Survey Voices Review: Is It Worth Your Time? (2022)


Are you interested in earning extra money online? There are lots of online survey sites that offer you real cash rewards to complete surveys in your free time. But there are also a lot of scams out there.

In our Survey Voices Review, we’ll analyze the Survey Voices website and tell you everything you need to know to determine if Survey Voices is legit. 

The good thing about survey sites is that anyone can join without having any prior knowledge or skills. The door is open to students, retired employees, stay at home parents, and anyone who is looking for a way to earn extra cash with a side hustle.

However, you should understand what you’re getting yourself into before joining a survey panel as a survey taker. That way, you’ll know if it’s a great way to earn a little money or if it’s a waste of time.

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What is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is not a survey website, like Survey Junkie. And it’s not a market research company like Pinecone Research.

Rather, Survey Voices is a third-party that connects you with survey opportunities on several sites on the internet. This is known as an online survey aggregator. Once you join, Survey Voices will evaluate your qualifications and automatically directs you to the best survey websites and market research opportunities based upon your profile. 

This website is owned by Reward Zone USA, an established survey company located in White Plains, New York.

How Does Survey Voices Work?

You can sign up for Survey Voices by registering your name, valid email address, date of birth, home address, and telephone number. Unfortunately, you should expect to receive some phone calls or spam emails from the company. Although the number of calls tends to decline with time, they can be quite annoying at times. 

However, if you have some extra time that you’re currently spending online, it might be a good idea to give Survey Voices a try. Currently, the website is only restricted to US residents. 

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What are the Features of Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is not a market research website, but it connects you with hundreds of sites that can help you generate online income. Here are some of its features.

1. Signing Up is Free

It doesn’t take much time or effort to sign up for Survey Voices because the application form is very straightforward to complete. Once you’ve completed your application with your personal information, Survey Voices will direct you to a list of sites that you can browse for tens of surveys and offers. 

Since you don’t have to pay for the membership, it’s not a bad idea to join this site. 

2. Free Gifts

Once you become a member, you’ll receive several vouchers for free gift cards and offers that you can make use of. They don’t cost any money, and although some of them might not be real, they will never hurt.

3. Consistent Payments

According to the website, if you take Survey Voices seriously, you’ll be able to make a decent amount of money. As a matter of fact, the site promises that you can make up to $300 per month in your spare time.

You don’t get paid by Survey Voices but by the other companies that the site directs you to. This means that the payment method and processing time will differ from one site to another. 

Survey Voices Review

What are the Pros of Survey Voices?

Since the internet has changed the way of life, it makes sense that more people are currently interested in making good money through survey sites. The name of Survey Voices pops up as one of the popular third-party sites, so you might be tempted to try it.

Although this isn’t a paid survey site, it will connect you to legitimate sites that you can earn money through. Here are the pros of Survey Voices.

Free Sign Up and Free Gifts

You don’t have to pay any money to join the site, and it immediately qualifies you to free gifts and vouchers. 

A Reputable Company owns the Website

In most cases, users feel that survey sites are shady because they can’t track the parent company. However, this is not the case with Survey Voices. This company has a high BBB rating with the Better Business Bureau that shows how reliable it is. 

Surveys are Available Through Various Providers

You don’t have to waste time looking for various survey websites, as Survey Voices does the job on your behalf. It will list all the available surveys that you’re actually qualified for, and you can start completing them. 

Finishing Surveys is Rather Easy

The website analyzes your data and matches you with online surveys that are suitable for you. This means that if you’ve landed a reputable provider, the survey won’t take much time to be completed.

Survey Voices Review

What are the Cons of Survey Voices?

Although Survey Voices is considered more reliable than other similar sites, it comes with a few cons that you need to be aware of.

Sharing of Personal Information

Unless you feel extremely comfortable about sharing private information, you’ll likely feel a bit uncomfortable about posting your address, phone number, and real name. Online privacy is a major concern, and this might put off some people from joining the site in the first place.

Scam Websites

Survey Voices leads you to multiple websites and doesn’t filter them. This means that some of them might be scam websites that even your antivirus might block. As a result, you might not be able to claim your free gifts and offers. 

Phone Calls and Email Harassment

Once you’re done with the signup process, get ready for receiving multiple calls and text messages every single day, especially that first week. Moreover, you’ll receive multiple emails that claim that you can receive gifts and offers without any effort.

Your phone number will be shared with marketing partners that are affiliated with Survey Voices, so you literally have no control over who views, shares, or uses your private information. 

No Customer Support Service

The website directs you to different sites, so they won’t answer any questions you have regarding the issues you face. You should directly contact the site that you’re completing the surveys for.

Is Survey Voices Legit?

This website, just like others, has its pros and cons. It might work for you, but you should take a few points into consideration.

Although the website claims that you can make hundreds of dollars per month, you won’t be able to do that unless you’re planning to spend more than 12 hours browsing offers and finishing eligible surveys.

Some surveys that you complete for other websites won’t offer cash payments and will pay you in points. Of course, the reputable survey companies will allow you to redeem these points in exchange for gifts and free products. However, it takes you a lot of points to receive a single gift.

Most surveys pay very little, so you need to finish tens of them every day to be able to generate a decent income. If you have no other option, this will make sense, but if you have another job, you’ll be wasting your time focusing on this website.

You might not qualify for every survey available, and this will limit your options. You might spend significant time trying to finish the survey, only to find out that you’re not eligible at the end.

Survey quotas tend to get full. This means that there’s a maximum requirement for each one, and if 100 people finished the survey, only 50 would get paid.

Should You Join Survey Voices?

There are privacy concerns and the risk of phone calls and email harassment if you choose to join Survey Voices. However, this website can open doors to trustworthy websites that offer legitimate surveys and can actually pay real money. In some cases, you might receive points for completing the survey, but it still means that you’ll receive something in exchange for your time and effort. 

Final Verdict

Survey Voices is not a scam because it delivers what it promises. It will connect you to several survey and market research websites, and you can complete the surveys that you’re eligible for. 

However, some of the sites aren’t trustworthy, and you’ll waste time trying to filter the legit survey sites from the bad ones. Moreover, the pay is 100% dependent on the site you’ve chosen, so they won’t support you if you receive no payment at the end. 

But if you want to try Survey Voices, click the button below.

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