Tellwut Review: A Viable Option For Making Extra Cash (Updated 2019)


Making money at home with online surveys is an opportunity available right now if you're willing to put in the time. In our Tellwut review we'll give you the skinny on what's good and what's not so good about this established survey company.

Since all survey sites are not made equal, it’s best to know the differences before you get started. Different people have different needs, so take some time to learn if Tellwut is a good option for you!

What is Tellwut?

In a way, they tell you in the name. Tellwut wants to you tell them what you think about certain products and services. As with most paid online survey sites, Tellwut offers you a portal to loads of external surveys used for marketing strategies.

Tellwut is one of the most established paid survey sites on the internet, having been started eight years ago in 2010. It is a female owned business, and it is located in Toronto, Canada. As you'll see below, the user reviews of Tellwut are mixed, but it’s a legitimate company.

Is Tellwut legit

Tellwut's business is about  providing a forum for consumer research. Their site is open to use by companies looking to conduct marketing surveys and by consumers interested in getting paid to take them. Each type of customer needs only to follow the simple registration process to participate.

Is Tellwut legit?

This question turned out to be a little more difficult to answer than we might expect, but the net answer appear to be “yes”. Still for your own protection and information, take a look at what we’ve found in our review and judge for yourself.

Positive reviews with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is undoubtedly the most trusted and recognized voice in customer/consumer protection. It is definitely worth noting, then, that Tellwut has a strong showing on the BBB website.

As you can see, they’ve earned an “A+” rating, the BBB’s highest mark. They’ve also been an accredited member (an accomplishment on its own) for five and a half years. It might come as a bit of a surprise, therefore, that they have very little review information on the site.

Still, what little information the BBB site does offer is obviously positive. One of the first things that stands out is that there are zero formal complaints registered with the BBB against Tellwut.

In fact, there are only four reviews of TellWut on the BBB site at all, but three of those four speak very highly of the company. The one negative review has a thorough response from Tellwut, and we can tell they’ve already made a number of attempts to please that customer.

Qualifying for Tellwut surveys isn't always easy

The vast majority of the complaints revolve around scenarios in which the customer has completed surveys, earn points, and applied for a gift card but has not received it. Most report receiving an “inconsistent voting” message and having their account suspended as a result.

These unhappy customers often feel they’ve been cheated out of their time and the payment due them. After doing a little research, though, we believe there’s a less dishonest explanation.

In using the site ourselves, we noticed that it can sometimes be difficult to qualify for many surveys. As a result, some frustrated customers may be providing false or inconsistent information in an attempt to qualify for more surveys.  You'll find this is actually pretty common, even with highly rated survey companies.

Obviously, only truthful information is useful in marketing research so it makes sense that Tellwut would hold a high bar for users to qualify. You'll be happy to know though that the majority customers report having no problems with payment, so just make sure you play by their rules.

How does TellWut work?

Although there were mixed reviews on how easy it is to qualify for Tellwut's survey panel, the positive feedback still suggests it’s worth giving the site a try. You’ll be happy to hear that once you do qualify the process for registering to receive payment is relatively easy.

Quick Tip: If you plan on signing up for multiple surveys you should think about setting up a separate email address.  It's a quick way to optimize the survey process a little by cutting down on inbox clutter.

TellWut login

To sign up, you go to the top, right corner of the homepage.  You'll see a  box instructing you to create an account to receive rewards. The registration process itself earns you reward points, so you essentially get compensated even for just signing up. Talk about a win, win!

The initial registration process asks you for your email, a user name, and a password. That version earns you access to the surveys and 100 reward points. From there you can earn another 150 points for participating in the extended registration process.  You'll also earn 25 points more to refer a friend..

TellWut sign up

Now the extended registration process does take a bit more time, so don't do it when you're in a rush. The process involves a series of screening questions which they use to qualify you for offers. At first I was worried if the time was really worth the extra points, but I assumed my answers would narrow down the surveys I would receive.

