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Tax Planning

Tax planning is fundamental to financial planning. These articles outline how to achieve your financial goals without paying more taxes than you have to.

Latest Personal finance Articles

My most recent personal finance tips, tutorials, and tax walkthroughs.

irs form 2624, consent for third party contact

IRS Form 2624 Instructions

If you’re having problems with an information return issued by an employer or financial institution, the IRS may ask you to complete IRS Form 2624. This tax form gives the…

IRS Form 1099-DIV Instructions

If you have investments that produce dividend income or capital gain distributions, you should expect to receive IRS Form 1099-DIV. While your financial institution is responsible for issuing this tax…
irs form 1040-sr, U.S. Tax return for seniors

IRS Form 1040-SR Instructions

During tax season, calculating your tax bill can be daunting and overwhelming. But thanks to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, the IRS introduced IRS Form 1040-SR to help senior…
irs form 5495, request for discharge from personal liability under internal revenue code section 2204 or 6905

IRS Form 5495 Instructions

If you’re filing an income, gift, or estate tax return on behalf of a decedent, you might be held responsible for the decedent’s back taxes that you did not properly…
form ssa 1693, fee agreement for representation before the social security administration

Form SSA 1693 Instructions

If you hire professional representation for Social Security matters, they may ask you to sign Form SSA 1693 as part of your agreement. In this article, we’ll walk through Form…
irs form 1128, application to adopt, change, or retain a tax year

IRS Form 1128 Instructions

If you’re a taxpayer looking to change your tax year, you generally need to request approval from the Internal Revenue Service by filing IRS Form 1128. In this article, we’ll…

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a fundamental part of the financial planning process. Learn about helpful and actionable insight on how to plan your retirement.

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