The 9 Best Online Jobs for Stay At Home Moms (2022)

There are approximately two billion hard-working mothers all across the world. As they say, being a mom is a full-time job in itself. So, it’s common to stay at home and watch the kids while your partner is at work or elsewhere. Sound familiar?

You have to feed, bathe, and play with them all day. On top of running errands and paying bills, stay at home moms are busier than ever. That’s why getting an online job can help you generate income while you take care of your little ones.

Plenty of mothers make a great living working from home, doing various online jobs. And you can, too. Keep up with us as we cover some of the best online jobs for stay at home moms in 2019.

Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a relaxing and well paying online job. It involves being, as you could guess, an assistant for businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Tasks are usually very simple and linear. For example, you might be adding products to an online store, handling emails, or performing social media duties.

Many of these will require little to no specialization, and the business you work with will provide enough guidelines to make the job easier. However, it’s always good to find a virtual assistant job that aligns with your skill sets if possible.

Try using to look for opportunities. Type in “Virtual assistant” into the search bar and click “Search Jobs.”

virtual assistant jobs for stay at home moms

Clicking a listing will take you to a page where it describes the job in-depth, along with instructions on how to apply. Update your resume and take the time to write up an impressive cover letter to increase your odds of landing the job.

Data entry

Are you a fast typer and good at staying organized? Then data entry is a fantastic online job for stay at home moms. Being a data entry employee means that you’ll be updating and entering data into a computer. Having familiarity with spreadsheets will be a huge plus here.

It’s not the most glamorous job, but you can make a reasonable income, all while working in your pajamas. Look at this listing from a data entry position in Vancouver, Canada. It pays $17/hour!

Data entry jobs

It’s not uncommon to find data entry jobs that pay well north of minimum wage, and we’ve even researched ones that were above $20/hour. If you worked a full day at that wage, you’d be making $160 per day at home.


Yes, blogging is a job. There are many bloggers, such as Pat Flynn, who make millions from being a full-time blogger. Look at how much he’s generated in the last 12 months!

Mommy blogs are huge!

Even if you could make a fraction of that, you’d be making a great living for a stay at home mother. But, how does making money blogging work?

To begin, you need a blog. Platforms like WordPress are great because they’re built to produce content and have tons of flexibility. From there, you need to choose something you’re passionate about and continually blog about it. Understanding SEO best practices will set you ahead of the curve, too.

Most importantly, you need to monetize your blog. There are tons of ways to do this. Some of the main ways are:

  • Promoting other business products through affiliate marketing.
  • Selling digital products, such as courses or e-books.
  • Using ad programs like Google Adsense.
  • Selling physical products that you make or outsource.

As your blog grows, so does your earnings. It’s recommended to guest post on other websites and stay active on social media to continually grow a following and name for yourself in whichever industry you choose.

Since it can take a long time to grow a profitable blog, you may want to do this on the side of another income stream found in our list today. Eventually, a blog could make more than your other gigs combined.

Become a self-published author

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? With self-publishing easier than ever to get into, your dream can become a reality. Self-publishing books create a passive income stream that generates money while you sleep.

It’s a low barrier job, and you can get started today with Amazon’s Kindle publishing program.

self-publishing job

It’s completely free to sign up and begin listing books. They also offer plenty of resources to learn how to properly format your book and ensure it looks its best on Amazon.

You don’t have to be Stephen King and write a 400-page novel to be successful, either. There are many self-published authors who write 30 to 40-page non-fiction books and do very well for themselves. Children’s books are another short-form niche you may want to consider.

The best thing to write about is something that you genuinely love. This makes the process more enjoyable, and you will know more about it, making it easier to write more.

Make sure to take advantage of Amazon’s free promotional tools they include in KDP to reach a wider audience, and start earning sooner.

Sell online courses

Are you an expert on something? It can be anything, no matter how niche you might think it is. If so, you have an excellent opportunity to work from home selling courses.

You don’t have to be a certified teacher or college professor to do this, either. It only requires you to have a PayPal account and knowledge that you’re willing to share.

Udemy is one of the world’s largest course marketplaces, and completely free to use, as well. Sign up here if you’re interested in trying it out.

sell online courses as a stay at home moms

They will guide you through the entire process of creating a course, video material, pricing, and more. Udemy will pay you 100% of the course price if you refer the user, or 50% if a user finds it through their search engine.

This is great because it means that most of the marketing is done for you. Sure, you can refer customers from social media or your website to get more, since increasing your students is only going to make you more cash!

Become a translator

There are 6,912 total languages in the world. Do you know more than one? Because being multilingual can be a very prosperous skill. How? Through translating.

Businesses and various organizations may need to port over certain material into other languages to offer customers more variety. However, having in-house translators isn’t always the norm. They need people like you to help them out.

Typically translating is billed on a per word basis. According to the Professional Writers Association of Canada, translation services should be billed at $40 to $80 per hour. Think about the kind of money you could be making! That’s more than your average career.

Try out the freelancer platform Upwork to find translation jobs today.

freelancer for hire

Remote customer service rep

​Are you good with people? Have you ever worked in retail or in customer service? Then you need to consider becoming a customer service rep. It’s one of the best online jobs for stay at home moms because it doesn’t require any education or certification.

All you have to do is help people through a support line, and you’re typically given plenty of scripts and resources to help with the process.

Check out the remote job board FlexJobs. You can filter it by customer service gigs, and many opportunities offer full-time hours.

customer service jobs for stay at home moms

Online tutor

There are many students around the world that could use a helping hand from individuals like you. If you excelled in school, or more particularly a certain subject, becoming an online tutor could be lucrative at home career.

Tutoring online normally involves meeting a student over software like Skype, and helping them with assignments, studying, and questions.

Preply is a marketplace that displays all of the latest tutoring gigs you could be taking on, and we suggest you give them a look.

online tutoring for stay at home moms

Some tutoring jobs pay up to $100 per hour, and others closer to minimum wage. It depends on the age range which you’ll be tutoring and the complexity of the subject. However, there’s nothing stopping you from tutoring several students at one and generating a sizeable income.

Final thoughts

Being a stay at home mom is already tough enough. However, you can be bringing in money to pay the bills and help your children live more comfortable through online jobs.  

The first of which you should consider is becoming a virtual assistant. This involves completing simple tasks like data entry, translating, or customer service.

If you’re passionate about something, consider turning it into a blog, e-book, or online course. All of these can create wonderful passive income streams as you work from home.

Similarly, you could become an online tutor to help people of all ages become better students. Consider which subjects you excelled at and what credentials you have to determine what to teach.

So, times ticking. Try one of the online jobs for stay at home moms on this list and start earning today!

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