PointClub Review: Earn Rewards For Taking Surveys (2020)


There’s no shortage of online surveys on the internet. But, some of them are very hit or miss. You sign up, only to find out that they don’t have the rewards you want or your country isn’t eligible for sweepstakes. In this PointClub review, we’ll provide you details that can help you make an informed choice.

PointClub Logo

Who is PointClub Surveys?

Owned by market research company, InnovateMR out of Encino California, PointClub has quickly become a well-known survey panel in just a few years.

 InnovateMR was started in 1999 as goZing.com and rebranded as InnovateMR in 2014.  Just a few years later they launched their flagship platform “Pegasus” which allows users to mine data samples from their surveys review panels. 

Pointclub Homepage

Just like other websites we’ve reviewed, including VIP Voice or Harris Poll Online, PointClub lets you take surveys to earn money online and other rewards. They claim to be the best survey site for earning money, so we have high expectations going into this review.

Is PointClub legit?

The Better Business Bureau is a globally respected institution that can speak magnitudes about a company. They focus on scoring businesses based on their customer service and track record, so you can make a more informed decision.

How did PointClub score on BBB? Not terribly, but not great by any means, either.


They received a C+ and have not received accreditation. This means that PointClub didn’t meet their standards and rules — specifically not responding to customer complaints.

Customer service is huge when it comes to surveying sites. What if you have a question or your points bug out? That’s when great customer service steps in. For those that value this, it might be a dealbreaker, but let’s look at some user reviews before we make any conclusions.

PointClub user reviews

PointClub User Review

This was a very recent one and it offers a lot of insightful critiques. Jason was a fan of Pointclub but says that he no longer enjoys them because:

  • Their pending point system prevents you from getting your points, sometimes by weeks.
  • They removed receiving points for watching ads and never implemented anything else to replace it.
  • PointClub’s customer service isn’t very responsive.
  • The costs of rewards are very high and the number of points you earn don’t match the rate of which you earn them.

On the flip-side, this user enjoyed their quick gift card rewards, daily draws, and that you earn points even if you disqualify from a survey.

PointClub User Review

PointClub is legit.

PointClub is definitely not a scam, though their customer service needs work.  PointClub does reward their users and there appear to be many good things said about them.  They have struggled with customer service in the past few years, but recently went through a rebranding which may help improve their experience.

You can have peace of mind registering, but you’ll never truly know how a survey website is until you try it. That’s why we’re going to show you to sign up, navigate, and earn rewards on PointClub. Let’s get into it!

Get started with PointClub surveys

You can sign up for PointClub surveys from their homepage through the form or via various social media. These extra options speed up the process and we found it to be a nice touch. We also liked that they put effort into their branding with various cartoons and characters. This stands out among the typical bland survey site.

PointClub login

PointClub Login

Once you’ve completed your sign up, logging into PointClub is easy.  You just click on the login button in the top right-hand corner.  A form will pop up that prompts you to login in with either your email address, Google account, or Facebook.  This makes it simple since you don’t have to remember a new password.

Once you signed up, you’ll get 1,000 points deposited into your account. PointClub also offers you a quick introductory survey for another 2,000. This helps them present you with only the most relevant and best surveys based on your information.

Quick Tip: If you plan on signing up for multiple surveys you should think about setting up a separate email address.  It’s a quick way to optimize the survey process a little by cutting down on inbox clutter.

PointClub Review

If that wasn’t great enough, they also give you 1,000 points for confirming your email. Since 1000 points equal $1, these 5,000 points already place you halfway to the $10 PayPal withdrawal — giving you a huge head start. 

PointClub member dashboard

The dashboard is lively and very straight forward. It looks much better compared to most survey websites we’ve seen. The available surveys are available under the “SurveyLauncher” section, with the points and average time displayed.

You must first complete a qualifying survey to be eligible for the real one. Don’t worry if you don’t pass. PointClub still awards you some disqualification points for your time.

Earning points and rewards with PointClub

You can expect to earn anywhere from 200 to 2,000 points for completing an online survey.  The points are more than what you’d get from other survey sites, but the wait time is longer than other sites. A typical survey will take you from 5 to 30 minutes, as well.

PointClub goes through a quality control process to ensure that points are not given incorrectly. Unfortunately, this keeps you waiting longer for rewards which are a huge downside.

PointClub Daily Streak

In good news, their loyalty program offers several levels of membership that gradually gives you a bigger bonus for every survey you complete. It ranges from levels 1 through 10, with each level yielding 10% extra points.

PointClub Daily Streak

If you were to reach level 10, a 200 point survey would generate you double the points! But, if you miss a day, you will be sent back to the last level.

Other survey websites have loyalty programs like this, but PointClub appears to be the most generous and easy to move up in.

PointClub rewards

Let’s talk about what really matters — the rewards! PointClub has a standard range of rewards, including PayPal vouchers, physical gift cards, and e-gift cards.   Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Sephora are just a few of the 80 different stores you can get cards for. You can cash out through PayPal at $10, $25, $50, and $100 intervals, as well.

Daily points giveaways

On top of that, users can enter into a daily sweepstake for the chance of winning 10,000 points, which is equivalent to $10. All you have to do is “like” PointClub’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, it’s only available for certain countries at the moment.

When it comes to prizes, you won’t be winning vacations, flat-screen televisions, or anything outrageous. PointClub has the basics, but that’s more than enough if you’re just interested in earning a couple of bucks or being able to buy things at your favorite shops.

Pros of PointClub

Through testing out PointClub ourselves, here’s what we found to be the best parts of our experience.

  • Earning points is easy: You can gain a lot of points quickly, as surveys yield hundreds or up to a couple thousand each. The loyalty program further adds to this, and you receive a small amount if you disqualify.
  • Rewards fairly priced: Some survey websites will have you working for ages before you can finally cash out because it requires so many points for rewards. We found PointClub to have reasonable cash out limits and prices for their gift cards.
  • Clean design: Signing up and navigating PointClub is a breeze. There are several ways to register, very little fluff to distract you, and doesn’t feel outdated.

Cons of PointClub

With the good, comes with the bad. These are some aspects that we found to be drawbacks of using PointClub.

  • Wait time for points: You can be waiting upwards to several weeks to get the points you generated from completing surveys. This heavily delays when you’re able to cash out or get gift cards. Several other platforms we’ve reviewed instantly reward points, so this is a noticeable disadvantage.
  • Weak customer service: They say that customer service is half of your product. In PointClub’s case, they aren’t doing too well. Many reviews online have stated that they experienced slow response times and didn’t receive much help. Although, PointClub has publicly responded too many complaints in a positive manner.
  • Qualification difficulty: Qualifying for a survey is half of the battle. We found along with other user reports that qualification can be difficult. If you don’t even make it into the survey, how are you supposed to earn points? 

Wrapping up our PointClub review

Our PointClub review found several good things to say about PointClub, but there are negatives, too. On the plus side, signing up is much easier than some other survey websites. It’s instant, and they even give you extra points for confirming your email.

Plenty of surveys will pop up on your dashboard, which is nicely designed and we believe to make the overall experience more pleasant. Surveys award hundreds or thousands of points, which makes getting to rewards quick. Unfortunately, the fact that you have to wait for weeks to receive points is not good.

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