CashCrate Review: A One Stop Shop To Earning Online (2020)


In our CashCrate review, we’ll discuss how the need for proper vetting gave rise to centralized platforms like CashCrate that offer legitimate earning opportunities in one place.

Provided you qualify, according to their very simple rules, you can sign up and start earning money on the side through several online paid opportunities. These opportunities often involve some kind of market research, especially in the case of taking paid surveys.

While such survey sites are a breeding ground for potential scams like information phishing, it’s up to you to properly vet a website or paid survey site before entering your information in their systems.

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​How Does CashCrate Help?

With proper vetting, CashCrate only offers opportunities that are absolutely legitimate and pay well. 

This ensures that none of the websites or survey providers CashCrate redirects you too are harmful in any way.

CashCrate provides people the opportunities to make a little extra money, and market research companies the means to conduct surveys in a convenient manner.

CashCrate also acts as a marketing gateway to websites and companies that can use the temporary services of people to expand their businesses.

Essentially, CashCrate is a free gateway to paid surveys, online jobs, and money-making apps

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate LLC is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) reward site that provides a central platform for legitimate earning opportunities online.

Founded and started in 2006, it was one of the pioneers of the industry. The CEO, Patrick Clochesy, is a strong believer in providing good and legitimate opportunities in a world of scams.

With over 10 million members worldwide, CashCrate is one of the largest platforms of its kind.

Recently, CashCrate completely overhauled its website and launched a new and improved version of it in April 2019, making it more streamlined and user-friendly.

Joining CashCrate

Joining CashCrate has always been easy, but after their complete website overhaul, it has become one of the most attractive and user-friendly GPT sites on the internet. 

With color-coded opportunities and a clear and concise website layout, any user would quickly get the hang of it.

CashCrate has four major earning systems and each has its own separate providers.

CashCrate homepage

Paid Surveys

After you have successfully registered, you will get a $1 dollar bonus along with $0.50 dollars extra if you complete the profile survey – the profile survey is meant to develop certain criteria for you so you get surveys according to your profile, personal information, interests, etc.

When you click on the paid surveys tab, you will get an entire list of potential paid survey providers.

All of these providers are vetted by CashCrate – you have CashCrate’s personal guarantee with these survey providers. This means that if anything goes wrong, CashCrate would be equally liable and responsible.

Once you decide to go with any of the options, it will redirect you to that paid survey site, and you’ll more than likely have to make an account. While you will be paid for using CashCrate to get to that paid survey site, the actual survey payment would likely be transferred into the account you make on the said survey site.

Normally, surveys take around two to thirty minutes to complete and the more complicated and long it is, the better it pays.

The payment is around $0.25 to $2.50. 

It is important to note that you may not qualify for every survey. Since these surveys are technically for market research, there are some research parameters that they have to adhere to. If you do not qualify, you won’t be able to take the survey.

Often, it takes around five to ten minutes to just fill the requisite survey with which there is a high chance that you may not pass.

Side Hustles

Side Hustles are a relatively new concept in the industry, with CashCrate being the pioneer.

Side hustles are basically extra streams of revenue that don’t constitute as a second job. Take the example of Uber, you only work when you want to.

In essence, CashCrate provides a plethora of third-party earning opportunities that you may have not heard of otherwise.


The rewards category basically consists of different kinds of tasks that you have to complete to earn money. These tasks range from engaging with advertisers to product trials and watching videos, playing games, and testing applications, etc.

These tasks are relatively harder to find and qualify for but tend to be very high-paying tasks. They usually take a lot of time, and that is why it is only recommended to go with them if you have the free time needed to complete the tasks.

Normally, these tasks are very simple, but every once in a while, a complicated and unique task comes up. These unique opportunities are one of the highest paying options on the site.

Once you start doing these tasks, the chance of you getting more of them increases exponentially.

Hence, it is advised to start with low-end offers and slowly move up the ladder.


One of the most unique options available on a GPT site is free coupons, discounts, and rebates. These help you avoid paying the full price for any product the offer applies to.

If you’re wondering what CashCrate and the company offering the discount get out of it – it helps them foster sales. There is a higher chance that you may buy something that’s on sale.

This is a marketing/sales strategy that is used by growing companies or companies that are expanding their portfolios and offering new and unique products. For the user, you may just find a discount on a product you’ve been meaning to buy!

