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For someone new to the world of personal finance, the amount of information out there can be confusing and overwhelming. This guide is designed to teach you what you need to know about the basics of personal finance, and how you can start improving your own finances today.

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29 Student Debt Facts: The Numbers Don’t Lie [Infographic]
1.48 Trillion Dollars! That's the total amount of outstanding student debt in the United States. It's crazy. But when it comes to student loans, it's not the only crazy statistic out there. If you are working on paying off your own student debt here are 29 student debt facts that should motivate you.
16 Crafts That Make Money That Anyone Can Create (Updated 2019)
Pinterest is a great way to visually search for ideas and inspiration. It can also be very profitable. Here is exactly how to make money on Pinterest.
Hobbies That Make Money: 15 Ideas Anyone Can Pursue (2019)
Interested in trying something new in your free time? Did you know there are actually hobbies that make money as well? Here are 15 you might want to try.
15 Myths About Personal Finance That You Should Ignore [Updated 2019]
Money myths can be difficult to debunk because they are passed on in the form of advice by well-meaning parents, friends, and coworkers. To help, we created a list of the most common money misconceptions. By sorting out the facts from the fiction, you can stop standing in the way of your own financial well-being.
The 27 Worst Money Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them
We all make mistakes, it’s human nature. But some basic financial pitfalls can be avoided with just a little foresight. To shine a light on some of the most common missteps, I’ve created this list of the worst money mistakes you can make, along with recommendations for what to do instead.
The Best Work From Home Jobs That Pay Incredibly Well (Updated 2019)
Do you want to set your own hours? Tired of working from a stuffy office? If so, here are the best work from home jobs that also can pay incredibly well!
The 9 Best Online Jobs for Stay At Home Moms (Updated for 2019)
Looking for jobs you can do from home with your kids? To make the search easier for you we compiled a list of the best online jobs for stay at home moms.
16 Personal Finance Ratios That Will Make Life Easier (Updated 2019)
You are a busy person. That's what makes personal finance ratios great. They provide guardrails for better financial decisions in a quick and simple way. Here are 16 to help get you started!
Best Online Translation Jobs For Earning a Living Online (Updated 2019)
Looking for a job you can do remote? Do you speak multiple languages? If so, you might be a good fit for these online translation jobs for beginners.
15 Ways To Create Better Money Habits That Kickstart Your Finances
Saving money isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be hard. Here are some of the better money habits that can help you improve your finances.
27 Tips to Save Money On Groceries WITHOUT Clipping Coupons!
Groceries shopping can take a big bite out of your monthly budget. Here are 27 tips to help you stretch your grocery budget go a lot further!
The Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners (Updated 2019)
Looking for a job you can do remote? Are you a good listener? Fast typer? If so, you might be a good fit for these online transcriptions jobs for beginners.
17 Reasons For Preparing A Budget [Updated 2019]
When you are focused on becoming debt-free, you need a budget. But is that the only reason to budget? Check out the 17 best reasons for preparing a budget!
Best Places To Find Online Writing Jobs (Updated 2019)
Looking to earn a little extra money? Do you have a natural knack for writing? If so, here are some of the best places to find of online writing jobs you!
How To Manage Cash Flow and 7 Ways To Increase Cash Flow Today!
Peter Drucker once said, "You can't manage what you don't measure". When it comes to your finances, that measurement is cash flow. This post talks about how to manage cash flow, how to improve cash flow through small changes, and what levers you can pull to increase cash flow.