How To Earn Free Walmart Gift Cards (2021)

Globally, the vast majority of consumers depend on online platforms for shopping. The e-commerce market is highly popular, and big-budget shopping enterprises and stores create online websites to sell products. Plus, they give multiple cost-saving options to the customers, and cashback offers for improved user experience. Walmart provides both online and offline shopping services, and customers can opt for gift cards for additional savings.

Indeed, there are useful free Walmart Gift Cards available through multiple cashback sites, survey sites, and free rewards apps. Consumers can use them to purchase specific items directly from the stores or through the online official Walmart website. These gift cards are as effective as cash, and shoppers can access them through multiple avenues.

Through this article, you would learn what Walmart gift cards are and how to use them. In this in-depth review, you would know how to access the free gift cards easily and frequently.

What are free gift cards?

Free gift cards do not cost an extra amount to access and use. Customers do not have to put in a lot of effort to obtain free gift cards at most websites. Plus, most card options are easy to activate and manage. A benefit of these gift cards is that there are no subscriptions or hidden fees necessary. Thus, anyone can avail of these cards to reduce their overall expenditure at no additional cost.

Options for getting Walmart free gift cards

Shoppers at Walmart can find multiple options to access free gift cards. Some of the methods available are very simple and accessible to multiple consumers from different areas. The following are some of the usable options regarding how to get a free Walmart gift card.

1. Trading your old technological devices

Customers can use the trade-in program from Walmart to get gift cards. The available one is known as CExchange

Through this medium, users can trade their used technology products and get free gift cards for later store purchases. The acceptable items one can trade include the following:

  • Tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Voice Speakers
  • Video Game Consoles
  • EReaders
  • MP3 Players
  • Particular wearables
  • Laptops

The steps for this program are simple:

  • You have to search for the accepted device that you wish to trade. 
  • Later, you would have to answer some questions on a questionnaire. 
  • Following this, print out the prepaid shipping label. 
  • You can then ship the product to CExchange without any additional charge using FedEx Ground support. 

After the workers evaluate the product, you would receive your Walmart e-Gift Card instantly.


  • Quick trade
  • Simple transactional steps
  • Free transport of product


  • Only particular technological items are open for trading

2. Free online gift cards without completing offers

Customers can use a music-based method to earn Walmart gift cards if they wish to avoid complete offers or survey methods. You would find an app available for this called the Current Music App. Users can listen to multiple music selections and get free gift cards afterward.

There are 100,000 and more radio stations available on this app for the listeners to listen to. The app is available on both iOS and Android app stores. You can earn points after listening to music through the music stations. Later, you can redeem your earnings and get a Walmart gift card in exchange.

Other than that, there are other options for earning money that does not require you to complete offers. Some include:

  • Play free games (particular options)
  • Use free games (particular options)
  • Watch short advertisement videos
  • Answer available surveys
  • Shop


  • Multiple options
  • Easy to use
  • Available for multiple devices


  • Not all users can access these offers
  • Other reliable options available

3. Swagbucks

Another alternative for earning Walmart gift cards without additional costs is to use the Swagbucks platform. The points that a user earns are known as ‘Swagbucks’. 

There are multiple useful techniques available on this website, like watching videos, answering surveys, and downloading some apps. Plus, consumers who shop online through this site can get cashback as well. 

Here, you can opt for the Walmart gift card as a payment option instead of regular cash during the cash-out period.

The Walmart gift card earning options through Swagbucks for users are as follows:

  • Available Deals- There are particular deals available through Swagbucks that work in partnership with other platforms. For example, users can try out using Hulu and pay $5.99 for the subscription. Through the Swagbucks platform, users opting for this deal can reward Walmart or other gift cards worth $20. Here, consumers can choose a gift card of their preference.
  • Surveys- You can opt for surveys that are available on this website and earn points. Each survey would give you the chance to earn around 50-1,000 SB, and the reward earning potential is very quick. This is one of the easier manners of earning cash through Swagbucks. However, most users would not earn a high amount from the surveys.
  • Cashback through shopping- There are more than 2,000 online retailers available on the Swagbucks online shopping website. Consumers who go for this option can earn around 20% or lesser cashback after shopping. They need to install the browser extension called SwagButton to avail of this cashback potential. Users can later choose to get paid via the Walmart gift card option.

