FusionCash Review: A Way To Earn a Little Extra (2022)


Get-paid-to sites, also known as GPT sites, are a popular and easy way for people to earn a bit of extra cash in their spare time. But the wrong GPT websites can end up being a waste of time.

In this FusionCash review, we’ll take a look at one of the lesser known survey sites out there. That way, you can decide whether it’s a good idea to open a FusionCash account or look for another online platform.

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What is FusionCash?

Like many other online surveys sites, FusionCash is a GPT site that offers several ways to earn money online.

FusionCash works by bringing consumer products companies and major brands labels together with consumers who are willing to help give feedback by:

  • Completing surveys or joining survey panels
  • Giving their honest opinion on new products or trial services
  • Performing simple task to help the company learn more about its target market

How do I earn money with FusionCash?

Like many survey companies, FusionCash offers a variety of ways for members to earn money.

Signup bonus

One enticing feature is that FusionCash offers $5 as a signup bonus. This money gets credited to your account after you register with your email address and complete your first survey.

Completing Surveys 

As with most survey sites, FusionCash surveys, also known as FC surveys, are one of several different ways to earn money.

On some occasions, you may receive an email with available surveys that need completion. Most of the time though you’d need to check your FusionCash dashboard to see if there are any surveys. 

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how much cash FC surveys are paying without an account, but looking at the community message board, you can expect somewhere around $.01 to 50 cents per survey.

In other words, it might be real money, but there might be better ways to earn it.

fusioncash homepage
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Trial offers 

Some companies will offer a 30-day trial that you’ll get to try out new products or services. You won’t need to worry about continuing in the service though. You can easily cancel once the trial period is over. 

Be wary of companies that ask you for credit card information at the end of the free trial period. Either they’re hoping that you forget to cancel the membership at the end of the trial period, or something worse.

FusionCash’s website clearly states that no credit card information is required for FusionCash members. But partner companies that want you to participate in their free offers might ask for your credit card information in a manner that complies with their terms and conditions.

Watching videos

In addition to completing surveys, FusionCash will pay you to watch videos. Depending on the amount of time you have, this can be a great option to help you earn some easy money.

Completing tasks

FusionCash also offers the option for you to complete various tasks. This might be a great deal, but it’s hard to tell.

The website doesn’t offer a lot of information about whether these are simple tasks or if they require a lot of work for just a bit of extra cash.

Trying mobile apps

Just like performing different tasks or testing free trial products, FusionCash offers up mobile apps as another easy way to earn some decent money.

Referral Programs 

A great way to earn money with FusionCash is by referrals. For every person, you refer you’ll receive 1 once they successfully sign up.

When your referral completes their first offer, you’ll get a bonus of $2. Then when it’s time for them to cash out their earnings, you’ll get $5.

That seems like a nice stream of income, particularly if you have a big network of fellow survey-takers who are eager to sign up.

Summary of earnings

My take on the whole thing is this:

If FusionCash was open and transparent about how much you could expect, I’d be a bigger fan. But you have to join first, then see what the best way is for you to earn money.

The big problem with this is that once you sign up, they already have a lot of your personal information. And you find out that most of the features aren’t worth it. Let’s take a look at some of the other red flags surrounding FusionCash.

FusionCash red flags

FusionCash has a LOT of red flags, which indicate that it’s not the best option out there.

No visibility into the website

You cannot navigate to a single button without an annoying registration popup. So the only way you’re getting any information about payouts is by registering. That’s not cool, even if they give you a signup bonus.

Aside from the fact that you can’t really navigate too much through the website, the only information you can glean is through the community forum. There’s no ‘About’ page, no information about the company, nothing.

But there’s this link to their Twitter feed…

Social media hasn’t been updated recently

And when I mean recently, I mean since 2016 (for their Twitter account) or 2017 for their Facebook account. It seems as if the owners set up the site, then just let it hang out there, collecting the personal information of unsuspecting members…

Let’s see how FusionCash’s reputation is with the Better Business Bureau.

FusionCash’s BBB rating

At the time of this update, FusionCash’s BBB rating was D-. They had 1 three-star review in the past several years.

However, the most striking thing is that there have been 9 complaints in the past 3 years. And how many of them have been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction? Zero.

In fact, not only have the complaints not been resolved, FusionCash has not even bothered to respond to any of them. Not sure that you can come across a more apathetic company than one that doesn’t even bother to respond to legit complaints.

To me, that’s the biggest red flag of them all.

Payout Options 

There is a minimum payment threshold, but it’s not straightforward, like on other sites.

In order to be able to request a payout, you need to have at least a $25 balance in your account. From the $25 you need $15 from offers and not from referrals or bonuses. 

Once you have the minimum amount you’d then need to request the payout. Once the request is approved you get your money the following month.

Meaning if you requested the payout in February, you’ll get your money in March. 

You can get your money via the following options, depending on your preferred payout method: 

  • Paypal cash (the United States and Canada) 
  • Direct deposit (the United States only)
  • Checks (US residents only)

Payouts are usually distributed on the 20th of the month. It’ll take 1-5 business days for electronic payments and 2-10 business days for check delivery. You should also know that there aren’t any processing fees. 

For some reason, you also have to give a phone number.

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The Pros and Cons at a Glimpse


  • Work as much as you please 
  • Multiple payout options 
  • A great referral program 


  • Technical problems 
  • Payouts take a month or more
  • You might not get paid at all
  • Don’t expect your support tickets to get answered
  • Not available outside the United States or Canada
  • You have to provide a phone number in order to get paid, for some reason

Is FusionCash Legit? 

FusionCash was launched back in 2005. Over the past 15 years, they have paid out money to millions of people. 

The service is only available for those who reside in the USA and Canada only. You need to be 18 years and older. Those who are younger than 17 can sign up as well but with parental supervision. 

When you sign up with FusionCash you’ll automatically receive $5. Remember though that this isn’t included in the $25 minimum to cash out. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you sign up, I strongly advise you to create an email address just for FusionCash. The reason is that you’ll start receiving a ton of email, some of which are just advertisements. Those won’t benefit you in any way in terms of making money. 

Read every single word in the offer. You have to pay close attention to the details before you take an offer. The reason is that some will offer instant credit for example, while others won’t.

Mistakes can easily happen. So to make sure no errors are made with your payment, keep track of offers and the links that you visit. Sometimes there are technical problems that can occur. 

Wrapping Up Our FusionCash Review

FusionCash is probably not a great way to add extra money to your income. I don’t think you should solely rely on it though as your main source of income. In fact, you should probably try a more reputable survey site, like Survey Junkie.

Make sure to read everything fully and check the dashboard as often as you can to get more and better offers. 

If for any reason you find that there’s an issue with the money, don’t panic. Simply contact technical support and the issue should get fixed. Maybe. If they’re still around.

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