Opinion Inn Review – Good But Not Quite Great (2021)


Nowadays, many people tend to take online surveys to boost their monthly income a little bit. There are numerous websites that pay you to take these surveys online. In this Opinion Inn review, we look at one such site.

Opinion Inn offers many incentives for the users like the ones that we’re going to get to know. 

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Who Exactly Is Opinion Inn?

It sounds exciting to get paid to complete a survey? The more surveys you answer, the more money that will accumulate up in your account. Before you can withdraw anything, you need to reach a minimum of $25. 

Like we said, Opinion Inn is a market research company that uses paid survey sites. To understand more about the purpose of these surveys and what they do, we need to know who the clients of Opinion Inn are.

Opinion Inn Review

Opinion Inn’s Clients 

Any big or rising company cares tremendously about the opinion of its customers. The easiest way to collect feedback from customers is by having them fill out surveys. However, this method could be a little risky because the responder may not be entirely truthful with their responses. 

That’s where Opinion Inn comes in. The site goes through several measures to deliver the most truthful responses from the users. They do that by asking you questions about yourself, which are kept confidential by the way. The reason for those questions is to give you the surveys that you’d be most knowledgable about, and thus, will answer genuinely. 

Information from your survey and all the other surveys in Opinion Inn are sent to the company in question. Then, the companies will adjust their products or services offered according to the responses they got. 

Do You Qualify for the Surveys?

You don’t need to be an expert to take those surveys, you just give your honest opinion. It all depends on the survey. For example, some companies may be targeting a certain demographic group of people. Others may target a particular age group. 

That’s why Opinion Inn will ask you several questions in order to determine and match you to the surveys that are looking for your answers. The more questions you answer about yourself, the more surveys you’ll find available to you. 

What Makes Opinion Inn Different Than Other Survey Platforms?

Most people, if not all, want to earn money. Most of Opinion Inn’s strengths are the big money incentives they offer. They offer the highest paying incentives across all other survey panels. 

Opinion Inn Review

Sign-Up Reward 

To start off, their sign up process is free. Some other survey sites require a little sum of money for you to start your journey of answering different surveys. Not only do you not pay anything, but you also get a $10 reward for joining Opinion Inn. These $10 will help you reach the $25 mark, which is the minimum amount you can withdraw from your account. 

From 50 Cents to 5 Dollars 

This a big upgrade from other paid online survey platforms. Most only offer you cents for really long surveys. How much you’re going to get paid depends on the complexity and length, among other factors of the survey. 

The Lottery 

Every month, there is a draw for all active members of the site, the prize money being $500. The condition to be part of the draw is to have partaken in at least 5 surveys in that month. The winners are displayed on every 7th of each month on the portal. 


Paypal is an international payment service that’s secure and easy to use. This method is available at Opinion inn and is preferred by users because of its international availability.

When you start taking surveys, the money will be transferred to your account. You can redeem it using a PayPal account at any time.  

Opinion Inn Review

Help Available All the Time 

The online support staff is available 24/7 for those in the USA and all over the world. That means you could take your surveys anywhere and anytime. 

Pre-Launch Test 

Before companies release their products, you may be asked to try them out. After trying them out you’re going to give your opinion about them. So not only do you get money, but you could also get free products. 

Benefits Society 

There is an option with Opinion Inn where you could choose to give part of your earnings to society. Opinion Inn is associated with NGOs scattered all around the world. Everyone at Opinion Inn could participate in helping these NGOs. This is totally optional and you won’t be forced to give up some of the money. 

Wrapping up our Opinion Inn Review

For those who have some free time or people who’d like to earn a few dollars on the side, this is a suitable site for doing so. You also influence the decisions and actions of big multi-million dollar companies and other small businesses. All in all, you really have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. 

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