobs made everyone’s skill sets and interests.  You can work at your own pace, which means that you choose how much you could potentially generate.

Start with something small

We suggest beginning with micro-tasks through Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s easy to get accepted, and there are people who make a full-time income using it.  On the other side, you can do it during your free time to make a couple of extra bucks to afford going out with friends or to buy coffee.

Another low effort online job for college students is signing up for reward sites. These will pay you for completing surveys, reviewing products, and downloading mobile games. Mix these into your routine, and use several of them to maximize your rewards.

Furthermore, we suggest giving search engine evaluating a shot. You will help approve and remove listings from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Look for work you enjoy

If you love social media, you should also consider using freelancer platforms to find social media management gigs. These involve growing and maintaining business accounts on websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Passionate writers can earn money being a freelance writer on platforms like iWriter or Textbroker. You begin by completing a test article to determine your skill level.  This will then be able to apply to available writing gigs. Payment is typically done on a per-word basis and determined by how good of a writer you are.

Leverage your skills

Similarly, college students can become a resume writer if they excel in researching markets and jobs. You can get paid to piece together resumes that help other individuals land more interviews and careers.

You’ve probably seen around campus that tutors are available for almost a class. But, few students realize that they could be tutoring online to make money, which is a great side hustle. If there isn’t a specific class you would want to teach, consider tutoring students in English or another language instead.

Lastly, a great online job for students is being a virtual recruiter. You get paid to help a business acquire more employees or other positions. It often pays in a wage, along with commissions based on how well you perform.

So, what are you waiting for? Try one of the jobs we covered today and start stacking up some extra cash.

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