Swagbucks vs Survey Junkie: Which Survey Platform is the Best? (2021)

This era is made of online things, like online payments, transactions, buying-selling, etc. earning passively goes to be a replacement market trend.

Multiple options are there to earn money except for apps, like- selling online, photography, writing books, etc. This technology-driven society is doing everything online and inventing more possible areas.

One Smartphone can lead your money while sitting reception. Earning flexibly are some things we probe for. Except for doing a full-time job, passive earning is on the rise every day. 

Two of the leading renowned apps for earning some passive income are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. It’s fun-filled actions to carry on the Smartphone. It also gives you a scope to make some extra passive money.

Companies instigate some feedback from particular groups of efficient customers. If you answer improperly — just by clicking things randomly to pass questions as fast as possible, it might not work for you.

Sometimes, if you spend only enough time before your computer or Smartphone, you will be ready to earn credits or money. Of course, you may replenish some surveys or perhaps buy a variety of their products before you get the credits free.

Survey Junkie Review: 

Survey Junkie incorporates a stellar reputation and is widely thought to be one of the only effective paid survey sites on the net. If you’re new to online surveys, you would understand that its low and minimum withdrawal advantage and easy-to-use networking make it a great site to start with. And if you are an experienced and “get paid” pro who has still not subscribed as a member, then you are missing out on a massive variety of the best survey pay rates you can hardly imagine.

One advantage of Survey Junkie vs. Swagbucks is that no number is required after linking up with the website. That’s an excellent thing because you do not have to think about receiving numerous junk phone calls or useless text messages. The sign-up process is not very elaborate, so you can quickly start as member earning points and redeeming them.

Although Survey Junkie is in a partnership with many other sites, it doesn’t cause you to sign up for those related sites. During this judgment, it acts as a cluster of your surveys.

However, some websites it has a minimum age requirement. For example, Survey Junkie needs its members to be at least 13 years of age to sign-up and earn points. 

You can earn gift cards (It can be e-cards, no physical cards are sent within the mail) for significant distributors like Amazon and Walmart after you intend to release your points. In the US only, direct bank transfers are available through Survey Junkie’s partner, Dwolla.

To make the most of your points for any payment method, you must possess a minimum of 500 points, equivalent to $5.  

Note that you shouldn’t judge reaching $50 within the preceding month. While you’ll get surveys once you initially sign up, the only survey opportunities will come later (after the situation has more information about you and your household).

The specific sort of survey questions you get depends on your age, earnings and lifestyle. However, the typical surveys question about your habit of purchasing and preferences — things like what you search for while having a brand of coffee, once you intend to buy a car, and what sorts of music you hear on the radio.


  • It’s one of the highest-rated paid survey sites.
  • It offers a low minimum withdrawal of $5 that creates it easy to live.
  • It includes an extensive inventory of surveys and a comparatively low disqualification rate.


  • It does not offer a sign-up bonus currently.
  • It has only limited cash-out options.
  • Some users need manual verification of their account over the phone before they’re ready to request their first withdrawal.

Survey Junkie claims that the info you provide does not have any personally identifiable information.

While that’s true, you must remember that many digital marketing firms use users’ personal information to make anonymous profiles that impact advertisements and others, such as when browsing websites. In simpler terms, these firms do not necessarily name you directly but create a big data picture that shapes your internet experience.

In return for this provided feedback, you’ll earn some amount of passive money. Unfortunately, Survey Junkie doesn’t offer any insight into your total earnings and their frequency, and it mixes up user reviews from around the web.

Hacks and tips:

  • It would help if you did the demographic surveys the correct way. This because it dramatically helps in targeting the proper.’ surveys instead of wasting time on other irrelevant ones. 
  • You can create a second email address if you only have one. This is important because you don’t want to be overwhelmed by hundreds of incoming emails every day. 
  • Go for the app, always. Although the website is pretty optimized for mobile browsers, the app has a better interface. Having the app will help you manage your time with it, as you can even work out some surveys during lunch breaks or travel times. 
  • Most survey sites work algorithms that can spot users who complete the surveys the quickest. Take your time to pick the correct answer, and you’re good to go. You will get many more opportunities to ramp your earnings through surveys. 
  • SurveyJunkie gives 25 points for an email confirmation and 50 points for a profile survey. 
  • Always try to be patient with how many surveys you do in a day. For some people, two to three surveys a day can be really stressful. You don’t want your drive to earn more to be spoiled.
  • Before you take up any survey, it always helps if you can calculate how much time it takes you to complete it. Then cross-check this with the number of points you earn; you’ll know if it’s worth your time. 

