MakeSurveyMoney Review: Are They Actually Legit?


Taking surveys online from the comfort of your house is a great way to make extra cash. However, searching for the right website can sometimes be overwhelming.

If you’re interested in knowing more about making money on MakeSurveyMoney, you’re in for a treat! Today, I’m going to provide you with a full MakeSurveyMoney Review to see if the survey panel is legitimate or not. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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About MakeSurveyMoney

There isn’t much information available about the company’s background. However, the website started in late 2015. This means that they haven’t been around for a long time compared to other platforms.

According to its website, the company is owned by Union Street Enterprises Inc., which is a market research and advertising website. There’s plenty of information about the owner, which makes up for the lack of information on MakeSurveyMoney.

It’s a survey panel that pays you to go through several surveys and answer them. You can also click on links and other things. But more about making money on the website later.

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MakeSurveyMoney Features

There’s a lot of ways that you can make money on this survey panel. Let’s have a deeper look at each one of those features.

Easy Registration

To get started on MakeSurveyMoney, you need to register to become a member. The website starts by asking you about your first name and email address. 

The process up till now is easy and has no hiccups or problems. In fact, you can click the ‘Sign up with Facebook’ button for an even quicker process. The website requires you to be above 13 years old to complete the registration process.

You should also know that joining the survey panel is free of charge. This means that you won’t have to pay registration fees as some other survey panels do.

Everything was going great up to this point. But, before you get to finish your registration process, the website gives you multiple surveys and promotional deals. The good news is, these offers and deals are optional, so you can skip them to save some time. 

Once you finalize the sign-up process, the survey panel builds your website by giving you some information to fill. This information helps the website to target the right audience for its promotional deals and surveys.

When you get through all this information, you’ll get access to the website. After that, the website greets you with an instant bonus of $2!

As I mentioned above, the first $2 you’re going to make with this survey panel comes from signing up with them. 

Taking Surveys

Of course, taking surveys is the main way to make money on the website. Once you complete your registration process, you’re going to gain access to the website’s panel.

The first thing you should do is to fill out the profile survey. This short survey gives the website more information about you, so they can send you more surveys.

After that, you can find a list of all the surveys that are available for you to take. You can find how much money you’ll earn for that survey in the same tab. Also, the website will give you an approximate estimation of the time you’ll need to complete.

Surprisingly, MakeSurveyMoney can introduce you to other survey platforms that you can try out.

Reading Email

While signing up, the website asks you if you’d like to receive promotional emails in your inbox. By accepting this, you can get to read emails and make money through it.

However, this isn’t the best way to make money on MakeSurveyMoney. They don’t send many emails per day. Also, you get $0.02 for each email you read.

MakeSurveyMoney Special Features

Here are some of the best features that make this website stands out among the others.

You Can Choose Your Own Method of Payment

There are many ways for the website to pay you. According to the website, you can choose your payment method from the following:

  • Gift cards
  • PayPal
  • Checks via mail

You can set your own payment schedule, which is great compared to other websites. Affiliates can collect their payment within 60 days after they have a balance of $50 or more.

Affiliate Referral Program

In addition to all the previous methods, you can make money by referring others to the website. For every referred member, MakeSurveyMoney gives you up to 15% of all the money they make.

Of course, this doesn’t sound like much. However, if you’re serious about getting enough referrals, this might be your major source of income!

The problem is, you need to make sure that the referred members stay active, which isn’t always guaranteed.

Promotional Offers

MakeSurveyMoney can provide you with promotional offers from other companies. By completing these offers you might make some money depending on the type of offer. 

You must cancel your subscription before the end of the trial. If you forget to cancel them, you may end up paying money for services or products you don’t want.

MakeSurveyMoney Pros and Cons


  • Completely free of charge
  • User-friendly interface with sufficient information about surveys
  • Offers a $2 sign-up bonus
  • Variety of ways to make money
  • You can set your own schedule
  • You can choose your payment method
  • Has an affiliate referral program


  • Takes a long time to complete registration

 Is MakeSurveyMoney Legit?

The short answer is, yes, MakeSurveyMoney is a legitimate survey panel. The service is completely free, as they won’t ask you at any time to pay a subscription fee. 

Although they don’t have an ‘About Us’ tab, they list their parent company clearly on every page of the website. You can find personal details about the owners, which adds to its legitimacy. 

They also offer many ways to make money and they pay you once you’re eligible to request your earnings. Moreover, You can get paid in a variety of ways, including gift cards.

While they don’t pay as much as many sites, you can make a serious case with their affiliate referral program.

Wrapping Up Our MakeSurveyMoney Review

There you have it. A detailed MakeSurveyMoney review that covers information about the panel. 

You now know how to get started with the website and how much money you should expect. As you can see, the website is legitimate and free, so there’s a minimum to no risk in trying it out.

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