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Tax Planning

Tax planning is fundamental to financial planning. These articles outline how to achieve your financial goals without paying more taxes than you have to.

Latest Personal finance Articles

My most recent personal finance tips, tutorials, and tax walkthroughs.

irs schedule c, profit or loss from business

IRS Schedule C Instructions

Many small business owners operate as a single-member LLC or sole proprietorship. Because of their focus on running…
irs form 2439, notice to shareholder of undistributed long-term capital gains

IRS Form 2439 Instructions

Registered investment companies (RICs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs) are required by federal law to report certain…
irs schedule a, itemized deductions

IRS Schedule A Instructions

During tax time, individual taxpayers can choose to take a standard tax deduction, as determined by the Internal…
IRS Form 8845, Indian employment credit

IRS Form 8845 Instructions

Certain qualified taxpayers who hired Native Americans from 1993 through 2021 were entitled to tax savings, in the…
irs form 8906, distilled spirits credit

IRS Form 8906 Instructions

If you are an eligible wholesaler, or otherwise required to pay excise tax on distilled spirits, you may…
irs form 8697, interest computation under the look-back method for completed long-term contracts

IRS Form 8697 Instructions

If you operate with long-term contracts, you may need to make adjustments to prior year income tax liability…

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a fundamental part of the financial planning process. Learn about helpful and actionable insight on how to plan your retirement.

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