InboxDollars Vs Swagbucks: Who Has The Best Surveys? (2022)

Paid survey sites are an easy way for people to earn a little extra cash by completing short surveys and simple tasks in their free time. Today, we’ll compare two of the best survey websites in the market research industry: InboxDollars vs Swagbucks.

We’ll compare their features, pros and cons, and what our experience was like.


InboxDollars Features

Which is better in the battle of InboxDollars Vs Swagbucks?

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars is one of the most popular survey sites, so it’s not a surprise there are some many reviews of them on the internet. The InboxDollars apps themselves received 3.9 and 4 star ratings. Lots of happy customers is always a good sign.

Clear user-interface and easy to use

One great feature of the InboxDollars platform is their simple, clean UI that makes it easy for the user to navigate. User experience is extremely important with apps like this since there are a ton of other options out there.

Free to sign up and $5 bonus

You can open a free account with InboxDollars, which is a plus point for folks who might be nervous or anxious about trying it out. The best part is that immediately after you complete the registration process, you will get $5 in cash rewards, which you can use towards whatever you’d like.

Ways to earn

InboxDollars offers lots of great activities for help you start earning. As a market research company, many consumer brands and major retailers pay InboxDollars to perform market research for them via online surveys. That means that as you complete surveys, InboxDollars can pass some of that money on to you.

Besides taking the surveys or reading emails, you can also earn by participating in special promotions or entering contests. Another interesting feature is that you can also do beauty product testing or print coupons to use. Something to note is that both InboxDollars and Swagbucks come with grocery coupons. 

InboxDollars actually comes with a separate portal for grocery coupons. You can download and use it in all the major outlets.

When you use the coupons, the money will automatically transfer to your InboxDollars account. Online shopping is yet another way in which you can make money. 

A+ rating with Better Business Bureau

It’s always a good sign when a company has positive reviews online, and this is true for InboxDollars. In fact, the Better Business Bureau actually gave them an A+ rating, which is rare. So you can relax and join with peace of mind.

Earn money playing games with Paid Games Program.

When it comes to which is better, Swagbucks vs InboxDollars, something to consider is if you can earn money by playing free games. With InboxDollars, all you have to do is join the Paid Games Program. After that, you can either play games on their website or download sponsored apps directly.

However, be careful because not all of the games are free. Some will charge you for reaching new levels which is pretty lame, even though they claim you’ll get an 18% cash back later on. Seems like a bad deal to me.

Watching videos and online shopping

Active members can also earn money by watching paid videos. Yes, it is one of the best ways of making money.

Another is shopping online from the paid shopping portals, where you earn cashback on each purchase you are making. Companies like Walmart, Amazon, are partnered with up with InboxDollars.

Be rewarded with InboxDollars

User reviews

InboxDollars has gained a huge popularity among it’s users due to their hassle-free way of earning money. Their user-friendly website also receives a lot of worthy praise.

While it may take some time to earn points, they are very transparent through the whole experience.

How you will earn free cash

Redeeming rewards with InboxDollars

When it comes to redeeming your points, InboxDollars has bunch of redemption options. For instance, you can always transfer the money to your PayPal account.

Another approach is that you can cash out through Amazon gift cards, which you can either use for yourself or gift it away.


  • Customer friendly and easy to use – Lots of transparency and no hidden terms or conditions
  • You can earn money directly and not just points
  • Free $5 signup bonus
  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate


  • Payouts take time when you’re earning a few cents at a time.
  • You have to pay $3 if you want your check mailed checks or if you use physical prepaid Visa cards
  • Comes with the risk of third-party sites. For example, InboxDollars often redirects you to third-party survey sites when there are not enough available surveys on their site.


Swagbucks features

Swagbucks logo

Want to know a little more about Swagbucks? Well for one, they belong to the same parent company, Protege. Swagbucks also boasts a great A+ rating from BBB.

