7 Of The Worst Online Survey Sites (Updated 2022)


You picked a survey to fill, spent a lot of time completing it, submitted the results, and got nothing in return. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Scam survey sites are everywhere. There’s a high chance you’ll fall into their trap someday. Don’t worry, though, we won’t let that happen!

That’s why we gathered the worst online survey sites on the market in this list, so you can dodge them.

Worst Online Survey Sites – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!

These are the worst survey sites that you’ll ever deal with. There are a lot of factors that got them on this list. Read on to know all about it!


toluna logo

Don’t let the professional design of this site trick you in. At first, it’ll be all good. After a while, though, you’ll know why Toluna isn’t worth your time. 

There are 3 main reasons:

  • Survey criteria
  • Inbox Spam
  • Low rewards

For starters, most of the surveys have specific criteria that you don’t know of. Meaning, you can fill hundreds of surveys and get rejected for the majority for them.

Moreover, your inbox gets spammed with advertising emails. It’s not only wasting your inbox space but also your time. Since most of the surveys will reject you anyway.

One more thing to pay attention to is the ridiculously low rewards. In order to get $30, you’ll have to earn approximately 160,000 points! The regular survey will gain you only 15 points or so. 

In other words, a lot of work for very little reward. But if you want to learn more about one of the worst online survey sites, you can check out our in-depth Toluna review.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost

If you sign up on Opinion Outpost, you’ll receive everything by email. No one likes their inbox getting spammed. But with this site, there’s no escape from it. You’ll get a load of ads that you don’t need.

Furthermore, the reward options are limited compared to most sites. There aren’t many ways to earn money through it. If survey sites are your main source of side hustle income, this will not work for you.

The customer service in Opinion Outpost gained a lot of complaints from users. The user complaints often mentioned that Opinion Outpost is not very helpful with specific issues like suspended accounts.

Aside from the common issue of screening out, you’ll face another issue with your account when you try to convert your points to cash. A lot of accounts get suspended when they try to cash out.

We can sum up those issues in four main points:

  • Email spamming
  • Limited reward options
  • Poor customer service
  • Accounts suspension


Users’ complaints of Panelbase revolved around four main issues:

  • False claims
  • Poor customer service
  • Accounts suspension
  • Low pay

The site’s claims about the time it takes to complete surveys is pretty outrageous. A survey that they claim takes 15 minutes will waste around 30 minutes of your time instead!

Additionally, their customer service is not helpful. It takes a very long time to get a response. Your issue can take weeks to be answered, which can be a hassle to follow up with.

As with some of the other sites, a lot of accounts are suspended without cause. Plus, you won’t qualify for a lot of surveys. They can also disqualify you when you’re halfway through the survey.

The pay is also lower than expected with Panelbase. It’ll take you a lot of time to make any real income. Some users even complained that they never receive their rewards.

Valued Opinions

The most prominent issue with using this site is that you can’t get cash. The only reward you’ll get from Valued Opinions is Amazon gift cards. They don’t offer cash or Paypal payments. There are three other reasons you shouldn’t use it:

  • Site performance issues
  • Long surveys get lost when postponing
  • Rewards are delivered after a lot of time

There are also a lot of performance issues associated with this site. Some users weren’t able to get their rewards, even after filling many surveys.

Besides, if you’re taking a long survey that requires hours to fill it, you won’t be able to fill out half of it and finish it later. Users who tried this lost both the survey opportunity and their money.

Another problem with Valued Opinions is that money takes a very long time to get paid out. The Amazon voucher button also disappears sometimes. 

You may have to wait for months before you’re able to enjoy your reward.


Previously called Survey Head, the recently rebranded site took a large fall downward instead of shining in the new name. Users have been complaining a lot about it. That’s mainly due to three issues:

  • Low payment
  • Poor customer service
  • Accounts suspension

The payment is relatively low compared to the time it takes to fill out paying surveys. It also takes a lot of time for the users to receive their rewards.

Another common problem is poor customer service. You’ll have to wait long before getting a reply from them. 

Also, users’ accounts on iPoll get suspended occasionally without any valid reasons. All the points get lost in the process. It’ll be a waste of your time trying to earn points or money online through iPoll.

Opinion Bar

Opinion Bar has the most complaints regarding the screening out of the issue. Users don’t qualify for the majority of the surveys available on the site

Other than the screening out, there are some reasons you shouldn’t use Opinion Bar:

  • Rewards aren’t delivered
  • Performance issues
  • No notifications

Most users don’t get paid their rewards. A lot of them had to reach out for help many times and still got nothing. Some of them even got deactivated.

Furthermore, the site’s performance is not the best. You’ll face a lot of errors while loading anything. You may also lose the survey you’ve been doing because of some glitch.

Using Opinion Bar, you’ll have to constantly check the site for new surveys. They don’t notify you when there’s something that may suit you.


i-Say logo

I-Say is among the worst paid survey sites for a couple of reasons:

A lot of users complained that their accounts get suspended when they’re close to the minimum number of points. Plus, they get disqualified from surveys after they’re done filling.

The customer service is hard to reach and unresponsive. If you face any issue with this site, which happens quite frequently, you’ll have to deal with it on your own.

Another complaint from the users is that they get asked the same questions a lot of times. This means that the site is not investing in a reliable database.

The payment also takes a lot of time to be delivered, and it’s relatively low compared to reliable sites. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to depend on passive income or side hustle, there are hundreds of survey sites on the market for you to try, like PineCone Research or Survey Junkie.

Signing up for one of the previously mentioned sites will be a hassle and a huge waste of time that you don’t need.

Now that you know why these are the worst online survey sites, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of these issues!

It’d be better if you look for reliable sites instead. It’ll save you time and earn you extra money.

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    How about Branded Surveys and Your Opinion Surveys The last one kept sended the same survey 100s of times Branded suspends your account for no reason.