Opinion City Review: Not A Scam Site, But Not Excellent

It’s hard to write this Opinion City review because there’s not much public information on the company. In fact, I was able to glean most of this information from Opinion City reviews posted by other personal finance websites. And that should be the first red flag for anyone looking to earn money by taking surveys in their spare time.

Which is a shame. After all, the promise of making money online is extremely common. Every shady pop-up offers to help you “Make Money At Home In Five Seconds!” But is this really a good way to make real money?

Nothing appears to be better than an effortless way to make money. This is also how a scam site looks for their next victim.

So when you see a site like Opinion City, it’s easy to be suspicious. There are a lot of big red flags to be aware of.

Hop aboard! In our Opinion City website review we’ll be giving this company a full review. As much as we can, anyway.

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What’s Opinion City?

To put it simply, Opinion City is a messenger. It’s a go-between for members to choose between the best survey sites out there.

Opinion City is a virtual platform that connects you to research marketing platforms. These research marketing platforms care about consumer trends. These legit survey platforms are also interested in what you have to say as a consumer. 

As a survey aggregator, you won’t be earning money from Opinion City directly. Opinion City serves to connects you with other survey websites that’ll pay you directly.

And this is also why it’s ultimately so useful. It serves to sift through fake content published by the shady scam websites so you’re only working with legit survey sites.

You need zero work experience, no CVs, and no references. Giving your honest opinion is all that matters. 

opinioncity homepage

How Does Opinion City Work?

That’s a great question. And one that I can’t really answer in detail without explaining how affiliate marketing works.

There’s no about page on Opinion City’s website. There’s no real information. It’s just a series of posts with links to other popular survey sites. But it’s your responsibility to weed out the good websites from the type of sites that make you cringe.

If you know what you’re doing, perhaps there’s some useful information. But if you’re a newbie who’s just trusting this to filter out scam sites, it’s hard to take their word for it.

What’s with the whole affiliate marketing thing?

The concept of affiliate marketing has existed before the rise of the Internet.

It goes like this:

  • Advertise my product
  • Someone buys through your advertisement
  • I give you a commission. This commission comes at no cost to the customer.

With the advent of the Internet, this concept has grown exponentially. Here’s how it works online.

Let’s imagine you are writing an article on your website like this one. It might be a product review. Just like this one.

When you write about the product, you might insert what’s known as an affiliate link. That affiliate link will take you to a place on the product’s website where you perform a certain action.

That action might be buying the product that was reviewed. Or, in the case of Opinion City, it’s signing up as a survey participant. When you do this, the original website owner collects a commission.

Opinion City’s affiliate marketing model

Opinion City works by making its money through affiliate marketing. In essence, they act as an affiliate site, or middle-man. Just like a lot of other personal finance websites. So, as a middle-man, you post an article with a link to say, Panda Research.

When Panda Research’s new members come through on the liIf the middle-man delivers something successfully, they receive a small commission.

By successfully connecting you to survey panels, Opinion City receives a small commission at no extra cost to the user. 

Affiliate marketing is now a largely-used business model, especially in the online world. You’ve probably been on the buying side of it once or twice, and you didn’t even know. 

Does Opinion City Work?

Opinion City’s main appeal lies in its promise for you. Can it really pay you $500 a week just to answer online surveys? According to one of its articles, the writer made $100 in an hour by filling out surveys on two sites: InboxPays and Panda Research.

Of course, that was from an article posted in December 2020, so things might have changed since then.

Here’s the short answer: The results vary. And it’s useful to watch out for red flags. Let’s go back to Panda Research

Panda Research is a marketing research company that has had a long history of issues regarding payments. Many of the website’s members reported not being paid on multiple occasions. That’s a big red flag.

And this compromises the Opinion City claims as a middle-man. If you’re middle-man isn’t trustworthy, then you might as well do the work yourself.

Is Opinion City Legit?

“So it’s not a legit website?” No, it’s a legit website. By no means is Opinion City a scam. However, it doesn’t deliver on the promises it makes. 

This puts Opinion City in an awkward position. Don’t expect to make too much money from the survey opportunities that Opinion City leads you to.

At least, not opportunities you couldn’t explore on your own.

Areas of concern

Okay, so you’ve decided that you need the extra cash. Here’s something you need to keep in mind when using Opinion City. 

Sharing Your Email Address

When this article was first written, you would sign up for Opinion City and be asked to enter your email address. Opinion City wouldn’t just ask you for your email address to send weekly newsletters or offers. They would share it with other websites. 

Now, the email opt-in is pretty well hidden. But it’s still there.

On Opinion City’s website, it’s stated: “We allow third-party companies to collect certain information when you visit our web site or within our email newsletters.” In other words, you’re definitely giving personal information to third parties, even if you don’t fill out the contact form.

So if you check your emails later and find it full of ads, don’t be surprised. This is likely just another marketing strategy for Opinion City to make money. 

No Real Owner

If you go to the website, you’ll just find the archive of articles with affiliate links. I guess that’s better than what Opinion City’s site used to have. Here’s the run down of what used to exist on the site.

The first thing that’ll welcome you is an image of Alyssa. She’s a self-described “consumer trend investigator” who explains what the site does in a quick paragraph. 

Now, go to Google Images. Upload Alyssa’s images. Surprise, surprise! The photo of the pretty, smiling blonde is actually……a stock image.

One place I found Alyssa No-Last-Name is a Palm Springs casting agency. A model? Who knows. Alyssa No-Last-Name’s other occupations also include “savvy lawyer” and “SEO specialist”.

No, Alyssa isn’t an extremely intelligent multi-tasker who’s well-versed both in law and marketing. She’s probably just a stock photo model, not the owner of this online business.

But what’s missing is any information that would lead you to believe that Opinion City is a legit company.

False Promises

Nobody likes to be let down, including me. So when I see that Opinion City has full five-star reviews on all of its included paid survey websites, I become a bit skeptical. 

I’m even more skeptical when I see the pay range of the survey websites.

$5 dollars? Maybe. $75 to complete a survey? It doesn’t seem possible.

Getting paid $1000 for watching a video? Now we’re in dream-land.

Pros and Cons of Opinion City



  • The owner of Opinion City is unknown
  • Opinion City shares your email with other websites
  • Some survey websites that are featured on Opinion City are questionable

Wrapping Up Our Opinion City Review

So, for the final verdict, did our Opinion City review find them to be worth your time? Probably not.

It’s certainly not sufficient to bring on a full-time income online. It’s also not enough for bringing in any satisfying income at all. At most, you could use it to get some pocket money while you try your hand at some other online jobs.

But most likely, you’ll be better off looking for real survey companies yourself. There are a lot of survey sites to choose from, where you can answer surveys and collect daily income.

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