Tellwut Review: A Legit Way To Make Extra Cash (2019)


Tellwut is a market research company who will pay you for your opinion. In our Tellwut review, we’ll give you the skinny on what’s good and what’s not so good about this established online survey company.

Who is Tellwut?

Tellwut is a female-owned business started in 2010 and located in Toronto, Canada.

They provide companies with consumer research gathered by their online survey panels. Their business model connects companies looking for product and service insights with consumers willing to provide them.

Is Tellwut legit

Is Tellwut legit?

Tellwut is a legit market research firm who is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating. With that in mind, we did find it odd how few reviews they actually had.

In fact, there are only four reviews.

Of those four reviews, three provided the company with high marks. The negative review was pretty bad though.

To Tellwut’s credit, they did provide a detailed response and made a few attempts to make it right with their customer.

Something else that stood out that they’ve never had a formal complaint registered with them.

Qualifying for Tellwut surveys isn’t always easy

Most complaints are from customers who completed surveys, earned points, and then applied for a gift card but didn’t receive it.

As you can imagine, this is frustrating and left some users feeling cheated out of their time. After digging in a bit, it seemed like there might be another problem causing this.

In our experience, we noticed how difficult it can be to qualify for surveys. As a result, some customers might try to change up their profile information in an attempt to qualify for more surveys.  

Market research data is only useful if it’s accurate, so it makes sense that Tellwut holds a high bar. This can get you banned from the site. You’ll find this is actually pretty common, even with highly rated survey companies.

All of this said you’ll be happy to know that most customers report no problems with getting paid as long as you follow the rules.

How does TellWut work?

To sign up go to the top, right corner of the homepage.  Then click on create an account.

TellWut login

You actually earn 100 points for registering your username and email address, which is a nice perk.

From there you can earn another 150 points for participating in the extended registration process.  You’ll also earn 25 points more to refer a friend.

TellWut sign up

Next, you’ll be presented with screening questions used to qualify you for offers. You get an additional 150 points for completing this step.

TellWut sign up

Once registered you’ll find the site is super simple and easy to use. There are only three buttons to click which are self-explanatory. There’s a home button, another for companies to create surveys, and finally a button for the Rewards center.

What are TellWut’s rewards? 

Each survey completed is worth reward points. As you take more and more surveys, you begin racking up reward points. Once you’ve saved up 4,000 points, you can exchange them for merchandise or gift cards.

We noticed the merchandise does not appear to always be available. It also appears to cost significantly more points than the gift cards do. 

TellWut’s gift cards

  • Walmart ($10 and $25)
  • Amazon ($10 and $25)
  • Applebee’s, Home Depot, and more

Customer feedback is mixed

One major complaint aside from folks having their accounts suspended is how little points are worth. This makes it take a long time to accumulate enough for a reward which hurts user engagement.

Customers who do earn enough to cash out praise Tellwut for timely payments. Many have worked with Tellwut for a long time without any complications.  

If you do find yourself with an issue, their customer service is highly regarded.


Taking into account our own experience as well are other user reviews, here is where Tellwut does a great job.

  • Upfront points for registration –  While the survey’s don’t pay much, the points for registering help balance it out.
  • Great reputation/rating with the Better Business Bureau – Zero BBB complaints and an “A+” rating.  
  • A long history of successful operation – Eight years is a long enough to say Tellwut is doing something right.
  • Plenty of surveys available on the site – There are a lot of surveys offered, though qualifying isn’t easy.
  • Reliable payment for those with accounts in good standing – Most users report consistent receipt of payment.  


There are certainly some issues that should be considered when determining how profitable it can really be for you.

  • Too much time on surveys for which you don’t qualify – because you can’t tell from a glance whether or not you’ll qualify for a specific survey, you spend a lot of time getting disqualified.  
  • Personalized filtering of surveys doesn’t work – You spend a lot of time upfront answering questions, yet you still don’t qualify for a majority of the surveys.  
  • Accounts suspended when customers try to redeem points – “Inconsistent voting” is a valid reason for account suspension. That said, you should be notified before you try to cash out.
  • Reward system is not great – Customers report that the TellWut reward values are relatively low compared to other survey polls.
  • Sketchy website mechanics – The survey filtering system doesn’t work, and some pages weren’t loading.

Wrapping Up Our TellWut Review

Our Tellwut review found this survey panel to be in the middle of the pack.  They are good, but not great.  We’d recommend it being one of your fallback options.

Despite some claims by members whose accounts have been suspended, Tellwut isn’t a scam. It’s a valid option for those looking to make a little earn money online from paid survey sites, though they are not the most profitable option.

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