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14 Tips For Earning Money on Paid Survey Sites (2022)

14 Tips For Earning Money on Paid Survey Sites (2022)

Are you interested in earning money on paid survey sites? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed countless survey sites and today we’re compiling our best tips to make the process as optimized as possible.

If you follow the tips ahead, you will make more money, get more rewards, and feel motivated to keep completing tasks.


14 Tips For Earning Money On Paid Survey Sites

1. Sign up on several websites

Signing up a variety of paid survey websites has many benefits. Firstly, you increase your potential earnings, meaning you will make more money as there are more tasks to do. Similarly, when one side is dry, you might find another has lots of things for you to do.

Secondly, all reward sites are built differently. Some only offer cash and amazon gift cards, while others offer vacations, merchandise, and giveaways. By being a part of several platforms, you’re also exposing yourself to more rewards.

We’ve reviewed over a dozen different online survey sites, and these are a few of the top legitimate paid survey sites we recommend signing up for.


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Swagbucks Survey

One of the first websites that come to mind for earning money online is Swagbucks. They offer a variety of fun tasks, such as paid shopping online, watching videos, and playing games. They’ve dished out over $300 million of prizes, and you can get a piece of the cake, too. You can register instantly and begin earning with a Facebook account or email from the homepage.

Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie Surveys

Signing up for Survey Junkie instantly nets you points for signing up and completing your profile. This gives you a nice boost towards redeeming them for rewards — saving you time and energy. 

Survey Junkie offers multiple methods for withdrawing cash, and they have a great point system where a single point equals $0.01. With a minimum balance of $10 and each survey earning dozens of points on average, you won’t be working long before cashing out.


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Earning Money On Paid Survey Sites

This is one of the best reward websites we tested, and you can read our full MyPoints review to get more insight. You’ll love the wide range of activities, such as comparing travel deals, watching video playlists, and playing in mobile game tournaments.

Vindale Research

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vindale research surveys

Vindale Research has a proven track record of positive reviews, payouts, and good customer service. Surveys pay upwards to $5 or more, and they have a refer-a-friend program that will net you points for getting others to sign up.

The website is easy to use, and there’s even a job section for part-time, full time, and contract opportunities. There are links to other survey websites they suggest, and overall Vindale needs to be in your hit list.

2. Create a routine

After you’ve taken the time to sign up for a bunch of survey websites, you need to create a consistent routine for the best results. This keeps you on track towards your goals and speeds up the earning process.

Imagine sitting down at your computer every day and having to manually think of what websites to visit. This itself would take up time and might kill your motivation.

To avoid that, choose to complete tasks on a specific site every day of the week. Or, you could dedicate different days of the week to certain tasks, like watching videos or downloading mobile apps on the weekends, for example.

Creating a system like this will generate stable rewards in the long term and reduces how much time you spend on survey sites.

3. Set a goal

Did you know that people that set goals are 10 times more successful than those who don’t? Even though survey websites seem tame, you need to set goals to remain motivated and disciplined.

Think about it — what are you really trying to get out of this? Do you want extra money to do things with your friends? Are you interested in saving this money for the long term? Do you want gift cards to shop?

When you know exactly why you’re using paid survey sites, creating a routine as we mentioned becomes much simpler. You will also be able to remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place to stay focused. Imagine how good you will feel about yourself when you finally achieve that goal.

4. Always research the survey website you’re using

You can’t complain about getting scammed if you didn’t do your research. There are so many resources nowadays to check if a website is legitimate or not. While very few survey websites are flat out scams, it’s always wise to do a quick background check on any platform you plan to dedicate yourself to. Here are a few ways we recommend from our experience reviewing paid survey sites.

Better Business Bureau

One of the best ways to research a website is with the Better Business Bureau. We mention them all of the time in our reviews because they are a staple for business transparency. They accredit companies that have a long history of honesty, customer service, and legitimacy.

Visit the BBB website and type in any website or company. Remember, some survey websites are owned by separate market research businesses or are under a different corporate name. A quick Google search will help you find this.

BBB Review

On their BBB page, pay close attention to their score and customer reviews. This will give you insight into if they are a trustable platform. The BBB rating is based on several factors, including resolved complaints, speed of resolving issues, and time in business.


Half of a million new reviews are posted on Trustpilot every month. They are the greatest source for reviews on any business, and that includes survey websites.

When researching a website you’re interested in joining, search for them on TrustPilot. You will find plenty of honest reviews about people’s experience with rewards, earning points, customer service, and more to help you make a better decision.