Swagbucks Review:

Many people consider Swagbucks primarily a survey site. What a survey does is it helps in market research. Although earning money through online surveys can be quite beneficial and seem like easy money, there is actually a lot more to the platform than this. 

If you shop online, signing up for Swagbucks is also a no-brainer because it offers a variety of the foremost effective cashback rates online — sometimes as high as 20%. Better of all, there is not any minimum withdrawal amount, which suggests you will be able to redeem your points as soon as they’re credited to your account.

In the end, the internet is flooded with such websites that offer quick cash or gift vouchers in return for surveys and tasks. They can be a side hunch that can help earn some extra money in your free time. 

Apart from the good ones who have reasonable rates, numerous websites pay absurdly low rates or have high minimum withdrawal. This makes it extremely hard for users to withdraw any cash they may have received. The best reason to give Swagbucks some thought is as an overall “get paid to” site.

Yes, Swagbucks is legit. It’s a US-based data research and marketing company that has payout over $400 million in rewards to its members since 2006.Bottom of Form

Swagbucks’ most popular sections:

  • Answer- Swagbucks’ technicality for marketing research and details collection is called ‘Answer’. This is mainly known as a survey, though there are also a couple of other earning methods. 
  • Shop– Swagbucks’ most remunerating features are likely to be its cashback in every shopping opportunity. While you’ll be able to make a bit extra money here and there by just doing surveys, you’ll make up some handful of savings by making a shot to completely exploit all the various options to do shopping given on the website.

Of course, the quality disclaimer applies to the facts that try to avoid purchasing items that are not needed, to chase points and credits in your account.

  • Discover– Swagbucks’ “Discover” category is the least clearly described part among its six primary sectors. You’ll get to see offers that are featuring from other parts of the website. Still, it’s primarily an area for sponsored and mostly for third-party promotions. 
  • Watch– When people describe or review Swagbucks, one thing they nearly always mention is that you can make money by watching videos. While that’s true, the tactic for doing so is over a bit difficult to get fully involved, and far of the presentation, you’ll find online is nothing but out of date.
  • Search– Swagbucks rewards its users for searching the internet via its Yahoo-powered program app. After you do as instructed, the platform automatically collects all your searched data, and it also has the chance to indicate to you about the targeted ads and offers.

Unfortunately, a bit like with videos, the corporate doesn’t clarify what proportion you’ll call what you wish to try and do to be rewarded. Instead of offering a collection of numbers per points-per-search, SBs are awarded in unspecified amounts at random intervals.

These are called “Search Wins,” typically disburse between 1 and 25 SBs each. Swagbucks doesn’t disclose the number of “Search Wins” a user can have in the future, but members generally talk about earning between one and four search-based rewards within any given 24-hour time.

  • Play– There is a pair of various ways to earn points in Swagbucks by playing games. Most often, third-party apps pay or reward users for achieving milestones.

Game publishers offer these rewards to the gamers because they understand that you’re more likely to purchase in-game items while playing, and the longer you stay active, the more credits added to your account. In this way, you become a committed player.

Additionally, most of the players generally purchase in-game items so that they can specifically reach the reward milestones easily.

There are multiple ways to earn within each of these six categories, furthermore as some ways don’t comprise a category.

It’s neither a scam nor a time-waster. It’s one of the most renowned and famous apps amongst people, and with this, you can easily earn a lot of cashback and make some extra cash.


  • It is free to join, and it comes with a sign-up bonus of $10.
  • It does not have any minimum withdrawal amount (most rewards start at $3).
  • Swagbucks offers the option to receive your points for both prepaid Visa cards and Pay cash. 


