MindsPay Review: Is It Worth Your Time?


These days, many websites and services compete to provide easy money to subscribers. They offer different programs, easy registrations, and many benefits. One of these well-known websites is MindsPay.

Based in Michigan, US, MindsPay has become a favorite of many users. This is due to its free sign-up and various money-making opportunities.

Simply put, MindsPay gives you a chance to make some cash just by giving your opinion on a certain product or service. Sounds interesting, right? 

Well, we’re here to help you decide if your time is worth investing in this website’s surveys and reviews. Let’s start our honest Mindspay review!


How MindsPay Works

Before we start listing out the important features of MindsPay, let’s take some time to point out how it works.

First of all, you need to register with a valid email address, which you’ll need to confirm later. Then, once you’ve verified your email address, MindsPay starts asking you questions to get an idea about your interests.

Once MindsPay has all the information about you, it starts sending paid offers or services based on the data you’ve entered.

After you’ve completed a survey, MindsPay compensates for your time in many ways of your choosing.

Now, this has been a summary of how MindsPay generally works. Let’s dive deeper into its features, and uncover the opportunities waiting for you to grasp them.

MindsPay Homepage

MindsPay General Features

You can find plenty of ways to work from home for some extra money. Nevertheless, the following features might make you consider MindsPay instead of any other option.

Easy and Free Registry

As we’ve pointed out, creating a MindsPay account is fast and easy. Add to this that it’s also free.

The only drawback here is that a MindsPay account is limited to US residents. In addition to that, your age has to be past 18.

Various Opportunities

What’s probably the greatest thing about MindsPay, is the different ways and programs you can choose from.

We list our favorite opportunities below.

Paid Trial Offers

When you choose this, it means that MindsPay offers you a service to try out and review. Some people might be skeptical because they have to pay for this service to start their trial.

But no worries. Later, MindsPay pays you for using the service and completing surveys related to it.

However, you should be careful to cancel the registration for this service if you’re not willing to keep using it. Because your membership will be automatically renewed even after you’ve completed your trial.

Product Testing

If you choose Product Testing, MindsPay will send you a product based on your preferences to try and review. This product could be an app, a service, etc.

After you’ve tested this product, you complete surveys on it that might take 10 to 15 minutes. Eventually, MindsPay sends you the money via PayPal.

Referral Programs

This is another noteworthy option. MindsPay will send you money if you refer new members to its website. 

You can make up to 10% of the earnings they bring!

Reading Emails

Now, this is another way to make small money. You can make a few cents in exchange for your email-reading.

It might not seem like much money. But, you can be surprised by how it could grow the more time you invest in it.

Membership Bonuses

You might feel encouraged by the bonus rewards you get for just being a member.

For instance, you get a few dollars when you create an account.

Later on, you can get free samples and coupons for your membership.

Drawbacks and Concerns

There are a few things you should consider before joining MindsPay.

First of all, the surveys don’t work very well on a smartphone or a Mac product. MindsPay recommends using Internet Explorer for the best experience. 

Also, some people complained that it took too long before they started receiving offers that interested them. So you might want to have more patience.

Another drawback is that it might take some time before your surveys get checked and credited. Therefore, many people complained about the delay in rewards.

What Makes MindsPay Worth Trying

We’ve come up with a few points why MindsPay is unique as a service and as a way to work from home.

  1. PayPal Cash Rewards

This is the first reason that makes MindsPay stand out. Other services might reward you by sending you gift cards to partner companies.

This is not the case here. MindsPay will compensate your time and money by sending you PayPal cash in $50 multiples.

Also, they’re punctual when it comes to sending money. They pay on the 1st and 15th of each month.

  1. Good Choice For A Busy Person

If you have a crowded schedule, and no time for a part-time job, this could be your best bet. By completing surveys that could take 15 minutes at most, you wouldn’t have to waste precious time.

So, MindsPay is an effective way to make some additional money without having you worry about your busy schedule.

  1. Fun and Easy

If you’re a person who loves trying new products every now and then, you should have so much fun using MindsPay.

Aside from getting paid for your opinion, you might enjoy the whole experience. For some people, this could get them out of periods of boredom. Also, it’s a great and easy way to fill up your spare time.

Wrapping Up Our MindsPay Review

There’s no denying that working from home has become as easy as never before. This is why we suggest that you try MindsPay.

By reviewing products and services, you can make fast money. In addition to that, you’d have the liberty to use this money however you wish. You can pay some of your bills, buy online products, and more.

Also, it’s easy to use and quick to take handle of. Another reason why we like MindsPay is that the reviews you write rarely get disqualified.  After reading all these impressive reasons, you might want to give it a shot.

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