Best 9 Paid Surveys For Teenagers And Young Adults (2021)


Everyone would love the chance to make a little extra money on the site, especially teenagers. But what can they do that doesn’t take a lot of their time? More and more teenagers are taking surveys online, watching videos, or maybe playing that rewards them for their efforts. It is a simple, effective way to earn some spare cash on the side.

There are a ton of perks for a teenager thinking about taking surveys online, from earning money, points, rewards and even gift certificates to their favorite stores. They also might have a chance to test new products, app, watch upcoming movie trailers, and a variety of other painless tasks. The best part about the fact is you get paid for it. 

So if you want to earn some easy extra money, you can register for an account with a well-known survey panel and start responding to surveys today. It will take you awhile to rack up enough points or dollars for a payout, but when you’re ready you just request your favorite payout method. Making extra money should always be that easy.

Best paid online surveys for teenagers and young adults



MySoapbox is one of the better known survey websites and a fan favorite. Their site offers a ton of survey options and has a great history of paying out. They also have many options available for payouts, from gift cards to paypal.

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LifePoints is a well known survey panel that’s fast becoming an industry leader. One thing to remember is your teenager must sign into the LifePoints portal for the surveys to appear. They have payout methods similar to other survey panels such as via PayPal, gift cards, or prizes.

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Kidz Eyes

Kidz Eyes offers a survey to users from the age of 6-12 which is pretty unique.

This website pays in points as opposed to dollars. Once you accumulate 1000 points, you will be able to cash a $10 check.

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epoll logo

E-Poll is another survey for teenagers, though you have to have someone older sign up on your behalf. After you do that, your surveys will be provided to them first to limit concerns for using their survey service.

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Toluna Logo

Toluna is a leading teenager survey providor – one that you’ve probably come across if you’ve researched online survey sites. Their age requirements are lower, with kids ages 13 and up being able to qualify for surveys. It’s important to note that your teenagers demographic information will play a big part in whether or not they qualify. That said, it is a reliable survey website for teenagers.

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Mindfield Online

mindfield logo

Mindfield Online permits those 14 years old and older. It’s your typical survey portal with all the usual payout options such as gift cards, checks, and PayPal.

One thing we’d note is that we haven’t been able to find as much user reviews from them online so we’d recommend proceeding with caution.

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Focus Forward


The company gives teenagers over the age of 13 a chance to get paid for participating in a survey. They also have focus group options available that reward you more than your typical survey.  All payments are made via check, which is unusual.

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YouGov Logo

As long as you’re 14 years old, signing up for YouGov is an excellent choice. They are well known in the industry for paying for opinions and product testing. The points your teen accumulates will be converted into gift cards, which can be redeemed on sites like Amazon and Target. 

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TestSpin is a newer option, and we must caution you, the terms of payment aren’t specified clearly on the website. This doesn’t mean you won’t earn, but it’s not a great sign that it will be very much, so make sure you do more due diligence before signing up for TestSpin.

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Harris Poll

If you have a 14-year-old, Harris Poll is the right site to sign up for. The points you earn by doing surveys can be converted into gift cards. Additionally you can option to earn online discounts, or have your entire bill will waived when you shop at specified stores. Pretty cool stuff!

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Do your research

The world of online surveys platforms changes quickly with new survey panels popping up all the time. While participating in surveys can be a great way to earn some extra money, make sure you do your diligence and be thoughtful of the time you invest.

Taking online surveys for rewards is not a scam

Taking paid surveys online for teenagers is not a scam, though you need to keep your eyes open and set realistic goals. You WILL NOT make much money or get rich. You CAN make a few extra dollars a day, which is great. Just be realistic with yourself. Many businesses hire survey companies specifically because they need feedback from teenagers so its a win-win.

But there are scam companies so be diligent

One way to tell if a company might be a scam is to check their contact information on their website. If they don’t list any easy way to get in touch with them I’d recommend you steer clear.

Check their payout thresholds

Always check what the payout threshold is. A lot of time this isn’t easy to find but it’s worth the time to look. Often times it will be within their FAQ’s. It’s good to know how much you have to earn before you can redeem your points or cash. Some are as low as $5, but others want you to earn $50-$100 before paying out. That will take some time.

