6 Tips To Help Close Your Survey Site Account, Quickly


Subscribing to online surveys is an easy way to make extra cash, but sometimes it turns out to be a fake website. 

In this case, your email will get bombarded with spam and phishing emails.

In the following sections, we’ll explore in detail how to close your survey site account. Along with some tips on differentiating between trustworthy survey sites and fake ones.

Why Do Spam Survey Sites Exist?  

Survey companies are market research companies. They collect data about the consumer to measure the market place.

The major survey companies are the ones responsible for credible survey websites. Some websites profit from selling your data to third parties and create fake ads to trick you.

Additionally, some companies use fake surveys to increase traffic to a website to promote it. By clicking the survey link on the ad your browser will enter the website before you can stop it.

If you found yourself stuck with an account on a fake website, then follow one of these steps to close it right away.

How to Close Your Survey Site Account in 6 Steps

Unsubscribing from the email list isn’t enough. Your data can still be spreading online. You’ll need to make sure that you close your account.

If you want to avoid spam and protect your info. Here are the most effective ways you can use to close your survey site account.

1. Identify the Spam Website

Before using your email or your data in an online survey, you’ve to make sure it’s a credible website, not spam.

Here are some clear ways to be able to tell the troublesome websites

Credible survey websites never feature flashy images with large cash. The ads for credible websites look representable because they reflect a corporation image.

Credible sites never ask for personal info such as your bank account information.

Credible surveys collect responses for market research so the questions will be topic-specific.

So, here are some things to avoid when creating a survey site account. Check this list below:

  • No glamourous content, like gold, cash, and houses used in the ad.
  • No Id number, license number, or credit card information requests.
  • No out of subject or irrelevant questions used in the survey forms.

Extra tip: When subscribing for a survey website, try to avoid using your personal or work email. This can save you the hassle of trying to protect your personal information online.

Invest some time to set up an alternative email if you’re into filling online surveys.

2. Check the Site Settings

You’re supposed to find a button or a link in one of the corners of your account page on the website. It should say something like “remove account” or “delete my account”.

This link might not be right in front of your eyes, you may find it in the list or the menu that appears when you click on the account settings tab.

The process for deactivating a survey site account is pretty much the same for most of the credible websites. You can click on account settings on the top corner of the page.

Then, you’ll find cancel my account link. By clicking on it,  you’ll be asked to state the reason for leaving the website. After you fill in the info and press ‘next’, your account will be deactivated.

Some other websites might not include a button or link for deactivating the account. Instead, they offer you a clear guide on how to close your account.

This usually includes submitting a form for your request. You’re expected to fill in some data, and it closes the account on your behalf.

Trustworthy survey websites make the deactivation process easy. If you find yourself struggling to find a deactivation link, then try one of these methods.

3. Contact the Website Support 

You should be able to find an email or a number for customer care support. This is likely in the footer of the website.

You can call the customer care number and ask the agent to guide you through the process of deactivating the account. Or, you can also ask him to do it from his side if he has that option.

Close Your Survey Site Account

Another way is to send them an email with your account user name. And tell them that you’re trying to close your account.

They should respond within a couple of days. If they don’t, try repeating the process one or two more times. If there’s no response from their side, then skip to another way.

4. Notify Your Service Provider  

Your email system is able to recognize your actions and change your user experience according to your behavior with your emails.

Flagging the emails you receive from a particular website, you’ll be marking the source as spam to the webserver you’re using.

When you warn the server provider against this website, it’ll reduce the number of emails you get from this company in the future.

And if you receive any new emails. they will go to the spam folder so it won’t bother you in the future.

Ignoring the emails for a long period will make the survey site deactivate your account from their side. 

5. Find the Associates

The surveys found online are conducted by large enterprises and brands. If you can’t close your survey account through one of the previous steps, you can search for and send an email to the companies associated with the survey site.

You can let them know that you want to remove your account from their system, and they will manage to do it from their side. They might send you a questionnaire to know the reasons behind your request.

If you have some time, take this chance and inform them about the violation you faced. More often, they have no idea about these violations. Most reputable companies will immediately stop dealing with spam websites, once they find this out.

6. Escalate, Until You Close Your Survey Site Account

If the survey website and the associate won’t cooperate or help you close your account. You can escalate the matter to a higher authority like the Better Business Bureau.

This organization handles monitoring how the survey site deals with users. It observes and ranks organizations according to their business procedures. Making sure there are no user rights violations.

This means they won’t allow the violation of your rights by being unable to deactivate your account. If the company doesn’t follow the rules of user rights, it’ll be warned from the BBB, and they’ll close your account.

This organization only works with American businesses. But you’ll find a similar business bureau in most of the countries, so you can report the spam website to it.  

P.S. You can always warn other online users against a spam website by leaving negative feedback on Survey Police. So, you can share in reducing the spread of this website, and help protect many people from using it.

Final Thoughts On Closing Your Survey Site Account

It’s never too late to do the right thing. Closing your survey account might need some time from your side. But the results will definitely lead to something better for all.

This not only protects your information from spreading online and getting used. It also helps in eliminating the presence of fake survey sites online. By closing your survey site account, you’ll be helping authorities control fake sites’ existence online.

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