Survey Rewardz Review: Good but is it Great? (2022)


Many people have resorted to completing online market research surveys from various survey platforms and market research companies as a source of extra cash. You don’t earn much money from this unless you complete lots of surveys.

Sometimes it’s hard to find new surveys because market research firms can be choosy handing out survey invitations. So it makes sense to not rely on just one popular survey site to get access the best surveys that might be a good fit for you.

In this Survey Rewardz review, we’re going to look to see if this is a legit site that’s worth your valuable time.

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About Survey Rewardz

Survey Rewardz is one of many popular market research communities that promise to pay you to complete surveys.

Survey Rewardz home page
Does it pay to be a member of Survey Rewardz?

When you visit some survey websites, you might not be able to find any information about the owners or the companies behind the service. However, Survey Rewardz does have some information about their owners.

According to the Privacy Policy page, the website is owned and run by a market research company known as P2Sample, based in the United States. 

Company reputation

The website even lists the address of the parent company in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company is around for about 12 years now, so clearly they’re doing something right.

However, a quick look at the company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website leaves a lot to be desired. We would expect a legit company to have an A rating from the BBB. Survey Rewardz currently has an F rating, is not accredited, and appears to have a lot of unresolved complaints.

SurveyRewardz negative BBB review
Better Business Bureau gave a score of F in their SurveyRewardz review

In my honest opinion, if you feel like you’ve got access to the best fitting surveys, I probably wouldn’t open a Survey Rewardz account. There are too many red flags so far.

Survey Rewardz General Features

Based on the previous information, the website seems legit. Since most rewards and “Get Paid to” survey sites have many similarities, let’s have a look at these features from Survey Rewardz’ perspective.

Getting Started

To enjoy the perks of any “Sites That Pay” website or a survey panel, you need to join it first. Signing up to Survey Rewardz was streamlined and easy.

The main page of the website has a sign-up window where you only need to enter an email address and password. 

You’ll also need to agree to the website’s term of services to move forward. Once you complete this step, you’ll receive a confirmation to your email account.

SurveyRewardz registration process

Mobile support

To make the most out of a survey website, you need to complete a lot of tasks and complete available surveys whenever possible. That’s why it’s important to make sure that a website has a fully functional mobile app.

Luckily, TimeBucks has mobile support, so you can complete tasks on the go. Yet, it could’ve been even better if the website has its special app to make things even more streamlined.

Various tasks

Survey Rewardz will send you emails to the email account you’ve used to sign up with. These emails will contain information about the tasks and surveys you’re eligible to take.

While many survey panels might offer good prices for completing tasks, they have a few ones available every day. On the flips side, Survey Rewardz has plenty of them available all the time.

You can easily fill out a targeted survey. However, you need to make sure that you’re eligible for it before taking it. The reason behind that is that you can get disqualified when you’re well over 5 minutes into the survey.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints was from people who complained about not receiving credit for a completed survey, when they weren’t a good fit to begin with.

Making money

The amount of extra money that you can make through Survey Rewardz varies according to the type of survey you’re taking. For example, long surveys pay more than a short survey would, for obvious reasons.

Ideally, you should expect to make anything between 20 cents to $2 for every survey you complete. However, you need to make sure that you are a good match.There are also some cases where you can get lucky to get a survey that pays more than $2 and up to $10.

A Deeper Insight into Survey Rewardz Promising Features

Free to Join

Some websites might charge you a small fee to join them. This can be a terrible idea, especially since a legit company never charges to join. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Survey Rewardz.

A Wide Variety of Cashing Out Methods

A lot of “Get Paid to” and survey website pay their members in the form of gift cards only. However, Survey Rewardz has a lot of different payment methods, once your account balance meets the minimum payout threshold.

Here are some of the methods the Survey Rewardz can pay you:

SurveyRewards Review

Once you reach the minimum cashout threshold of $1, you can easily opt for cashing out your money

As you can see, it has one of the lowest cashout minimums out there. However, there is a fee for withdrawing money if your Surveyrewardz account balance is below $10. So, you’ll ideally need to meet the minimum threshold before taking money out.

The good thing here is, $10 is still pretty low when compared to the $20 to $30 standard cash out of the industry.

Referral program

In addition to completing a wide variety of surveys, you can also make money by referring other people to the website. 

To make sure that you put a good word for them, Survey Rewardz will pay you $3 for every person that you refer to the website.

Additionally, you’ll also get a commission of 15% on the member’s lifetime earning on the website.

The referral is also easy, you only need to send them a special invite link, so they can join the website easily.

A Few Drawbacks About Survey Rewardz

Despite all the perks and highlights of Survey Rewardz, the website still has some small problems that it needs to fix.

Here are some of the issues I found disturbing about Survey Rewardz:

  • The eligibility screening might disqualify you from some surveys, but the only way to find out is to start the survey.
  • The disqualification can occur any time within the survey itself
  • The website deducts a small fee while cashing out less than $10
  • The cashing out process isn’t smooth for everyone

Wrapping Up our Survey Rewardz review

In terms of legitimacy, there’s enough red flags to make me consider going to a different online survey platform.

If you feel like you’ve maxed out on all the best fitting surveys from the large companies, and don’t mind some of the shortfalls, giving Survey Rewardz a try doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Just keep in mind there might be better ways to spend your time.

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