VIP Voice Review: How to Get Started and What You’ll Earn (Updated 2019)


A good survey website can be a dime a dozen. That’s why we’ve been testing them all out so you can jump straight to the best ones.

The latest?  VIP Voice.

They are one of the most active survey platforms on the internet, so we had to give them a try. Paid surveys are an easy way to win vacations or even for earning money to put towards getting out of debt.

Ahead, our VIP Voice review is going to cover how to get started, the rewards you can expect, and if they are worth your time.

What is VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is a survey panel that was created by the American market research company, NPD Group. They help businesses make better decisions with the help of people like you.

They conduct over 12 million online surveys per year, so there’s more than enough to go around. These surveys cover topics like electronics, sports, beauty, apparel, and more. This variety means that you’re more likely to get surveys that apply to your specific demographics.

Seeing as they over 3 million active users, it’s safe to say that they’re trusted and used by many people to earn rewards and cash.

A big user base is always a comforting sign that people trust their service and use them for a good reason, otherwise they probably wouldn’t.

Is VIP Voice legit?

Can you trust VIP Voice with your time and information? Let’s find out.

There are hundreds of user reviews online to determine if VIP Voice is a worthwhile survey site. Look at what this user said recently about his experience with the website.

Derek claims that after winning two different prize draws, VIP Voice weren’t able to send them based on his location. He was offered other items that were considerably less and even offered cash to drop his complaint to the IRS against them.

The first part is a bummer, but could be explainable. What if duties or the border wouldn’t allow certain electronics or components across? It make sense to an extent, but there was clearly miscommunication on VIP Voice’s end by not responding later, too. The cash offer for dropping his complaint sounds like the company realized they made a mistake, but it’s questionable if that’s how to handle customer service.

But, let’s cheer things up with a positive review. Karon said that she enjoyed the surveys on VIP Voice, the variety, and feels encouraged to complete more in the future. See, the thing is with survey sites is you always get a mix of good and bad experiences. With millions of users, you shouldn’t feel totally discouraged when you see some negative reviews.

Across several other sites that reviewed VIP Voice, we saw the lowest score was 2/5 and the highest being 4/5 -- giving them an average rating of 3 out of 5.

How does VIP Voice work?

Joining VIP Voice is simple. Visit the homepage and click the join button. Fill out the form and you’ll be instantly thrown into the platform.

While you can navigate the platform instantly, you’ll need to confirm your email to begin taking surveys. Verifying also creates a sweepstakes entry with a chance to win $1,000. Sweet!

Quick Tip: If you plan on signing up for multiple surveys you should think about setting up a separate email address.  It's a quick way to optimize the survey process a little by cutting down on inbox clutter.

vip voice login

You will also need to fill out some basic information on your profile to get the most accurate surveys. Once you’ve completed this step, you can begin taking surveys from the “Survey Center” page.

We enjoyed the layout of the surveys itself. It’s simple and there’s nothing distracting you. Like many other of the survey websites we’ve reviewed, including Ipsos i-Say, VIP Voice includes a convenient progress bar. 

vip voice survey

One critique we do have is that some surveys were nearly repeats of previous ones. They had very similar questions, which can be make an already dull activity even less entertaining.

The survey page includes a history of the surveys you’ve taken and how many points they generated, too.

Their help page includes an FAQ for troubleshooting issues and to answer any questions you might have about surveys, points, changing passwords, or similar.

Overall, registering for VIP Voice, completing surveys, and navigating the website is a breeze. And what comes after you’ve done a survey? Rewards!

Follow along as we cover what you’ll be able to earn.

What are VIP Voice rewards?

Fun and useful rewards are a big reason for participating in survey sites, right? While VIP Voice has no shortage of those, they do unfortunately lack cash rewards.

Other platforms commonly offer PayPal deposits, allowing users to earn cash on the side for their efforts. This is a deal breaker for some, especially if you want to use this money to improve your personal finances.

You will earn points as you complete surveys, and a tiered system determines exactly how many you receive. There are levels 1 through 5, with each tier offering higher amounts. You are awarded VIP points for both qualifying and completing a survey. Beginners will earn 25 points for a participating and 50 for completion. The highest level earns a massive 500 for qualifying and 200 for participation.

Users can take these points and use them for entering either sweepstakes or bid on auctions. There’s no gift-cards, magazine subscriptions, or any typical reward we see from most survey sites.

The auctioning system means that you can bid on prizes like flat screen televisions, speakers, and appliances. The downside? Some of these requires hundreds of thousands of participation points. 

VIP Voice’s sweepstakes entry lets you win vacations, cash prizes, laptops, and more. Technically, yes, there are gift cards and rewards you’d normally expect, but you can’t quickly exchange them -- you have to enter for the chance to win them.

Out of the survey websites we’ve reviewed so far, we’d say this is one of the more disappointing reward systems.

If you don’t mind not being able to instantly cash out, then this won’t be a big deal.

VIP Voice surveys pros and cons

So, now you know how to get started on VIP Voice, how their point system works, and what rewards are available. This all of this information, it can be difficult to balance it, though.

That’s why we’ve put together this pros and cons to compare the advantages and disadvantages of using their platform.

Pros of VIP Voice

  • Tiered rewards system: Certain survey websites only offer a limited amount of points, no matter how active you are. That’s where VIP Voice does stand out. They have up to 5 different levels you can advance through, acting as a bonus for your hard work. The more effort you put in, the more you get out of it.

  • Ease of use: There’s nothing complicated about VIP Voice. Signing up is as simple as filling out a one page form, verifying your email, and doing an introductory survey. The website itself has no fluff, just all of the pages a survey website should have.

  • Thorough FAQ: Have you ever felt confused when using a new website? You won’t have to worry about that with VIP Voice. They have a very detailed FAQ that will answer any question you have about your account, points, and rewards. Some survey websites we’ve seen lack this, making the user experience less than stellar.

Cons of VIP Voice

  • No standard rewards: Looking for Amazon gift cards or some coffee money? You won’t find it on VIP Voice, unless you don’t mind waiting a potentially long time. Since there are only sweepstakes and auctions, you could be waiting months or longer to win. The more desired prices, like televisions or appliances, take an absurd amount of points, as well.

  • No mobile app: One of the joys of doing surveys is the convenience. You do them on your own time and they generally don’t take too long. Other sites like Harris Poll Online have a mobile app you can download to make completing surveys on the go easy. VIP Voice unfortunately does not, though.

  • You need to spend money: Some users have reported that gift cards they received were the type that requires you to spend a certain amount of money on your credit card for it to be activated. If you earn this type of card, not only do you have to put in your time, but also a bit of cash to put it to use. 

Sites like VIP Voice

If you're looking for other sites like Vip Voice, we'd recommend checking out these survey and rewards sites

Wrapping up our VIP Voice review

Out of the online survey websites we’ve had the pleasure to review, our honest opinion would be that VIP Voice pretty low. They’re not horrible by any means, but they have some fallbacks -- the biggest being that the reward system, perhaps the most important part, is severely lacking. There are great prizes, but it’s essentially a gamble with your time if you’ll receive anything.

Big rewards, such as vacations or flat screen televisions aren’t very common on other survey websites, so this is one benefit to using their platform. We also appreciated their ranking system, allowing more active users to generate more points for their participation.

We wouldn’t suggest signing up for VIP Voice if you’re interested in cash or gift card rewards. You should only register if you’re serious about winning an overseas trip or large amount of cash. Even then, it’s best if you use their platform casually and put more effort into other sites that pay you more for your time like InboxDollars or Swagbucks.

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