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How does earning cash, air-miles, and gift cards for completing paid online surveys? If you're looking to improve your personal finances, it’s a great side hustle. You can make money and shop at your favorite stores for a small time investment. 

However, there’s tons of reward sites out there. It’s tough to navigate through them all to find the diamonds in the ruff. That’s why today we’re going to help guide you with our MyPoints review.

You’ll learn if they’re a legitimate site you can trust, what rewards are available, and how to get started yourself.

​What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a popular rewards website that allows you to earn rewards for doing various tasks. They are headquartered out of San Francisco, California and have been in business for over 22 years.

While using their platform, you can expect to be taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading mobile games. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.

Consider this: instead of scrolling through social media or playing CandyCrush while you’re bored, you could be doing quick activities that will earn you money over time instead.

Is MyPoints legitimate?

MyPoints isn't a scam.  They've been around for over 22 years and offer a robust platform for earning and redeeming gift cards and rewards.  

With that being said, MyPoints has no rating on the Better Business Bureau website and has not been accredited despite being in business for 22 years. Not every company needs to be on the BBB website, but it’s always a good indicator of their history.

They are required to have a consistent track record of good customer service, transparency, and honesty if they wish to be accredited.

mypoints bbb

Despite this, let’s take a look at some TrustPilot user reviews to see what people are saying about their first-hand experiences.

A very recent 4/5 star review states that they found it easy to earn points everyday that add up to a substantial amount. They also enjoyed that it didn’t take a big time commitment to do surveys or watch videos, making it a convenient way to get gift cards.

Lastly, the user found that shopping to earn points was the most fun way to use the platform.

However, there are also some negative MyPoints reviews that we found. This user claims that they have been using the website for years without issues, but have suddenly become suspended without any further explanation.

Despite reaching out to their customer service team, they have yet to receive a response.

While user reports provide great insight, nothing beats trying the website out yourself. In the next section, you’ll learn how to get started earning on MyPoints and how to navigate their platform.

Getting started on MyPoints surveys

Head to the homepage of MyPoints and sign up from the top right corner. You will be required to register with your name, email address, gender, date of birth, and zip code.

Once you’ve registered, the website is straight to the point. The navigation consists of the various activities you can do, and the rewards section can be found in the top right, as well.

mypoints walmart

How does MyPoints work?

MyPoints works much like other survey sites, in that there are numerous ways you can begin earning points to redeem for rewards later.

Earn MyPoints points perks for taking surveys

The first of which, as you could guess, is surveys. You can expect to earn roughly 50 to 100 points per survey, roughly 50 cents. They surveys are what you'd expect.  You read an email and then answer some questions about different products and services.

Several user reports we’ve read claimed that it’s common to get disqualified. Like most reward websites, you have to complete a quick questionnaire before you begin, which determines if you qualify or not. This is completely dependent on demographics and what surveys MyPoints has available.

You may disqualify a lot during one week, but find that you’re flooded with options the next. You’re still awarded 10 points even if you aren’t qualified for the survey, meaning you won’t waste your time, though.

Make money by watching videos

Secondly, you can earn points by watching videos. Unlike other platforms that force you to watch boring ads, MyPoints features a variety of topics to choose from, including: 

  • Food

  • Health

  • Home and garden

  • News

  • Travel

  • Health and wellness

Imagine being able to kick back, watch some fun videos, and be on your way to having a gift card in your hands because of it. To make it even more convenient and to rack up your points faster, MyPoints places the videos into playlists.

These combine a lot of the same content and autoplays it so you don’t have to manually find videos.

Play MyPoints games for points

Do you enjoy playing mobile games? Would you like getting paid to play them? That can be a reality. If you navigate to the games section, you can play games like Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and Scrabble to earn points. There are also casino style games, including poker and slots.

Earn points by comparing travel deals

Are you traveller? Do you get excited about visiting other countries and learning about their cultures? Then this next part is for you, because you can earn points by comparing travel deals. This is very similar to travel miles and unique to MyPoints.

