6 Ways to Earn Free Visa Gift Cards (Updated 2022)


Today, we’re spending more money than ever. From food to fashion, almost every spending category has cool options that cost more money. Of course, you shouldn’t spend more money than you earn.

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This is where free gift cards come in. A lot of online websites offer free prepaid Visa gift cards for use in a variety of stores.

But you shouldn’t believe any website that promises you free money. This is how scam artists work to separate unsuspecting consumers from their hard earned money.

In this article, I’ll introduce 6 safe and legit ways to earn free Visa gift cards. 

Fetch Rewards: Shop More To Earn Free Visa Gift Cards

Wouldn’t you love it if you could get cash back from your everyday purchases? Well, there are a variety of credit card companies that offer cash back on things like shopping at grocery stores or online purchases.

Fetch Rewards offers something similar.

After shopping in your favorite stores like Best Buy or Home Depot, scan the purchase receipt and send it to the Fetch Rewards’ website. They’ll analyze your purchases and reward you for every item identified by their partners.

They don’t reward purchases of bizarre and rubbish brands. You’ll receive rewards for buying products from Pepsi, Dove, Axe, Huggies, Lay’s, and many more popular companies.

To make the service better, they divide daily special offers on their participating brands. For example, if a pack of Pepsi bottles is worth 100 points, you’ll get an extra 100 points on days with special offers.

Referral opportunities

Furthermore, if someone uses your referral code, you both get 2,000 points after they scan their first receipt. Such an awesome way to benefit your loved ones!

As for redeeming your points, Fetch Rewards offers Visa debit cards between $5 and $50 besides a bunch of other rewards.

You can also donate points to charities like Clean Water Fund, American Cancer Society, or the Special Olympics.

Ways to use Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards can be convenient to use. The best way to use Fetch Rewards is to download their cashback app from the Apple app store or Google Play Store onto your mobile device.

Another great way is to download the Fetch Rewards Chrome browser extension for your desktop computer.

Apps similar to Fetch Rewards:

Drop: Drop is a similar shopping app. You can earn points and redeem them for various gift cards.

Dosh: Dosh is a shopping app that allows you to earn cash back. Once you’ve reached the relatively low payout threshold of $25, you can transfer that balance to your PayPal account, Venmo, or via bank transfer to your checking account.

Prize Rebel: Perform Tasks to Earn Free Visa Gift Cards

Prize Rebel is one of the most famous survey sites out there. After signing up to this online survey site, you have access to daily tasks. Examples of these tasks include:

Each time you complete surveys or accomplish certain tasks, Prize Rebel rewards you with points. These simple tasks are completely free without any hidden regulations.

Once you collect enough points, you can redeem $5 Visa reward cards from their shop. Best of all, they also offer popular gift cards from a dozen of stores like Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Steam, and more!

On the downside, the Prize Rebel service may not be available in your area. If you have this issue, you can still enjoy their benefits via a secure VPN connection.

Apps similar to Prize Rebel:

You can earn a variety of cash prizes, virtual Visa gift cards, and other e-gift cards by answering surveys and completing simple tasks from these survey platforms. We’ve written in-depth review articles for each of these companies. Simply click on the company you’re interested in to learn more about their programs.

Survey Junkie

Inbox Dollars

Pinecone Research

Swagbucks: Search The Web To Earn Free Visa Gift Cards

swagbucks logo

According to their site, Swagbucks has paid around $740 million to people who answer survey questions. They also give out 7,000 free gift cards every day. Examples might include:

But also, Visa gift cards as well as Mastercard gift cards. This volume shows how serious Swagbucks is about getting consumer opinions.

How does Swagbucks work?

Swagbucks operates in a similar manner as Prize Rebel. You’re given a set of daily tasks for which you’re awarded points. But, they offer more than just completing surveys and watching ads.

For instance, you can get points for purchases you make with top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. You’ll also find exclusive deals and coupons to use there.

Additionally, you can enjoy the time online by using their Yahoo-powered search engine. They don’t exactly specify how many points you earn, but it wouldn’t hurt to use it anyways.

Last but not least, you can enjoy your time and still earn money by playing their set of original, free video games. You’re rewarded for watching ads and making in-app purchases.

On the downside, they only feature $25 Visa gift cards as of now. It can take a pretty long time to earn free Visa gift cards that way.

UpVoice: Get Paid for Online Browsing

Update: As of June 29, 2022, UpVoice is no longer operational. If you navigate to the UpVoice website, you’ll see an announcement that BrandTotal, UpVoice’s parent company, has ceased operations. As of this editing, there is no new website for current or new members.

What UpVoice USED to do

How do you spend your free time? Do you like to explore your friends’ updates on Facebook? Well, it’s possible to earn free Visa gift cards for doing this effortless stuff!

upvoice gift cards

UpVoice is a tool that belongs to BrandTotal, a market research agency. If you install their Chrome extension, it’ll collect data about the ads you see.

This data is then used by market research companies that want to catch your attention online.

You earn points for the amount of time you spend on their participating sites and watching videos. These include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and even Amazon.

Now, with such a service, there should be a big question mark on privacy. If this concerns you, you shouldn’t worry at all.

Google Chrome warns you if any extension breaches your privacy. And as of now, UpVoice holds a 5-star rating on Chrome’s Web Store with no negative reviews.

On the downside, signing up for them isn’t always possible. You have to meet a “specific demographic profile,” which they don’t actually specify. If you’re not eligible to join, BrandTotal will save your data to notify you when you are.

Visit Stores with Rakuten’s Referral Program

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten is an online platform where you can find offers and coupons to use in your favorite stores and retailers.

Unlike other websites, Rakuten doesn’t have bonus points, online surveys, or anything to do in advance. Stores pay Rakuten for referring you as a customer, and Rakuten pays you a cut from that commission with gift cards and cash.

Due to the absence of a points system, you might not always find Visa gift cards with desired values like other websites.

I liked how versatile and up-to-date they are. You’ll have access to hundreds of gift cards from a lot of stores such as Adidas, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, you name it!

You can download their mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Best of all, you can choose to get your money by a check, free Visa card or PayPal cash to spend how you like.

To encourage signups, Rakuten award $10 as a prepaid card or cash upon making your first $25 buy. 

Earn Shopping Points with MyPoints

I wanted to reserve my last recommendation for MyPoints since it’s the most versatile online survey site. MyPoints awards points upon purchasing their promoted offers. Their reward options include popular gift cards from a large selection of stores such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and more.

But, shopping online isn’t the only way to earn Visa gift cards on MyPoints. You can spend your time watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, and using their search engine to collect more and more points.

Once you have the points, you can redeem your point for gift cards from over 2,000 companies, including airlines. What’s more, you’ll get a $10 Visa gift card as a signup bonus. You have to make a $20 purchase to redeem this offer, though.

On the downside, some of the surveys featured on MyPoints might not work in your region.

The Verdict

So, it turns out that you can actually earn real money online in your spare time, after all. There is a wide variety of options to meet your needs.

If you want to receive gift cards after making actual purchases, then you’ll like Fetch Rewards, Rakuten, and MyPoints. If you’re looking to fill out surveys, watch videos, and play online games, you’ll want to check out Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, and again, MyPoints.

It’s important to note that you won’t earn much money with any of these sites. But the good news is that there are plenty of free sites that will help you take advantage of your free time.

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