Panel Bucks Review: What You Need to Know, Now (2021)


Making money online has been the promise of so many websites and corporations, and for a good reason, too. It’s a dream life. 

You can work from anywhere, be it your bed, a local cafe or a hotel on the other side of the world. Moreover, you have freedom over your hours. 

Panelbucks is just another one of those websites promising a lot and offering little. I’m writing this Panel Bucks review in an attempt to outline the pros and cons. 

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What is Panel Bucks?

For first-timers, Panelbucks is a survey platform offering you money for answering some simple survey questions. It’s not a unique idea. In fact, there are many like it. 

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What’s In It For You? 

These programs give you the task of visiting a website or trying out a product and then giving out your feedback. In return, you get paid either in cash or with some sort of reward. Each survey program has different rates and payment methods. 

The basic idea here is the more survey websites you join, the more survey questionnaires you get. Hence, the more money you make. 

It’s a great job for a stay at home parent or a student with little time on their hands. 

How does Panel Bucks Work? 

Panel Bucks collects and displays different survey programs on its website. It encourages users to sign up for as many programs as possible in the promise of a bigger income. 

Some of these programs are Cash from Home, Ipsos Panel, Product Testing US: iPhone X, Swagbucks Survey, Opinion Plus, Opinion Bureau, iSurvey World, Mindfield Online Panel and Pinecone Research. 

How to Join Panel bucks? 

The sign-up is a pretty simple process. You click on the subscribe button and start filling your details. 

However, the catch is Panelbucks is only available in 4 countries, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. It’s not surprising as most CPA networks will only pay for questionnaires from these countries. 

After signing up, here’s where it gets tricky. The website turns into some sort of search engine in which every click earns them a commission. 

Special Features of Panel Bucks

The website makes a lot of big claims including that you can earn up to 75 dollars in a survey and 150 dollars in a focus group. However, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Anyone in the field of online jobs knows that this is simply impossible. Surveys pay in cents rather than dollars, let alone tens of dollars. 

Moreover, Panelbucks poses as a website with many advantages, a few of which are a survey aggregator, a signing bonus and user support. I’ll try to breakdown how these alleged advantages work. 

Survey Sites

For starters, the list is small, featuring only 10 websites or so. You can easily find more with a simple Google search. So for a survey aggregator, Panel Bucks doesn’t seem very impressive. 

Secondly, and for the main problem, some of the sites it promotes aren’t even legitimate or useful. It promotes iSurvey World and Survey Club, both of which are other survey aggregators and not direct survey platforms. 

Panel Bucks also seems to direct the users to many phishing URLs which are frequently blocked by antivirus software. That is if you’re lucky enough to have a good one.  Therefore, instead of Panel Buck making the process easier, it just makes it longer and more cumbersome. 

A $25 Signing Bonus

Wow, sounds unreal, right? Well, it’s because it is. Here’s the ruse. It’s not a signing bonus. It’s a signing bonus “opportunity”. If you’re a regular on this kind of website, you know this one word makes all the difference. 

My doubts were later confirmed when I read the fine print at the end of the page.

It reads as follows:

“The $25.00 bonus opportunity can be awarded and paid by the survey/reward companies that are listed on our website. Some of the survey/reward companies offer a $5.00 bonus for joining their website. Each company has its own set of rules on how to earn and to receive payment of the bonus. We do not personally pay out our users/subscribers we simply provide you with these companies.”

User Support and Community

I haven’t personally contacted customer service. I have, however, read many reviews, all of which were boiling down to more or less the same point. Customer support doesn’t even get back to you. 

As for their Facebook so-called “community” group, it’s, once more, just a promotional channel. It doesn’t offer any form of support or answer any questions. 


It could act as a good reference for first-timers as well as pros in the field. If you pay attention to your steps and install good antivirus software, you can benefit from what Panel Bucks has to offer.  It’s a comprehensive redirecting to some good survey sites. From which, you can attain a good income. 


Well, everything else.  First, the overinflated claims come across as just a way to lure in users so they can get higher commissions. And dishonesty is certainly a dealbreaker. 

Second, the user interface isn’t very smooth with many pages coming up some of which are phishing URLs and other survey aggregators. This could do more harm than good. Damage can range from just wasting your time to having a virus installed, destroying your data or completely shutting off your computer. 

Wrapping Up Our Panel Bucks Review

This wasn’t a tough decision to reach. The cons greatly outweigh the pros, which makes me inclined to not recommend Panel Bucks. 

However, if you go in with the right mindset, you can get some benefit out of the hassle. You can use it as a search engine from which you can cherry-pick survey platforms that look legit. 

Otherwise, their claims are unfounded, their promised pay is overly exaggerated, and their user-interface is subpar.  I would steer clear of it if I were you. 

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