Moreover, users who redeem their Swagbucks earnings for free Walmart gift cards can get particular discount offers. Some users can expect a 12% discount; they can opt for a bigger gift card later using fewer SB points.

Another useful benefit of Swagbucks is that you can receive a $5 bonus when you create your free Swagbucks account. In this case, you can choose to get the bonus in the form of a Walmart gift card instead.


  • Multiple options for earning gift cards
  • Bonus on creating an account
  • Earnings occur quickly


  • You can redeem around $5 through the survey method; big earnings are not a guarantee
  • Users may have to wait a long duration to save up most of their earning

4. Ibotta

One of the most useful cashback options for users is Ibotta. This app offers cashback on multiple product types from several e-commerce websites and retailers. It gives cashback options for many grocery stores besides Walmart, like Home Depot, Target, and specific stores.

  • You can get the offers that catch your interest and then scan your available receipt to earn money. Or, you can link the loyalty cards available with the app. 
  • Overall, this is a good technique for earning money off of items that you are purchasing regularly and getting rewards in turn.
  • Furthermore, users of the Ibotta app can pay directly to particular partner retailers. When using this tactic, you can handle the payments through the Ibotta app on your smartphone device. This is a useful tactic for earning extra cashback and even more rewards.
  • You can get a free Walmart gift card from the earnings available on this app. Indeed, this is possible when you are trying to cash out your total or partial earnings. Besides the Walmart gift card option, you would get other options for cashing out as well.
  • Besides this, you can directly save your money while shopping at Walmart online or offline stores. As an Ibotta user, you would get the option to claim particular cashback offers for select purchases. However, these offers are not always available. For the best outcome, it is useful to keep a lookout for the offers through the app regularly.

The app also offers a rebate option from the receipts that you collect through Ibotta for particular items. Indeed, you can find the rebate offers when you access the app and through your account. 

The process of getting a rebate is simple:

  • You have to browse through the available offers. 
  • After selecting one item available under the offer, purchase the item in a standardized manner. 
  • Then, click an image of the receipt and upload it.

Usually, the app offers $1 to $3 rebates for each item minimum. Therefore, when you buy the present items, you can collect a total of $10-30 within a short duration. Afterward, you can redeem the earnings you store with a Walmart gift card.


  • Users can get cash back from multiple store options
  • Cashback offers are available for regular items purchases
  • Rebate offers available for particular offers
  • You can exchange your cashback on the app for a gift card from Walmart
  • Direct payment through the Ibotta app to certain retailers


  • The earning amount through the rebates can get low unless you buy multiple products
  • It takes time to store a high cashback amount

5. Honey

One of the best available options for earning free Walmart gift cards for users is Honey. Essentially, this is a browser extension and is effective on Chrome users mainly. It automatically searches the internet for coupon codes for products and applies them during checkout.

It is useful for saving money during online purchases. Plus, its Honey Gold rewards program is valuable as well for earning back a specified percentage. After storing around 1,000 Gold, users can exchange it for a Walmart gift card worth $10.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic earning
  • The rewards program offers Walmart gift cards in exchange for Gold points


  • Users have to spend a long duration to store a suitable amount of reward points
  • Not available on many browsers

6. Harris Poll Online

This poll-based option is available for multiple users above the age of 13 years. Consumers can join the website to take part in mobile app-based research or focus groups. Also, they can complete surveys to earn points. 

Harris Poll Online is available mainly in Canada and the United States. Moreover, users can redeem their points with gift cards from platforms like Walmart, iTunes, and Amazon.


  • Easy to use
  • Low age restriction
  • Multiple platforms offer gift cards besides Walmart


  • Other options provide better offers
  • Only available in select regions

7. Other cashback applications

There are particular shopping and grocery-based cashback apps that offer gift card earning opportunities to the users. The gift cards are available for free. Also, consumers with no interest in completing surveys can opt for this technique.