When you reach the minimum payout level, which varies from company to company, you choose to cash out your points when you are ready. Some teen survey companies will offer sweepstakes entries more than cash, but depending on how lucky you are, this may work out better for you in the long run.

Create a separate email and register for multiple companies

IMO, creating a separate email is a must. You are going to get flooded with email, so this way it all goes to one email account. You should also register for multiple companies so that you can pick and choose which surveys you want to do. This includes clicking the confirmation link after you register- or you won’t be fully documented and won’t get any surveys.

Pros and cons of taking paid online surveys


  • It’s up to you how much time and energy you invest
  • You can take a survey at any time – early in the morning or late in the night. 
  • You have control over what surveys you participate in.
  • You choose to cash out your points when you are ready.


  • There are a lot of rip-off companies out there with misleading offers
  • You don’t want your kids online unsupervised, so it’s more work for the parents

User reviews

Taking paid online surveys is not a new concept by any means. Surveys have been around on the web since day one. However, many people aren’t aware that teens are a high-value demographic, and many companies need their opinion to make a more successful product

But you must be careful and only sign up with surveying companies that have a good reputation. Don’t give out your phone number or address unless you’re sure that the company is legitimate. 

If you find that the company is making rosy claims, such as giving away a lot of money or goods for just taking a survey, steer clear of that company. If the company asks you for your SSN or your credit card information before you do a survey, don’t give it and steer clear of them. No legit company actually needs that information for any reason.

Other ways for teenagers to earn money

You aren’t going to make much money taking paid online surveys, so here are some ideas you may want to try:

Article Writing

Content creation is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you’re good at finding pain points and understanding what people are looking for, you can create content for many online companies. You can also link to products that solve the problem you’re targeting and make a commission on every sale.  If writing is not your strong suit, you can learn about keyword research, and then you can find a great ghostwriter like iWriter and the possibility exists to generate online income.

Writing Reviews

Some corporations use impartial customer reviews to promote their products. For those who have used a particular product (or have a friend who has), it’s possible to write a product critique and get paid. To learn more about this, Google “make money writing product reviews.”


When you have practical information to share with other like-minded people, you can start a blog. Blogging helps you share ideas and network with others and create revenue streams using ads and online sales. Several web-based advertising platforms will allow you to make an income based on your blog’s site traffic.

Write An e-Book

In the good old days, authors had to send manuscripts to many publishing houses and hope that one would pick up their book’s rights. For the authors who were fortunate enough to get published, the ‘per book’ royalties were minimal. Nowadays, anyone can sell a book on iTunes or Kindle without the infrastructure costs associated with producing, transporting, and retailing an actual book. These are fascinating times.

Selling Photos And Graphics

Along with the rise in people starting their blogs and writing their e-books, there exists a parallel growth in the online sales of photos and artwork. Sites such as Shutterstock serve as the middleman linking graphic designers and the buying public.

Mobile apps

I don’t believe that the ‘iPhone-App-development’ ship has sailed. Even though hundreds of thousands of apps have already been created, fresh ideas and concepts are being thought up each day, as are the technologies used to power our SmartPhones.

Teaching And Mentoring

Lots of people have created classes that they’re able to re-sell over and over again. Suppose you are proficient in your niche and can complete an educational course or seminar that provides many people value. In that case, you’ll be able to turn that into a passive income stream that keeps on giving.

The point is, one’s ability to earn an income online is limited only by one’s imagination and creativity. The Information Super-Highway has leveled the playing field and provides possibilities to anyone with a personal computer, entrepreneurial mindset, and the desire to earn a living on the Internet.

Final thoughts on paid surveys for teenagers 

But now that you know which legitimate sites offer online paid surveys for teenagers, you can get started right away. But still be careful and diligent so you don’t get scammed. Online surveys provide some of the best opportunities to make money in minutes, so make sure to bookmark it and regularly check the sites’ new opportunities.

If you’re under 18, it’s best if you check with your parents before signing up for any sites. Parental consent is a must when participating in any online survey.