How to Get Paid for Testing Products-What You Need to Know

Getting paid to test products is a legitimate gig and can be very lucrative. Many product testing companies offer good money for consumers to conduct product tests on new products. This helps the company obtain critical marketing information on different products before they spend significant sums of money to market and distribute them.

The company carries out product testing to get honest feedback on the products and how they are performing. Many people think there are many processes involved in signing up for these sites, for which they drop the idea of testing products for money.

This in-depth article will detail how to get paid for testing products and give you a list of 12 of the best sites for you to start looking for product tester jobs today!

How to Become A Paid Product Tester?

The process of how to become a product tester is quite simple. The first thing you need to do to become a paid product tester is to connect to a market research company. And the most feasible way to do that is by going online. 

Sign Up in The Product Testing Sites

To go online, you have to first register with product testing websites. It is always advisable to create a new email address if you plan to join two or more of these product testing websites. This is mainly because the updates and notifications will fill up your inbox. 

One thing to remember about joining these sites is that it is not compulsory that you will receive a product for every testing posted. There are thousands of testers like you and only a dozen kits available for testing. 

Moreover, the site will ask for basic information, such as:

  • Your age
  • Where you live
  • Martial status

Don’t ignore these information fields. The market research takes this information to help place new members into product testing gigs.

The Process of Choosing

Once you have registered, you will receive an email that will notify you if a product is available for testing. The product is given to you based on your age, product preference, gender, etc.

Most people have to answer a qualifying survey when choosing the gig to determine if they’re a good fit. And if you qualify for home product testing, you will receive the physical products delivered to your doorstep with instructions.

Use and Then Give A Review

Once you have received the product for testing, make sure you try it within the period mentioned by the company. This period usually ranges from a couple of days to several weeks. 

Also, make sure to check your email for online surveys or questionnaires, which might be required before the testing period expires.

This is the feedback for which the company is paying you, so make sure you make it count. 

Apart from the fact that you get paid for testing products, you can also expect to keep the product you have tested for free at least 90% of the time. 

Two Options to Get Paid for Product Testing

It mainly depends on the company how you get paid to test products at home. Some pay in cash, gift cards, or Paypal cash, while others only provide the free products for you to try.

They both are a way of compensating users for their honest opinions. One is in cash, and the other is in kind.

Moreover, once you have received the product to test, it’s your call to offer it as a giveaway or sell it online; on the other hand, if it’s something that you like, then you have the freedom of keeping it to yourself.  

The type of product you will be getting to test largely depends on the site you have registered. For example, the following can be the different category of products you can review:

  • Household items
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Books
  • Personal care products
  • Food items
  • Cosmetic products

There is no rule on which option to get paid to trial products will benefit you, whether getting cash or a product for free.

If the product is more expensive than the amount of money you are getting, then receiving the product for free will be a much better idea. While in some cases, product testing companies also offer you Amazon cards as payment. 

Can You Make This Your Full-Time Work?

It is a good idea to get paid to test products near me, especially if you want to get your hands on that particular product without actually paying for it. Also, it’s very cool to try a product that has not yet launched in the market. 

However, there is no guarantee by joining the testing panels, you will surely get the product you have chosen every time. Moreover, most people are also unaware of the upcoming product that will be offered for testing. 

So, it is better not to make it your full-time job because it can disappoint you many times. This job is mainly a way to earn extra cash for a special occasion like birthdays, Christmas, dates, etc. Plus, you can collect the amazon gift cards to use when the right time comes. 

12 Best Sites from Which You Can Earn Rewards

After you know how to get paid to test products, it is also essential to know the genuine sites to connect to for earning rewards. Below we have mentioned some of the sites that you can join for carrying out the job of product testing for free:



Swagbucks offers an excellent platform for users to try out product testing jobs by getting free samples and deals. They constantly keep you updated on the new product that will arrive for testing, so you will know when to apply for it. 

Finding product testing opportunities is not the only way how Swagbucks helps its users. They also allow them to earn Swagbucks when they use the portal to access the option.

You can redeem these gift cards or a cash reward, or you can also get products that you are testing for free. The most fantastic thing about this site is that you get paid even if you are disqualified. 

Amazon Vine

This is another fantastic survey site that allows you to get paid for testing products. However, this is an invite-only product testing program.

For this particular testing panel, every participant receives a press release stating they will offer a new product for testing on Amazon. This notification may also contain the name of the brand or not. 

Moreover, the program will select whether you get the product for free testing or not based on the extent of helpfulness offered by your previous Amazon product review.

So, if you have previously purchased a product from Amazon and given a helpful and honest review, then it can be an excellent chance for you to get it. 

Toluna Influencers

Toluna influencers home page

It is an amazing Paris-based company that intends to create buzz for its products by reaching lots of influencers across different parts of the world.

Plus, the process of joining Toluna is very simple and free. But the only kick here is that first, you have to test products, and then you can participate. 

If the company chooses you, you will receive the item depending on the review you have provided. Finally, you can complete the job by taking the survey and answering some questions in the assignment.

Toluna mainly deals with products relating to bathrooms and cosmetics. It has a range of 200 to 500 products in its test assignment, so there is a great chance that you might get selected for participating in these gigs. 

