Dosh Review: Earn Cash Back When You Shop (2021)


Cash back apps are a great way to earn money passively. You’re going to shop anyways, right? You might as well get a little bit back while you do. In our review of Dosh, we take a look at a mobile app that does just that.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Dosh app; from how to use it to its advantages and legitimacy.

Let’s get into it!

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What is Dosh?

Dosh is a cash back money app. It’s available for both Android and Apple IOS. You can download the Dosh app at the Apple Store and Google Play.

How does Dosh work?

The best thing about Dosh is how it’s set and forget. You just connect your debit or credit cards and shop as usual. Any qualifying purchase will result in automatic cash back getting deposited into your account. It should always be that easy to earn cash back.

Signing up for Dosh

Getting started with Dosh is easy.  First, download the app for your android or IOS device.  I’m a fan of the iPhone, so I went with IOS.

After downloading the app you create a profile.  After that, you’ll see the home screen of the Dosh app.  This is where you find cash back eligible purchases locally and online.

Dosh Sign Up

Making money with Dosh

There are a few ways you can earn cash back using Dosh.

$5 for linking your credit card

The first way you can earn is just by linking your credit cards. Doing that earns you a $5 bonus. 

They do this so they can verify purchases you make and award you money back.  It also finds purchases you didn’t even know were eligible. Thanks for looking out!

Dosh Bonus

Cash Back Online and In-Store

The primary way you make money and earn Dosh cash back is through online purchases and in-store purchases. By attaching your credit or debit cards, you can shop, and then collect around 10% cash back.

Refer your friends

You can also earn money through referral bonuses. You are given a special link and referral code that you can send to friends. If they sign up, you will be awarded $5.

Dosh Refer a Friend

How Dosh Pays You

Dosh will pay any money you earn via a Paypal account or a linked bank account.  This makes it easy to save the money you’ve earned since they can seamlessly deposit it in your bank account!

Before you can cash out you’ll have to earn a minimum of $25. This includes cash back from purchases AND referral fees.

Who is Dosh for?

Dosh is a great app for students, people on budgets, and anyone that shops online. Basically you are able to get free money back for shopping that you were already going to do anyway.

Is Dosh legit?

Dosh is a trusted company that has been featured on publications, such as Fortune and Forbes.

Checking out their Better Business Bureau page shows they scored an impressive “A” rating and nearly 3 out of 5 stars for customer service.

Dosh BBB Review

Dosh app review on HighYa

We also took the liberty to analyze some Dosh reviews on HighYa. These often give insight into users’ experience with apps and websites. They scored 3 out 5 stars again, and there were some testimonials that stood out to us.

Dosh BBB Review

Here’s a user who claimed the payouts were sometimes inconsistent. They also mentioned a great point regarding understanding there are always issues with new apps. They still have some improvements to make, so they won’t be perfect. However, overall you can only gain by using their service.

Dosh BBB Review

Another user claims that they continued to receive an error any time that they added a credit or prepaid card. Since they couldn’t connect a card, they didn’t receive the $5 welcome bonus.

Serious about security

Dosh is serious about security, securing their app with 256-bit encryption SSL. That means there is an extra layer of security protecting your data from outside attackers.

They also don’t store any personal or banking information. You might think “Then how does the app track what I do?” Your credit card transactions are actually tokenized through Braintree, which is a PayPal service.

Their app also uses multi-factor authentication to ensure no accesses to your account but you.

Where can you shop?

There are tons of merchants who participate with Dosh. Here are just a few of the participating stores and the cash back rewards they offer. Make sure you check frequently those as these do change.

  • Walgreens – 6% Cash Back
  • Sam’s Club – 5.2% Cash Back
  • Nike – 4.5% Cash Back
  • Home Depot – 3.8% Cash Back
  • Staples – 3.8% Cash Back
  • Jiffy Lube – 10% Cash Back
  • Walmart – 3% Cash Back
  • PetSmart – 4.5% Cash Back
  • Sally Beauty – 11.2% Cash Back
  • Dunkin – 3.8% Cash Back
  • Thrifty – 0.8% Cash Back


These are some of the main pros that we found during our review.

  • Welcome bonus: $5 for signing up and connecting a credit card. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • Refer a friend: If you send your referral link to a friend who signs up, you earn $5
  • High cash back amount: Dosh awards up to 10%! This is the highest of the apps we’ve reviewed.


Here are the cons we noticed when reviewing the app.

  • Country restricted: Unfortunately at this time, Dosh is only available for United States residents.
  • Slow customer service: Some of the most common complaints against Dosh were related to customer service.
  • Not all cards can connect: Not every credit card is eligible to connect with Dosh.

Wrapping up our Dosh review

Overall, our Dosh review found it to be one of the best cash back apps we’ve had the pleasure to try. They offer a high cash back amount and loads of stores to shop from. What makes it so great is that you don’t have to do much. Just shop like you normally would and earn money.

You also get a $5 welcome bonus after registering and connecting a card! You can download Dosh on iTunes here and from the Google Play store here. We highly recommend you add this 100% legit app to your money makings toolkit.

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