Swagbucks on Trustpilot


YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. Have you ever needed an answer and searched for a video to help you? Most people do! With that being said, there are plenty of reviews you can watch to get second opinions on practically any reward website.

​Social media

Similar to YouTube, social networks are a great medium for finding opinions on survey sites. Check out the Twitter accounts of any platforms you’re interested in to see what other users are saying about them.

Swagbucks tweet

We also suggest directly typing in the name of the website into the search bar and filtering by the latest results. This will display the newest tweets to get further insight.

Swagbucks Tweet

5. Set reasonable expectations

Here’s the honest truth about survey websites: they will not make you a millionaire. Heck, they probably won’t even make you $1,000/month. Do you know why? That’s not what they’re made for. This is why it’s key that you go into survey websites with realistic expectations.

Don’t be disappointed that you’re not buying a new house after taking paid surveys for a few months. But, are you interested in earning an extra $100 per month and shopping on Amazon with gift cards? Okay, that’s more than achievable. Going into the right mindset will prevent you from getting discouraged.

6. Complete your account profile 

You want to complete your profile on every survey website for multiple reasons. The first being that some platforms will give you extra points for doing so, speeding up the process to get rewards.

Secondly, the more information you give them, the more surveys and offers they can find that suits your demographics. Ensure that you’re as honest as possible with the information you give them, or you might not find many tasks to do.

7. Download mobile apps 

Many reward websites offer a mobile app to make completing surveys on the go very easy. They are available on both the iTunes store for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android users.

8. Keep track of your earnings in a spreadsheet

While it might not be big bucks, you will be consistently earning money if you decide to cash out with your points. So, ensure that you keep track of these earnings. When you use a bunch of survey websites, it can be easy to lose track of everything. Come tax season, you’ll be glad you had it all organized.

We recommend making a spreadsheet todo. Create columns for the individual websites and how much you earned like this:

Tracker For Earning Money On Paid Survey Sites

9. Read privacy policies

You have to give survey websites some personal information so they can find you the most relevant surveys and offers. There’s no way around this since these are typically market research surveys and accuracy is important. If you lie, you might end up losing out on opportunities because there will be a lack of tasks available.

With that being said, you enjoy your privacy, right? That’s why we recommend all users to at least briefly read the privacy policies of survey websites they’re using. You will find information there about what they are collecting and what they are using it for.

If you are uncomfortable with any of their policies, simply do not use the website. But, just don’t complain if you willingly sign up and don’t read it.

10. Create a unique email for just taking surveys

Reward sites email users with updates and new offers on a daily basis. With school, work, and family, your inbox is already most likely preoccupied. To avoid missing out on opportunities and making emails a headache, you should create a separate email account purely for survey websites.

11. Never give out your SSN

Your social security number can be used to steal your identity and other things. You should never give your SSN away to a survey website if they ask for it. There’s no reason to do so and is a red flag that a website is a scam.

12. Never give your banking information

Avoid entering bank information into survey websites if possible. You should only give banking information to websites that are directly depositing money into your account. Otherwise, it should be avoided for safety reasons.  Oftentimes you can use a Paypal account for deposits, so make sure you read the fine print.

13. Don’t pay to be a part of the survey website

There are dozens of websites that pay you to take surveys, so you should never pay them to join. You are already paying with your effort and time, and being asked for payment is a sign that it may be a scam.

Once again, refer back to what we spoke about earlier regarding researching a company before using their platform to avoid this.

14. Have a question? Check the FAQ!

Need to change your password? Can’t figure out how to redeem points? No problem. Most survey websites have an FAQ or support page that will answer most of your questions. Many also offer an email or phone number that you can contact to get in touch with a representative.

​Go Start Earning Money On Paid Survey Sites!

Survey websites are a fast way to make money and earn rewards. However, you can maximize how much you earn by following the best practices we laid out in this article.

The first step is to sign up on several websites and make a dedicated email for all of them. Then, create a regular routine to consistently earn cash over time. Ensure you also have goals, such as earning a certain amount per month or doing a number of surveys per day.

Research into every website you use to ensure that they are safe and trustable. Complete the profile with as much detail as possible so you get more surveys, too. If they have a mobile app available, don’t forget to download that while you’re at it.

Keep track of how much you earn in a spreadsheet, and avoid giving out banking information or your SSN. Read their privacy policies if you’re concerned about what your info is being used for, and never pay to register for one of these platforms.

Apply what you learned today and you’ll be making more money on survey websites in less time!