Branded Surveys Review: Is It a Good Use Of Your Time? (2022)

Branded Surveys is an online survey panel that rewards it’s users for sharing their opinions. They do this because market research firms and major corporations need to help sourcing people for marketing research.  After members agree to a survey, the company collects the responses for different resolutions.

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In this Branded Surveys review will take a look at this popular portal which rewards its users for completing online surveys and providing feedback on products.

How Branded Surveys Works

Earn Rewards For Taking Surveys

Branded Surveys offers a wide range of features which appeal to survey takers who want to be rewarded for their opinion. 

How To Start with Branded Surveys

  1. Sign up for an account. First you have to sign up at their website where they verify your identity.
  2. Answer the sample questions. Next they’ll collect information by way of a sample question section to determine your survey eligibility.
  3. Start taking surveys. After the sample question section is completed, you’re redirected to the survey page, where you can share your opinion about a few brands or products. 
  4. Earn points and cash out. After completing all the directions and surveys, the branded community collects points for every survey completion. Accumulated points are redeemed as gift cards, cash, or BrandedPay. 

Free to Sign Up

Branded Surveys is free to register. They will never ask you to pay for joining. It is a hassle-free way to earn extra cash online without doing much work. Branded Surveys then uses its survey eligibility engine to match the member’s preferences and send surveys to it’s members.

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Offers a Variety of Rewards

Another appealing feature of the platform is the availability of a variety of rewards. They can do it in their spare time, and just by doing this, one can earn money easily.  In fact, according to a recent company survey, 44% of the branded community joined for the rewards. More than 26% of new users joined Branded Surveys to voice their opinion. 

Getting Paid

Branded Survey points are essentially equal to one penny, so 100 points will earn you $1. Some surveys payout 50 points, while longer surveys could pay several hundred points.  You need to earn a thousand points to reach the payout threshold of $10. 

Branded Elite

It has a different division of categories, like if you give reviews daily, you can be promoted to Branded Elite class. The money or the amount generally takes 1-2 business days for the redemption to get approved. 

Is Branded Surveys legit?

The question may arise whether is Branded Surveys legit? The answer is yes. Branded Surveys is a good and trustworthy website where you can make money online. It will not replace your full-time job, but it can be a reliable way to earn a little extra cash without doing any physical activity.

Earn fast rewards with Branded Surveys' points system

While doing the survey, you might think, why would a company pay you to answer some questions? When a company is launching and is about to rethink a product, they need people to gel up. Whether they like it or not, where they should change it, was the previous one better or the new one? Etc.  

As a consumer, your judgment is more important to businesses. Brands urgently need to know what people contemplate of their goods and services, so they enlist companies like Branded Surveys to help them reach customers like you. 

Genuine and honest survey sites like Branded Survey offer to sign up bonuses of a few dollars to the new users as an incentive and hold them for a longer time. 

Some untrue sites might lure you with promises to quit a job, and it might provide you with a full-time income. This does not happen in a sense.

Real survey sites are offering you to make money online for free without a single penny in exchange.

User Reviews

When asked to conduct a Branded Surveys review, most customers have loads of praise for the platform. They were of the collective opinion that the platform is easy to use and offers an efficient survey system. The opportunity to get real-time customer feedback about their website has greatly helped them to make changes.  

Moreover, the presence of expert researchers seems to have aided businesses. Also, the participants selected for the testing are capable and offer genuine constructive criticism or praise. The honest opinion is all that matters.  

Average User Review of 4.5 Stars

Customer reviews for Branded Surveys are pretty good. On average, it has gotten 4.5 which is quite favorable. 

People prefer this website for its easy and user-friendly questions. They are earning an extra amount of money without doing any physical activity.

Another customer satisfaction is the flexibility of time. You can do it whenever you are free or getting bored of doing something. It is the ultimate solution to it.

Legitimate sites do pay for reviews, and it is not false. Users create a vital role in making products as per their preferences. More importantly, they pay for the feedback.

Most of the complaints come from the participants who argue that they get much fewer payments when compared to other sites.  One thing that might annoy the customer or the surveyor is payment. Branded Surveys pay in USD, which can be a problem for Indian customers to give the review. 

Pros and Cons of Branded Surveys


  • You can make money just by doing some online surveys
  • It takes a short time to complete 
  • Payment is made by two or three days
  • Daily poll attracts more people at a time
  • You can qualify for the Branded Elite category and get a reward of bonus points.


  • It has specific fictions that they need to meet regarding the number of members for a paid survey.
  • Paid survey opportunities only need a particular number of surveyors
  • These opportunities can go fast if not done within time. 

Wrapping Up Our Branded Surveys Review

Branded Surveys is a market search community website that provides an opportunity to earn extra money online. One has to review the products and give valuable feedback. It is nothing but a win-win situation for any of the people who are doing that. 

It has the division of new users and Branded Elite category who pays for their feedback. Paid feedback is counted as more important and has a minimum count. We all want to make money online without having a scam. 

Legitimate and popular websites do not require any payment link, credit or debit card details. All the things happen through an online payment gateway.

However, making money online is not something we die for, but earning extra cash is a good sign that might help you in buying gifts or something else. USA, Canada, and UK civilians can avail themselves of the cash offers and get a membership.