  • It pays for completing surveys while watching videos and conducting search options are very low.
  • The site is vulnerable, and it can be irresistible to get indulged for new users.
  • Swagbucks is not going to pay your rent ever. It just can provide you with some extra money with which you can fulfill your fascination for dress, games or anything you like.

Hacks and Tips:

  • The best way to start earning is to change your search engine from Google or Bing to Swagbucks.
  • Always try to take short buy well-paying surveys. That way, if you invest about 15-20 minutes every day on this, you can easily earn up to 100 SBs. 
  • You can earn quite a few points if you download or install specific apps on your phone or tablet. There can also be times when you will earn points just for installing a particular app. Or simply complete a task or action to win points or cash. 
  • You should not shop online simply to earn points. But if you need to buy something, try to do it via Swagbucks to make some extra points. 
  • You can also stack up against your points by sharing your referral code with your friends and family. You will receive referral points when your friends sign up for Swagbucks. Doing this, both you and your friend can benefit from it. Your friend gets 300 SB when they sign up, and you will get yours when your friend makes 300 SB in the next 30 days. But, you will also earn 10% of your friends’ SB earnings for as long as they’re a member

This also helps you earn some extra points even when you are not working on the surveys. If your friend adds the SwagButton to their desktop, you can make an additional 100 SB. 

  • Swagbucks also give you a daily target SB if you activate the daily goal option from their website. The trick is every time you can meet the target, and you get some extra SBs. 
  • Another good thing about Swagbucks is that you will receive additional points if you try out their games. Your addiction to playing games on your phone is finally about to pay off!
  • Yes, you really can earn Swagbucks points just by watching a few videos. Now, it’s important to note here that Swagbucks Watch isn’t as widely available as it once was. Most days, it won’t be available to most users, but as it’s still an option, we figured it’s still worth mentioning.

Earning with Surveys: Swagbucks vs. Survey Junkie

While the discussion is about Swagbucks vs. Survey Junkie, in-app like Swagbucks, 1 SB is rough equals to 1 US cent. 

A survey says that Swagbucks generally has 89 surveys, and it is worth 7,186 SB, which is $71.86. Their Limited time bonus comes in 3,605 SBs, which is a total of $36.05. 

The first thing you must understand about using Survey Junkie is that you won’t have a lot of money suddenly, and you become rich. It’s not made to produce a full-time earning, but it is instead made to view the way to earn $25 to $50 in extra cash per month (which is feasible with consistent use of it).

It’s a good option for earning a lot of gift cards for Amazon and other online apps. Or it can function as one additional stream of earning if you depend upon multiple side bumps to assist in keeping your budget under the line.

If you want to try to do this as some way to take pleasure in a touch retail therapy, you’ll take a pair of surveys daily and redeem your points for a present card whenever the urge to buy strikes you.

If you want more of a variety when it involves earning money, Swagbucks could be an honest option for you.

Final Thoughts

Swagbucks is divergent from the app Survey Junkie. While it offers surveys, it’s mostly a present site. 

Like Survey Junkie, you will get gift cards rather than the points you have got earned and redeem them for cashback from the payment method, PayPal.

There are dozens of online survey companies. These will not be paying your bills, but they offer a decent amount of extra earning that you can dedicate to in your free or leisure time.  

The prime reason why Survey Junkie is rated as one of the best-rated online survey sites is that it has loads of good features, reasonable pay rates, and the minimum cash-out threshold. 

And if you’re lucky enough to qualify for the merchandise testing opportunities, you would possibly even score some free swag in exchange for your participation. For these reasons, we expect it should be one of the primary places you switch to for paid surveys.

Another online survey site called Opinion Outpost is more just like Survey Junkie. And you’ve got to know the very fact that every one in every one of these three sites is legit – so there’s no “right” one to pick out.

With Opinion Outpost, unlike others, you’ll be able to withdraw your points for getting money through your PayPal account or as gift cards in many websites or apps like Amazon or iTunes.

On every occasion you’re participating in a survey, you’ll get an additional chance to win the grand prize.

So, potentially, you will earn plenty of cash by just doing surveys if you’re the largest winner! Lots of sites provide the chance to make some money, vouchers, and credit points. The more you are doing surveys, it’ll be more fortunate for you to earn prizes.