MindsPay Review: Can You Even Find It Any More?

These days, many websites and services compete to provide easy money to subscribers. They offer different programs, easy registrations, and many benefits. One of these well-known websites used to be MindsPay.

However, it seems that MindsPay hasn’t been updated in years. And if you go to the MindsPay website, you won’t see its home page.

According to the Wayback Machine, the last MindsPay update was in June 2020. And it appears to have gone offline around December 2020 or so.

So this MindsPay review is based upon historical information, from when the website was up and running.

Why the MindsPay review if the website no longer exists?

We don’t know if this is a one-time issue, a systemic problem, or a permanent closure. Perhaps the market research company behind MindsPay has hit some recent trouble and has taken the website offline until it can resolve its issues.

Not only did you get a chance to earn money through product reviews and completing online surveys, MindsPay’s referral program was very lucrative.

But a lot of people still try to research MindsPay, and many of the top review websites keep talking about what MindsPay used to offer. So this article exists to provide an honest MindsPay review in the hopes that it comes back. Some day.

Where was MindsPay located?

When it was operational, MindsPay was based in Michigan. According to its Better Business Bureau profile, its address was: 2885 Sanford Ave SW # 14119, Grandville, MI 49418-1342

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How MindsPay Worked

Before we start listing out the important features of MindsPay, let’s take some time to point out how it worked.

First of all, you need to register with a valid email address, which you’ll need to confirm later. Then, once you’ve verified your email address, MindsPay would ask you questions to get an idea about your interests. These questions would include requests for personal information and background questions about your personal experiences.

Once you completed the registration process and MindsPay obtained your basic information, it would start sending survey offers or services based on the data you’ve entered.

After you’ve completed a survey, MindsPay would offer a variety of payment options, based upon your preferred payment method.

MindsPay home page

MindsPay General Features

Looking online, you might come across similar sites that offered the same kinds of surveys MindsPay offered. As far as survey panel sites went, there were some unique features that compelled people to become a MindsPay member.

Easy and Free Registry

Creating a MindsPay account was fast and easy. It was free, and you did not need to provide credit card information to start earning money.

The only drawback was that a MindsPay account was limited to U.S. residents. Also, members had to be 18 years of age or older, as your date of birth was checked during the verification process.

Various Opportunities

Probably the best feature about MindsPay was the variety of different programs you can choose from. Regardless of your preference, there was a good opportunity for you to earn a little extra cash without having to put a lot of time or effort into it.

We list our favorite opportunities below.

Paid Trial Offers

MindsPay would offer you to pay you to try out a service and write a review. The way it worked is that you would subscribe to a service, which MindsPay would reimburse you for. At the end of the trial period, you would complete surveys related to the service you just used.

The downside was that you would have to be careful to cancel the registration if you were not willing to keep using it. Because your membership would be automatically renewed even after you completed your product trial.

Product Trials

MindsPay used to pay people to review products. Here’s how their product review program worked.

You would receive free trials of a product, use it, and give your feedback. This product could be an app, a consumer good, or a service.

After you tested this product, you would complete surveys. Once approved, MindsPay would send you the money via PayPal.

Referral Programs

This was probably MindsPay most noteworthy option. MindsPay would send you money for referring new members to its website. 

In its heydey, you can make up to 20% of the referral’s earnings.

Reading Emails

Now, this is another way to make a little extra. You would earn a few cents in exchange for your email-reading.

It might not seem like much money. But for a simple task, every little bit would help.

Membership Bonuses

MindsPay would offer membership bonuses just for signing up. Not much, but enough to keep members interested, and those friend referrals coming.

Drawbacks and Concerns

There were a few drawbacks about joining MindsPay.

Not Mobile Friendly. The surveys wouldn’t work very well on a smartphone or a mobile device. MindsPay would recommend using Internet Explorer for the best experience. Nowadays, that’s not even a realistic option for most US residents.

Long time between paid offers. Some people complained that it took too long before they started receiving online offers that interested them.

Lengthy verification process. It would take some time before your surveys got checked and credited to your account. Therefore, many people complained about the delay in reaching their minimum payout.

Why People Tried MindsPay

We’ve come up with a few points why MindsPay was unique as a service and as a way to work from home.

PayPal Cash Rewards

This is the first reason that makes MindsPay stand out, especially for US residents. Other services might reward you by sending you gift cards to partner companies.

MindsPay would send you PayPal cash in $50 multiples. Unlike Panda Research, MindsPay used to be punctual in their payouts. They would pay on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Good Choice For A Busy Person

MindsPay would be a best bet for people with a busy schedule. By completing 15-minute surveys that could take 15 minutes at most, people could earn money without taking up too much time.

Fun and Easy

People used to talk about MindsPay being user friendly, with lots of paid offers for testing free products, participating in free trials, and taking MindsPay surveys. Despite the negative reviews on the BBB website, there were people who liked being a MindsPay member.

Wrapping Up Our MindsPay Review

Was MindsPay legit? Yes, MindsPay used to be a legitimate market research company and product testing website. Unfortunately, MindsPay is no longer around.

But if you’re looking for different companies that pay handsomely, you can go to our list of top recommendations for paid survey sites.

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