Best Places To Find Online Writing Jobs (2022)

The average freelance writer makes $10,000 per year or less. If it’s a side hustle, that’s great income! However, if a full-time freelance only nets that amount, they need to seriously ramp up how many gigs they get.

But, it’s much easier said than done. Freelance writing is a very competitive market, and it can be very difficult when you first begin. While a portfolio, website, writing skill, and a resume are usual concerns, the biggest is how to get jobs.

There are endless ways to find online writing jobs, which is why today we’re focusing on the best online writing job sites. Follow along as we cover the best places to find online writing jobs in 2022.


ProBlogger Online Writing Jobs

ProBlogger is one of the most popular writing job boards on the internet. Some big publications search for writers here, and it’s possible to find gigs for any industry. They also tend to have some of the highest paying jobs you’ll come across, too.

This freelance job site is updated on a daily basis. There are often several new gigs available every day, ranging from simple guest posts to long-term staff writing editing gigs. It’s wise to make a routine of checking it every day, so you don’t miss out.

The job listings are organized by the title of the job, location, writing style, and date of posting. Clicking on a listing will bring you to the job description, where you will find all of the details.

Read them carefully — job listings often has very specific guidelines to follow before applying.

ProBlogger online writing jobs

You can apply to the position by clicking the “Apply Online” button at the bottom of the page. This will prompt the form to display, which requires you to enter your name, email, and pitch. Attach a resume, cover letter, and a sample blog post, as well.


Blogging Pro Online Writing Jobs

Another great resource to find freelance writings jobs online is BloggingPro. You will find a similar level of writing gigs, over a variety of niches. You can filter the results by clicking any of the checkboxes beside options like “Freelance” or “Part-Time” for example.

Click a listing and you will be able to read everything the company is looking for. Requirements may include a certain level of education, years writing, or experience in the industry.

BloggingPro Online Writing Jobs

Click the blue “Apply For Job” button to send your application. This will forward you to wherever the business hosts their applications, such as Google Forms.


Linkedin isn’t just for networking and connecting with colleagues. It’s also a very effective way to find a freelance writing gig.

First, ensure that you’ve signed up and set up a professional-looking account first. A high-quality photo, thorough work experience, and other credentials are a must.

Businesses will always check out your profile to determine your level of skill and expertise. If it looks blank and boring, what impression does that give?

Moving on, you want to visit the jobs section via the top navigation. In the first field, enter a keyword like “writer,” “content writer,” or “freelance writer.” This will display the most relevant results.

Linkedin Online Writing Jobs

Click an interesting looking position and you will find all of the job information on the right. Clicking the “Save” button will save it if you wish to look at it later.

When you’re reading to apply, hit the “Easy Apply” button and you will be able to send in an application with your Linked profile — hence again why it’s so important to have a solid profile.


Outside of job boards, don’t underestimate the power of social media to find freelance writing jobs. Reddit boasts over one billion people per month and has several communities dedicated to freelancing. Here are some of the subreddits you should keep tabs on for new gigs:

  • /r/hireawriter
  • /r/writersforhire
  • /r/freelance_forhire
  • /r/jobbit
  • /r/b2bforhire
  • /r/hiring
  • /r/forhire
Reddit Online Writing Jobs

As you can from the above example, there are plenty of positions constantly being advertised. Visiting these threads will provide all of the details you need to apply. Often, they will ask you to message them with your portfolio, rates, and other information.

On the other hand, you also want to use Reddit to advertise yourself. Instead of waiting for new jobs to pop up, you can post threads in these subreddits that promote your services to have potential jobs come to you.

To begin, sign up from the top right corner via the “Sign Up” button.

Reddit Online Writing Jobs

You can create your own thread via the sidebar on the right. The button text is different subreddit to subreddit but will always hint about creating a new post. For example, you would click the bottom button on /r/forhire.

reddit Online Writing Jobs

Include the following information in your thread:

  • The services that you offer. Go into detail, like if you offer a specific niche or industry only.
  • What your rates are and if you have retainers.
  • How you would like users to contact you.
  • Your portfolio

Every community on Reddit also has very strict rules that you need to follow on the sidebar. Otherwise, they will have no issue slapping you with the ban hammer.

Besides that, make sure to post a new thread on a regular basis and applying to other jobs you find. It’s a surefire way to gain access to new freelance writing clients.

All Freelance Writing

This is a unique freelance writing job board because it is not only a place to find jobs, but also a website to list yourself as a writer.

Let me explain.

freelance writing jobs

Firstly, their job directory has plenty of regularly updated positions. They post the date, job title, category, and general pay range. Clicking on a listing will take you to the job details where you find the qualifications and application button.

freelance writing jobs

 Moving onto the writer directory, you can post your profile for a reasonable $24.95. Even if you only received one job opportunity from doing so, it would pay off instantly.

You will need to fill out a profile, including:

  • Your portfolio or website
  • A headline
  • A description of what writing services you offer
  • What your typical rates are
  • Education and qualifications

Then you get to kick back and wait for clients to contact you! Overall, check the jobs on a regular basis and definitely consider getting your very own profile.


flexjobs Online Writing Jobs

Flexjobs is the world’s largest remote job websites, which makes it ideal for freelance writers. Search for a phrase like “writer” or “content writer” in the top search bar. This will display tons of potential jobs you can apply to.

flexjobs page

The listing page contains a description of the job, what you can expect tasks to be, and other information.

You have to become a Flexjobs member if you wish to apply to these positions, however. They charge $14.95 per month to gain access to the application process. Just like All Freelance Writing, this small fee could lead to high paying writing gigs, so the investment is more than worth it.

Morning Coffee Newsletter

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up, make your coffee, and see new freelance writing jobs in your inbox? Well, it’s a lot more realistic than you think. Morning Coffee Newsletter is a newsletter you can sign up for that has been sending writers the best eight jobs since 1998.

You can sign up for the newsletter here. It’s sent out once per week and has positions that are exclusive to the website. That means you won’t find them anywhere else.


mediabistro homepage

Mediabistro is used by some of the biggest companies in the world to find freelance writers just like you. Names include CNN, Bloomberg, HBO, and Dow Jones. Imagine having those in your portfolio!

From their homepage, click the “Writing Jobs” button. At the time of writing this article, there are 219 jobs you could apply for. These include staff, news, blogging, and copywriting positions.


The listing page features information about the company, what your responsibilities will be, and you can send in an application via the red “Apply” button. Read the qualifications section carefully to ensure that you are eligible to get the job.

Wrapping up

Freelance writing can be a tough industry to break into. Many writers will never make more than $10,000 per year. If you’d like to approach it as a side hustle, then that’s a good deal. However, those that want to do this full time need to step up their game.

We suggest starting off with keeping tabs on all of the popular job sites, such as ProBlogger, BloggingPro, Flexjobs, Mediabistro, and All Freelance Writing. Take the time to make an impressive resume and pitch you can customize for every opportunity.

Post a new thread on the subreddits we touched on earlier every week to keep jobs flowing into your inbox. Additionally, apply to jobs you believe you are a good candidate for.

Linkedin’s job search function is another priceless tool. Use keywords to find relevant writing positions and apply with your profile.

If you stick to these places to find online writing jobs, you’ll have no shortage of gigs to generate income. Time to start writing!

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