  • You have to scan the receipt of your purchase in the apps to get cashback. 
  • On the other hand, there are other options available for automated cashback credit to your user account. This is acceptable for purchase through credit cards from select certified banks.

Drop is one of the popular cash back apps you can utilize to redeem the free Walmart gift cards you acquire. Other apps like Paymi, Rakuten, and Checkout51 would also give you cash. You can use that to buy a preferred gift card.

How to redeem the Walmart gift cards

Walmart gift cards are available as electronic gift codes or plastic gift cards. Most users can use physical gift cards, usually at offline stores. But, redeeming the gift codes takes extra steps.

Customers can use the Walmart Gift Card they collect through four modes. Here are the steps for using a free Walmart card.

  • Online– On the Payment Method screen, click on the “Use a Walmart Gift Card” option. You can add in the gift card number and the available PIN code in the space that appears. This is the method for adding and later accessing the card. In case there is a leftover balance in the gift card after purchase, you can keep it in your online user account. This is satisfactory for later purchases.
  • In-Store– Customers can use the Walmart e-gift cards in the Walmart store or at a neighborhood market. They have to print out the gift card and show it to the cashier during checkout. Or, they can directly show the e-gift card on their mobile phone screen to the cashier. In case there is not a lot of balance available in gift cards, users can use another payment method to cover up the difference.
  • Walmart Grocery Pickup– During this process, complete the common steps for completing an online order. Add the gift card code as directed.
  • Walmart gas stations- Users can utilize their free Walmart Gift Card at the gas stations of Walmart. At the pump, you would have to select the option to pay inside. After pumping gas, you can go to the Walmart cashier and complete the transaction using the gift card. For this, printing out the gift card data is crucial. The cashier would offer a plastic card in exchange to pay the pump cost.

Overall, customers get free Walmart gift card codes and can redeem them at websites like:

  • Walmart Gas Stations
  • Walmart Stores
  • Sam’s Club Stores

Many users have multiple Walmart gift cards available at a time. Here, storing them in their user accounts is effective for future usage. Moreover, one can save around 1-5 Walmart gift cards at a particular time in the account. 

The steps for saving the card details in the account are mentioned hereafter.

  1. First, sign in to the user account
  2. Choose the account
  3. Check the ‘Manage Account’ option and choose ‘Gift Cards.’
  4. Click on the ‘Add a New Gift Card’ option
  5. Enter a card nickname, the gift card number (first 12 characters), and the available PIN code (last four characters)
  6. Select ‘Save’

This would securely preserve your data in the account. Therefore, you do not have to continuously put in the PIN code or card number each time you redeem a code.

Gift Card Activation

Generally, users do not have to activate their gift cards from Walmart during purchases separately. This is specific to most gift cards. 

However, if the gift card is worth $250 or higher, users would get an email, including the activation password. During purchase, they can use this code to activate their offer. 

In case you do not get this email, it is best to get in touch with the Customer Care department at the official Walmart website.

Is it possible to get a refund or exchange for stolen or lost gift cards?

Users can lose their cards by mistake or through theft in certain cases. However, there is no replacement policy or refund option available for this condition from Walmart. 

The rewards sites that a consumer can get these cards from generally do not offer refunds or replacements for misplaced cards.

The best option available is to store the gift cards in the user account on the official website or your email for safekeeping. You can later use them at your convenience.

Safety concern regarding scams 

Gift card scams are common for consumers despite the efforts from Walmart to reduce these options. 

  • Users can receive messages for free Walmart gift cards in exchange for providing their personal information. 
  • Also, some messages include requests to ‘participate’ for earning ‘sponsor gifts’. Here, users have to pay a fee or subscription to join. 

Essentially, consumers need to stay cautious of such offers and only trust reputed and legal apps and survey websites. The registered companies have secure terms and conditions and do not charge additional costs. Also, read through the documentation carefully. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are multiple options available for gaining free gift cards from Walmart. Users need to handle the sign-in and participation steps carefully. Later, they can easily access the Walmart gift cards and other bonus options from the platforms.