Opinion Inn Review – Good But Not Quite Great (2022)

Every Opinion Inn Review that I read appears to sing its praises. This is not one of those reviews.

Nowadays, many people tend to take online surveys to earn a little extra money in their spare time. There are numerous websites where you can complete surveys in exchange for cash rewards.

The Opinion Inn website is one such online survey platform that we’ll take a closer look at in this review.

Opinion Inn Logo

What Exactly Is Opinion Inn?

Opinion Inn is a market research company that specializes in online surveys. Opinion Inn appears to be a legit survey site, and boasts one of the “highest incentive models” in the industry. According to Opinion Inn’s website, a survey payout, known as a project, ranges from 50 cents to $100.

Unlike other sites like Swagbucks, Opinion Inn focuses operates only as a paid survey site, and doesn’t offer other earning opportunities.

How does Opinion Inn Work?

Does it sound exciting to be paid to complete a survey? Of course it sounds exciting! And Opinion Inn appears to be the right place to get a good head start on getting a little extra cash.

According to Opinion Inn’s site, the more surveys you answer, the more money that will accumulate up in your account. And just for signing up as a member of an Opinion Inn panel, Opinion Inn offers a $10 signup bonus. That all sounds great!

Just like the big survey sites. But something seems a little off. Let’s take a closer look.

Opinion Inn-Why Join Us

Let’s take a look at what should be Opinion Inn’s most attractive page: “Why Join Us.” There are some things about this page that would probably turn off someone born in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Opinion Inn's 'highest incentive model' and 'normal project ranges' appear to be a tad off
There’s just enough broken English here to make me skeptical about Opinion Inn

Free to Sign Up

This is good, and not asking for bank details is one sign of a legit survey site. Of course, that doesn’t mean that saying this warrants trust.

Signup Bonus

$10 sign up bonus. That’s great. Until you realize that the minimum payout is $25.

Highest Incentive Models

This is where I started to wonder whether this website was written by (or for) native English speakers. Phrases such as,

  • Be paid for your feedback on various products or services for which we will be sending you invitations, or
  • The incentives for a normal project ranges from $.50 to $100

That doesn’t instill confidence in me. Even if this isn’t a scam, it sounds like copy that was written by a Nigerian prince.

Lucky Draw

Your opportunity to participate in a monthly drawing of $500 as long as you are an active member and have attempted a certain number of surveys.

Payment Mode

Cites a variety of payment modes by which you can “redeem your incentives.” The only thing I saw was PayPal. No Amazon or Walmart gift cards here.

Pre-Launch Test

Appears to be information alluding to the opportunity to test various products before they go to market.

Giving Back to the Society

Again, probably not something a native English speaker would say. Nor would they say, “We encourage our respondents to extend their support by offering a part of their incentive to NGOs…” 

All indications are that an average respondent can expect to receive around $1 to $5 per survey. And since availability of surveys appears to be a common complaint, there probably isn’t enough money to go around.

24*7 Panelist Support Team

That’s good. Of course, every website review that I read indicates customer service is one of Opinion Inn’s weak points.

Other red flags

Beyond this page, here were some other observations I made:

High payout threshold

Before you can withdraw anything, you need to reach a minimum of $25. This is much higher than many other survey sites, like Survey Junkie.

No mobile app

This is one of the few online survey sites I’ve seen that doesn’t offer a mobile app. And for people who are completing surveys in their free time (like in the grocery store checkout line), no amount of money is going to make it worthwhile.

Make an app. Put it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Social Media presence?

Opinion Inn appears to have a Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. So I checked both of them out.

Opinion Inn has limited social media options.
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Opinion Inn’s LinkedIn profile

I was intrigued by a survey site having a LinkedIn profile. But it didn’t really have anything snazzy (not that I expected it to). There were two things that stood out:

  1. “Join The Worlds Most Rewarding And Elite Panel of Respondents!”  This was the only statement, call to action, or description on their LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Melbourne, Victoria. 

So they’re based in Australia! That explains some of the English. But not really. So I went to their Facebook profile.

Opinion Inn’s Facebook profile

It appears that their Facebook profile is updated fairly regularly. And it shows that the headquarters of Opinion Inn is in Melbourne, Australia.

Oh, and that one of their content managers is based in India. That starts to make sense.

This website isn’t really focused on the United States at all.

But that’s weird, because they’re running posts as if they’re in the United States. Like this one:

Opinion Inn is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Opinion Inn New York?

So that begs a whole slew of questions, not addressed on their FAQ page. Such as:

  • What type of dollars are you paying out? Australian or American?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What is your currency exchange?
  • And who is the Orchid Online Research LTD. or Orchidea Research?

If I haven’t scared you off yet, then I guess we should just go through the rest of the review.

Do You Qualify for the Surveys?

You don’t need to be an expert to take those surveys, you just give your honest opinion. Allegedly. I don’t know, because I’m never signing up.

It all depends on the survey. For example, some companies may be targeting a certain demographic group of people. Others may target a particular age group. 

That’s why Opinion Inn will ask you several questions in order to determine and match you to the surveys that are looking for your answers. The more questions you answer about yourself, the more surveys you’ll find available to you. 

But I’ve heard that:

  • Survey opportunities are pretty rare
  • The payout seems good, but the number of questions that you have to answer is pretty high
  • Paypal is the only kind of payment available
  • There’s no referral program

What Makes Opinion Inn Different Than Other Survey Platforms?

Other than what I just described, probably not much. They offer to pay a lot more. But they probably need to.

Most of Opinion Inn’s strengths are the big money incentives they offer. They offer the highest paying incentives across all other survey panels. 

Opinion Inn Review
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Sign-Up Reward 

To start off, their sign up process is free. Some other survey sites require a little sum of money for you to start your journey of answering different surveys.

Not only do you not pay anything, but you also get a $10 reward for joining Opinion Inn. This will help you reach the $25 mark, which is the minimum amount you can withdraw from your account. 

Not much money, and not much of a selling point.

From 50 Cents to 5 Dollars 

This appears to be more money than you would make at another survey panel. Most only offer you pennies for really long surveys.

How much you’re going to get paid depends on the complexity and length, among other factors of the survey. Basically, your incentive is to hurry up and move on to the next survey.

The Lottery 

Every month, there is a draw for all active members of the site, the prize money being $500.

The condition to be part of the draw is to have partaken in at least 5 surveys in that month. The winners are displayed on every 7th of each month on the portal. 

Their broken English, not mine.


Paypal is an international payment service that’s secure and easy to use. This method is available at Opinion inn and is preferred by users because of its international availability.

When you start taking surveys, the money will be transferred to your account. You can redeem it using a PayPal account at any time. 

Wrapping up our Opinion Inn Review

It doesn’t appear that Opinion Inn is the best way to earn money in your free time. It probably wouldn’t make it on my top 10 list of best sites to earn money. But I think it’s a legit site that has some bugs to work out.

If you’re going to try it out, you might as well click the affiliate link below.

Try Opinion Inn Free

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