Additionally, there are tons of user reviews describing it as one of the best sites for earning extra money in their spare time. Already sounding similar to InboxDollars.

Ways to earn

Swagbucks offers a variety of online activities for you to earn with. Most of the tasks are relatively easy to complete without much mental energy or stress.

The tasks are relatively easy and are not at all stressful. Above all, it’s a big plus how easy the website is to access through apps as well as laptops or desktops. 

You earn points

Unlike InboxDollars, here you will win points or rewards. Once you reach a specific limit, you can then redeem the points for cash or gift cards.

Earn for searching the web

One of the easiest ways to start earning points is to change your default search engine to Swagbucks. By using their search engine you can immediately start earning points. The average amount you can earn is pretty small though, with most folks earning 10-20 SB’s for surfing the web.

Take paid online surveys and paid poll

Another way of earning points is by taking paid surveys and polls. Every day, you’ll be given the opportunity to qualify for short opinion surveys that Swagbucks uses for market research.  

Usually the surveys take around ten to fifteen minutes each to complete. For that effort you will earn about 50-70 SB In addition to survey there are also daily polls to help you earn points.

Swagbucks mobile app

Downloading the Swagbucks ios and android apps can also earn you points. Seriously, it’s pretty easy. All you do is download and install the app and you’ll get a bonus for doing it. Just remember this only happens the first time so didn’t think you can just keep downloading and deletion the app.

Shopping online

Additionally, shopping online can help you earn money for things you’d purchasing anyhow. I wouldn’t recommend you go shopping for things you don’t need just to earn points, but it’s a great perk if you had plans to anyhow.

There are also others apps like Argos, ASOS, eBay, where you can earn SB’s, so it’s always good to check before you buy something, otherwise you could be leaving money on the table.

Refer a friend

Much like most survey companies, the Swagbucks site has a referral program. If you have enough friends sign up as new members through a referral link, you can really start to stack up points.

Not only do you get a 300 SB’s for the referral, you also get a 10% bonus based on your friends earnings.

InboxDollars Vs Swagbucks

SwagButton browser extension

Swagbucks’ SwagButton browser extension is another way by which you can earn points. As a bonus, you get 50 SB’s the first time you install it.

If you download the browser extension, it will notify you about potential ‘Swag Codes’.

Earn using SwagCodes

Swag Codes are code words or phrases, which Swagbucks releases to help generate buzz for their site and help retain users. The extension will send you notifications about the codes, making the whole process really easy.

Earn by playing online games

Alternatively, you can play online games with their mobile app. The way it works is you earn SB points after every game. If you already play a bunch of mobile games, this is probably pretty interesting to you. They also spotlight new mobile games you might be interested in. You can earn about 10SB points on playing one game.

Earn by watching videos online

You can also watch videos to earn Swagbucks points. Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not, but it’s also not super easy. Frequently the option isn’t available, and when it is you only earn a few points for watching a lot of ads.

The actual content also varies; it involves advertisements, news content, and viral clips. Like other Swagbucks activities, you can then redeem the points for gift cards from retailers like Walmart, PayPal, or Amazon.

Earn points and get free gift cards

User reviews

Swagbucks is a well known survey and cash back platform. Users tend to comment on how easy it is to use and navigate. Beyond that you will also hear a lot about the different rewards and redemption options that they offer. It helps make earning money online easier. ,


  • Free sign up – no hassle of signup fees
  • User-friendly app and website
  • Lots of activities so you don’t get bored
  • Many types of rewards and redemptions


  • So many ads in their videos
  • Surveys can be tough to qualify for

Final thoughts on InboxDollars vs Swagbucks

While both InboxDollars and Swagbucks belong to the same parent company, they each have their pros and cons. When we compare InboxDollars vs Swagbucks it’s hard to declare a winner. They are both extremely popular apps with years of operations and an excellent reputation in the market for having quality customer service.  Since they are both free to sign up, we’d recommend you give both a try!

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