The best part is that if you do indeed buy something, it will add to your CashCrate account. In a way, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Additional Features

  • Low Age Limit: CashCrate has one of the lowest age limits in the market at just 14 years. This provides companies an opportunity to target teens for their surveys since they are more likely to complete a survey if incentives are involved. 
  • Paid Check-Ins: One of the best features of CashCrate is that you don’t need to complete an offer or survey to earn money. Just clicking on a site and successfully redirecting to it instantly gives you 3 cents!
  • Referral System: Like most GPT sites, CashCrate also has a referral system – but CashCrate has one of the most rewarding referral systems in the industry. Your direct referrals earn you 20% of all their earnings and 10% of all the earnings that come from your referral’s referrals. Furthermore, there are 5 levels of referrals – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. Each of these levels provides certain rewards which increase exponentially as you surpass each level.

Signing up with CashCrate

Join Cash Crate

Registering on CashCrate is pretty easy and straightforward and takes 10 minutes at max:

  • Open the CashCrate website on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Click on the sign-up button.
  • Enter your email and password and click the ‘Join Now’ option. You can also log in from your Facebook account.
  • You will be prompted to a short survey that will ask request personal and financial information to develop a profile of you.
  • After you’re done, you’re good to go!

Note: Keep in mind that currently, CashCrate isn’t accepting new members. The CashCrate team is currently working on upgrading its capabilities.

CashCrate Payments

Who is CashCrate for?

In simple terms, CashCrate is for people looking to make some extra money without too much effort. On the other hand, it’s for companies looking for an easy way to conduct research studies and surveys.

It can be hard to find the right earning source online. CashCrate solves this problem by providing a centralized platform so people can find earning opportunities without having to worry about any risk or potential dangers.

Is CashCrate legit?

Overall, CashCrate is very well-known in the industry as being one of the ‘good ones.’

Mostly, the CashCrate reviews are positive and people tend to have a good time with it. However, there are negative reviews from people that have either had a bad experience or are encountering trouble getting around it.

Although, the bad reviews are mostly the result of the site that people are redirected to. But since CashCrate redirects them there, they suffer the consequences of any bad experience on external sites. Overall, the average rating for CashCrate on Trustpilot is 4/5.

TrustPilot Review of CashCrate

CashCrate mostly has positive four or five-star reviews on Trustpilot and other similar platforms. These are mostly from people who understand the industry and its nuisances.

TrustPilot Review  of Cash Crate

In late 2016, CashCrate was the victim of a data leak. Although CashCrate quickly reacted and solved the problem, hysteria got the better of most people. That led to most of the negative reviews you may see for CashCrate.

As seen in the figure above, CashCrate makes an effort to reply to all negative reviews and help them solve the problem they are facing. Even with more than 10 million members, CashCrate tries to take care of each of their users. 

CashCrate also offers the unique option of submitting a tip on any potential scams. This helps them further vet the providers on their sites to ensure that no one falls victim to a bad experience.

CashCrate Tip screen

Advantages of CashCrate

  • Global Availability: Most survey sites are limited to the United States mostly because of survey limitations. Since CashCrate offers redirect to third-party survey providers, they offer options specific to your locality so there is a higher chance of qualifying for surveys. 
  • Free to Use: CashCrate is 100% free in every regard. There is no fee for signing up or completing offers and surveys.
  • Straightforward: CashCrate is extremely easy to use and it is relatively easier to earn money on the site as compared to others in the industry. This is mostly due to the vast number of options and opportunities available.
  • Lucrative Referral Program: CashCrate has one of the best referral systems in the industry. It provides one of the highest payouts from referrals because you get 20% of the earnings of your direct referrals and 10% of the earnings of the referrals that your referral gets.

Disadvantages of CashCrate

Our CashCrate review wouldn’t be complete without pointing out a few of its downsides.

  • High Minimum Withdrawal Limit: CashCrate has a minimum withdrawal limit of $20 dollars, which is a relatively high payment wall compared to other GPT sites.  
  • Potential Disqualifications: Since every provider is properly vetted, the surveys that are usually available tend to have very strict requirements which can lead to continuous disqualifications.
  • Spam: Most GPT sites tend to spam phone calls and email accounts and CashCrate is no different. It’s best to provide a throw-away email address and phone number when registering. 
  • 90 – Day Activity Limit: If you’re inactive for more than 90 consecutive days, your account will be terminated. So log in every once in a while!

Is CashCrate worth your time?

After the revamping of their site, CashCrate has become one of the most easy-to-use and understand sites in the industry. With rewards that usually outshine others in the industry, CashCrate provides a better option to earn a little cash on the side.

You will spend the same amount of time as you would on other sites, but you’ll probably be earning more. You won’t earn thousands of dollars, but it won’t be a waste of time either.  

All in all, our CashCrate review found it to be a great opportunity to earn money online and is definitely worth a shot for everyone!

Have you used or use CashCrate? Share your experience in the comments section!

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