We’ve yet to see a reward website offer this system. You can also compare car rentals, hotels, and vacation packages.

Get rewarded for shopping

One last question: do you shop online?  Would you like it if you could earn points, and money or gift cards as a reward for shopping? MyPoints gives you points for buying from stores like Home Depot, QVC, Gillette, and others.

Now, here’s something interesting. It’s not just online. If you upload your receipt from a physical purchase, you can earn points that way, too!

Using MyPoints coupons

Similarly, the coupon section offers discount codes you can to save money off of your favorite brands as a result of being a part MyPoints.

Besides these, you can also refer friends to MyPoints and you’ll be given 25 points for every successful registration. Imagine you posted the link on social media to your hundreds or thousands of connections. That could result in just as many points being awarded to your account!

How to redeem with MyPoints 

Redeeming your MyPoints is easy.  You only need a minimum of 480 points, which equals $3.  With a broad selection of gift cards and rewards available, you shouldn't have a hard time finding something that suits you.  Options include  gift cards for Amazon, JC Penny, and Barnes & Noble. You can also exchange your points for PayPal deposits, but they only offer amounts of $25. 

How much MyPoints are worth

How much your MyPoints are worth can very depending on what you are redeeming for.  If you are looking to earn an Amazon gift card worth $3, it'll cost 480 MyPoints.  But if you're interested in a $25 gift card to Chili's, it'll take 3,970 MyPoints.  Their most expensive rewards are for Delta and American airlines.  You can earn a $500 gift card for them for around 15,800 points.

MyPoints mobile app

The MyPoints mobile app "The Daily Scoop" is a convenient way to earn points while you go throughout your day. Otherwise, you’d have to continually log in through a browser.  It's available for use on Android and IOS smartphones.  

mypoints mobile app

Pros of using MyPoints

Every platform has advantages and disadvantages. These are would we believe to be some of the top benefits of using MyPoints:

  1. Refer a friend program: You can easily generate points by sending friends your referral link and having them sign up.

  2. Plenty of activities: Unlike standard survey websites, MyPoints allows you to gain points through playing games, watching videos, and shopping. This variety keeps the process more fun, making you more dedicated to it in the long term.

  3. Mobile app: Their mobile ap​​​​​​​​​p is a convenient way to earn points while you go throughout your day. Otherwise, you’d have to continually log in through a browser.

Cons of using MyPoints

As much as we’d love to only talk about the good, there are some drawbacks to using MyPoints. These include:

  1. Lack of rewards: Don’t get us wrong, they have good rewards. However, there isn’t much to choose from besides gift cards, PayPal, and air miles. You won’t be able to win any electronics, vacations, or big prizes that we’ve seen present on other reward sites.
  2. Low points per activity: Activities tend to generate very little points, and seeing as rewards need to be redeemed for thousands, you’re going to spend a generous amount of time to earn anything.
  3. Lack of customer service: One common user complaint we saw in several reviews was the lack of customer service that MyPoints offers. This tends to be a pattern we’ve noticed, and should be acknowledged if using their platform.

Sites like MyPoints

If you're looking for other sites like MyPoints, we'd recommend checking out these survey and rewards sites

Concluding our MyPoints review

MyPoints isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. What we did like was that they offer a referral program to bring friends in and to earn points at the same time. There’s also a huge variety of activities to keep you from getting bored taking survey after survey like other similar sites. The mobile app is another way they stand out.

On the flip side, it is slightly difficult to earn points as activities don’t net you many on completion. Most rewards, which there isn’t many of to begin with, take thousands to redeem. This results in you spending more time to get gift cards, cash, etc. The lack of customer service is also disheartening. What if you need help with a bug or have a question? It unfortunately might not be resolved.

If you’re interested in air miles specially or want to add a rewards website to your hit list for the week, MyPoints is not a bad choice, but we wouldn’t recommend them to be your main choice.

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