VIP Voice Review: Is It Worth Your Valuable Time? (Updated 2022)


Notice: As of 1 October, 2020, VIP Voice is no longer an active survey site. VIP Voice members were notified by VIP Voice’s parent company in a Facebook post. This VIP Voice review serves as a historical reference in the event that VIP Voice rejoins the list of active survey websites in the online research community.


VIP Voice is one of the most active paid survey platforms online, so it was only a matter of time until we reviewed them.

In our VIP Voice review, we’ll dig into how this market research company started, their unique platform, what type of rewards you can expect, and if VIP Voice is worth joining or a waste of time.

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What is VIP Voice?

Created by the market research company, NPD Group, VIP Voice is an online survey site that helps businesses make better business decisions with the help of consumers like you.

They do this by conducting over 12 million online surveys per year across a wide range of industries, on a variety of topics. These topics include:

  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Finance services
  • Sports
  • Apparel

Variety like that is a good thing because it means that you’re more likely to qualify for a higher number of surveys.

Is VIP Voice legit?

VIP Voice is legit. You won’t hear many people calling them a scam, but that doesn’t mean all their survey takers are happy. Like most survey sites, they aren’t without customers who have had bad experiences with them.

Look at what this user said about his bad experience on the platform.

Negative user review
Bad customer experience

The reviewer claimed that after winning two different prize draws, he never received his prize them due to location limitations. He was then offered a less valuable item which he declined. After reporting them to the IRS, they offered him a cash settlement to drop the complaint against them.

That’s a horrible experience. While they did finally try to make things right with the customer, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

But not all reviews are this bad, and VIP Voice has its share of loyal members. Here’s a reviewer that enjoys their experience. They really like the variety of the VIP Voice surveys and went as far as calling them fun to take.

Good review from VIP Voice panelist
Good customer experience

The main takeaway is, with millions and millions of users, don’t be totally be discouraged when you see some negative reviews. Not everyone is going to have a great experience from their own surveys. Just be cautious and do your own research.

How does VIP Voice work?

The way VIP Voice works is simple.

The first step is to visit the homepage and click the Join button. You’ll then be prompted to fill out the form. This form asks for some personal details like:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Demographic information

After that, you’ll be instantly logged into the platform.

That said, before you can actually complete surveys, you’ll need to verify your email address as a member of the online survey panel. But as a bonus for going through the registration process, you do get entered into a $1,000 sweepstakes just for doing it. This is just one of many sweepstakes opportunities you can become eligible for as part of the VIP Voice sweepstakes program.

VIP Voice home screen

Finally, you’ll need to complete your user profile to get the most accurate surveys. Once completed you can go to the “Survey Center” and get rolling.

Simple and easy to use

Something we should call out is how simple and user-friendly the site is. They put a big focus on their customer experience and try to remove any distractions from the user experience.

Easy to answer survey questions
Easy to use interface

One negative was how frequently they reused survey questions. It’s not a huge issue, but seeing the same question over and over gets old. On the plus side, we did find you have a great chance of qualifying surveys, which is really what we are looking for. The questions might get boring, but at least you’re earning points.

If you do have questions, they have an easy to find help page which includes FAQ for common questions you have about surveys, points, changing passwords, etc.

What are the rewards?

Rewards are one of the main reasons for participating in survey sites, right? While VIP Voice has no shortage of rewards, they don’t have an option to redeem for cash. Other survey companies offer this via PayPal or mailed checks, so it might be something they support eventually.

Tiered points system

You earn points as part of a tiered rewards program that determines how much you receive. This ttiered program has a variety of different levels, based upon VIP participation points.

Basically this means that the more surveys you take, the more points you earn for each survey. The highest level earns a massive 500 for qualifying and 200 for participation. It’s a good motivator to stay engaged and earn enough points to move beyond the current reward level.

More chances to earn

A great perk though is that you are awarded VIP qualification points when you qualify and completing a survey. New users will bank 25 VIP points for participating and 50 additional points for completion. You also earn a number of points for completing the sign-up process.

One thing we’d like to see is a referral system since this is a great way to multiply your efforts.

Unique rewards through auctions and sweepstakes

VIP Voice users then apply their points for sweepstakes entries and auction bids for a chance to win prizes via two platforms, Bidland and Sweepland. Unfortunately, there are no gift cards or merchandise options like you’ll see with other paid survey panels.

Bidland auction platform

VIP Voice has a unique approach to rewarding customers which have helped them increase their engagement over time. The first platform they have is an auction system called “Bidland”.

The auction bid system allows users to go bid on prizes like flat-screen televisions, speakers, appliances, and special offers. This can add some excitement to redeeming rewards since at the end of the auction, you may get a big prize for less than you thought.

The downside? Some of these require hundreds of thousands of participation points. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll end up as the highest bidder. 

Sweepland sweepstakes platform

The other platform you can use is called “Sweepland”. This sweepstakes program operates much like other sweepstakes programs.

You can use redeem points for a sweepstakes entry, which gives you a chance to win vacations, cash prizes, laptops, and special offers.

While these are fun options, it would be nice if they offered a more straight-forward program as well. Sometimes you just want a gift card.

Two ways to spend VIP Voice Surveys points

Pros and Cons


  • Tiered rewards system: Some paid survey sites offer a limited amount of points, no matter how active you are. VIP Voice rewards you for staying engaged.
  • Customer-focused and easy to use: There’s nothing complicated about the experience. From signing up to taking paid surveys everything is very user-friendly
  • FAQ: Very detailed FAQ’s that answer most questions you might have about your account, points, and rewards. Small things like this add to great customer experience.


  • No standard rewards: Looking for Amazon gift cards or some coffee money? You won’t find them here. This is a deal-breaker for some users.
  • No mobile app: Other sites have a mobile app to make completing surveys easy. VIP Voice does not. Hopefully, they will launch one soon.
  • Some users reported needing to spend money: Some users have reported having to spend money on a credit card in order to activate their gift cards. We’d highly recommend you never do this. You should never have to pay for your rewards.

Wrapping up our VIP Voice review

While VIP Voice isn’t among the best survey sites out there, they are a good option. That said, they have some fallbacks. We’d say their biggest issue is how lacking their reward system is. There are great prizes and sweepstakes entries are fun, but it’s essentially a gamble with your time if you’ll receive anything.

Don’t sign up for VIP Voice if you’re interested in cash or gift card rewards. Instead, you should go to a different online research panel like Survey Junkie.

You should only register if you’re serious about winning an overseas trip or a large amount of cash.

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