Survey Junkie

Take surveys and get paid with survey junkie

Survey Junkie offers you a platform to work with them as an influencer and help them develop the right kind of product. You can also earn by leaving feedback on services. Every member earns points for every activity that they carry out.

Moreover, they can redeem the points either by cash through PayPal or as gift cards, whichever you find most feasible. Furthermore, the site is also free to join, and the points you collect do not have an expiration date.


User Testing provides real-time feedback from real customers.

UserTesting is another famous site that lets you get paid for testing products. The site mainly focuses on digital businesses, and the participants get paid to test apps or websites for money

There are no rules laid down by the site, which you need to fulfil to become a tester. However, to become a successful tester, you should develop your skill of noticing every single detail. This can help you make a difference in the particular site.

For example, you should be aware of any problem when saving the data, like the app crashing down or it’s very difficult to find the search bar, etc. Moreover, every test lasts for 20 minutes only, and if you complete 99% of it, the site will accept it. 

After the test is accepted, UserTesting will pay you 10 dollars via PayPal, and the payment will be credited to your account in just seven days. 

However, you won’t be able to participate in all of its tests since it’s necessary that your demo background matches your specific test requirements. 


Influenster home page

After you download the Influenster app and build up your profile, you will start receiving snaps as notifications occasionally on your phone. These notifications are short questions that you have to answer quickly to help the site know you better. As a result, it increases your chance of receiving VoxBoxes monthly. 

Here, you don’t get paid in cash for testing products, but you get to keep the products that the site sends you for testing. Moreover, the product you get is no ordinary product.

They are the new launch of the biggest brands in the food and beauty industries. Some are so expensive that it serves you better benefit than getting money in return. 


Pinchme sends you free samples to try in exchange for your opinion.

Another way to expand your option to get paid for trial products is by signing up on PINCHme. Here you have to answer a series of questions about your shopping habits and your household.

Depending on this information, PINCHme will offer you samples to use and test in your daily lifestyle. Also, you get the option of picking and choosing the product that you want for yourself. 

After selection, PINCHme will send out some boxes of free samples of various big companies directly to your footstep. And if you provide an honest review that helped the company you are sure to get a new offer in the following month.

You do not receive payment in cash but in kind, as you get to keep the product. 



It is one of the world’s largest influencer platforms that allows you to earn money by testing products. Last year they rewarded a total of 20 million dollars to the people who have registered with them as their members.

Here you have to share your opinions on several popular brands and products to get paid. Moreover, you can convert the reward you earn to any means you want. You can redeem them as a gift card, amazon coupons or convert them into cash via PayPal. provides real-world engagement data to help companies scale their products also deals with testing websites, apps, and hardware. It has been carrying out this work since 2012 and now has 200,000 users to date. 

Many users may find this type of product testing a bit hard as it requires you to pay attention to bugs on sites. So, they do not have many requirements. 

However, if you provide higher quality work, BetaTesting will reward you by giving you more work. The range of work that you can receive during a month varies from 0 to 5.

And the payment for each job can vary from 10 to 20 dollars. The money is sent using PayPal and typically gets credited under seven days after completing your project. 

Pinecone Research

Become an influencer with Pinecone research

This is the most trusting site that pays to test products and the oldest one among all too. It is an invitation-only site that offers its user the best rates for product testing. Here you get paid to test various products, including beauty products, food, drinks, and other things. You can convert the reward that you receive from Pinecone into cash via PayPal or cheque. 


BzzAgent allows you to share your opinion about your favorite brands

It is a younger company and the only site that extensively looks for product testing categories where other sites also focus on surveys, focus groups, etc. Moreover, the process of joining the site is quite simple.

You have to answer some of the questions available with a few surveys. This will help the program to identify your demographics, areas of expertise, and interest. 

After signing up, the program will send you a gig to try via email. Also, you will be given 8 weeks to try it. Within the period, you also have to share its result on social media and send separate feedback to the site itself. 

Apart from the opportunity to run a website, BzzAgent also offers its users other range of products like toiletries, gadgets, cosmetics, home equipment, etc. 

Initially, the site used to give cash as a reward for testing the products, but now they only provide the product for free that they sent out for testing. Moreover, if you actively share your feedback and promote the product on your Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms, you may get more invitations in the future as well. 

Opinion Outpost

Get paid for your opinions with opinion outpost

This is another highly reputable paid survey site that allows you to get paid for testing products. They actively look for people who are appropriate for taking short surveys on the forthcoming products. Moreover, they also ensure that their surveys are short. As a result, you can earn more money in a shorter period. Plus, the payment they make is either through cash via PayPal or Amazon gift cards, or iTunes gift cards. 

Final Thoughts On How To Get Paid for Testing Products

Through the article, you might have got a clear idea of how to become a product tester. Also, how to get paid for the products you are testing. It is essential to look for the terms and conditions the site is asking you to agree on. Moreover, how they promise you to pay. 

We recommend choosing a site from the list mentioned above to stay away from scammers and faulty sites. And one tip that you must keep in mind to become a successful tester is never given false opinions. Plus, try to be as transparent as you can in your review. 

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