That was a mistaken assumption. Although it appeared to narrow down the offers, I still received a lot that I didn't qualify for. I can imaging after a while this can become frustrating.  

TellWut sign up

Once you’re registered you’ll find that the Tellw​​​​ut site is super simple and easy to use. There are only three buttons and they give you all the basic information you need.

There’s a Home button, a button for companies who created surveys themselves, and a button that takes you to the Rewards Page.

What are TellWut's rewards? 

Each survey poll completed (for which a customer is qualified) is worth a certain number of reward points. As you take multiple surveys, you begin racking up reward points. Once you’ve saved  up at least 4,000 points, you can exchange those points for rewards like merchandise or gift cards.

The merchandise does not appear to always be available, and it seems to be the less popular option. It also appears to cost significantly more points than the gift cards do. 

TellWut's gift cards

  • Walmart ($10 and $25)
  • Amazon ($10 and $25)
  • Applebee’s, Home Depot, and more

Customer feedback is mixed, but customer service praised

According to the customer reviews we read, it appears that some of the more successful Tellwut customers are cashing out their points for gift cards around an average of once per month. According to some customers, this is too infrequent.

One of the major complaints about Tellwut aside from the suspended accounts is that the reward system is insufficient. Customers have claimed that individual surveys are not worth enough points and that it takes too long to accumulate enough points for payment.

Customers who report being paid regularly praise Tellwut for their consistent and timely payments. Many of them report working with Tellwut for long periods of time without any payment complications at all.  If you do find yourself with an issue, there customer service is reviewed highly, so don't worry.

Pros of TellWut

Our goal in these reviews is to provide an honest assessment of the paid survey sites. Considering the multiple views and experiences of all the customer accounts we found, as well as our own trial, we believe these are some positive elements of the site:

  • Generous upfront reward points for registration -  If the individual survey rewards are not very high, then that makes the initial registration rewards that much more valuable.

  • Great reputation/rating with the Better Business Bureau - Zero BBB complaints and an “A+” rating for an accredited member of the most prestigious consumer protection organization is a strong endorsement.

  • Long history of successful operation - Eight years is a long enough business history to suggest Tellwut is doing something right. New businesses are great, but an established company offers some security.

  • Plenty of surveys available on the site - Although it can be difficult to find the ones for which you qualify, depending on your demographic, there seem to be an impressive number of surveys offered

  • Reliable payment for those with accounts in good standing - Those whose accounts aren’t suspended for “inconsistent voting” always report consistent receipt of payment.

Cons of TellWut

While Tellwut is definitely a viable option to try out, our review is not overwhelmingly positive. There are certainly some issues that should be considered when determining how profitable it can really be for you.

  • Too much time on surveys for which you don’t qualify - Because you can’t tell from a glance whether or not you’ll qualify for a specific survey, you spend a lot of time getting disqualified.

  • Personalized filtering of surveys doesn’t work - You spend a lot of time during registration answering questions so Tellwut can suggest the best surveys for you. When you access that list, though, you still don’t qualify for the majority of the suggested surveys.

  • Accounts suspended when customers try to redeem points - “Inconsistent voting” is an understandable reason for account suspension. It’s less understandable why that decision doesn’t happen until customers have gathered enough points to cash out, though.

  • Reward system is not generous enough - Many customers report that the TellWut reward values are relatively low compared to other paid survey sites.

  • Sketchy website mechanics/IT - The survey personalization system clearly doesn’t work, and we experienced a few pages failing to load. Other long-time customers have reported problems with the website, as well.

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Wrapping Up Our TellWut Review

Anytime you’re willing to assess a group of companies, services, people, items, or locations objectively, you’ll find that some are the best, some are the worst, and most fall in the middle. I'd summarize this Tellwut review by putting them in the middle of the pack.  They are good, but not great.  

Despite some claims by members whose accounts have been suspended, Tellwut doesn't appear to be a scam. It's a valid option for those looking to make a little earn money online from paid survey sites, though they are not the most profitable option.

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