15 Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos Online (2022)

One of the best ways to earn some extra cash is using apps that pay you to watch videos online. Apart from watching short clips, you may have to do a tiny amount of work. This is a list of applications that will pay you to watch videos. 

These applications are often significant. They are a source of passive income. You can watch videos whenever you are lounging around or waiting for someone. In other words, you will be able to hit the button and earn extra cash. 

But the majority of these applications are precisely not working the same way. It would be best to hit the “next” button to continue watching the following videos. Below mentioned is a list of applications that helps to earn money by watching videos. 

Does it seem realistic to be paid for watching videos? Some tags help categorize the shows and movies based on a few things like tone, genre, and content. These tags are responsible for assisting the viewers in finding out what they are looking for as fast as possible. It also helps make a few things easier for the sites’ algorithms to recommend the relevant suggestions. 

Most of the sites mentioned in this article require a stable internet connection to watch videos and earn money. Most of the applications are available both as the Android app or the iOS app. There is no way to make money directly by watching videos on YouTube. Only the creator of the content will be able to make money from YouTube. But you can also earn Ethereum or virtual currency to watch YouTube through the TV-TWO app.  

Online video-watching jobs are regarded as one of the best ways to earn money in their spare time. It also has better potential for making. 


Swagbucks is a very renowned mobile application because of its versatility. Not only does the user get paid for watching videos, but the application also allows the user to earn points through any of the following:

  • Completing a survey
  • Online shopping
  • Playing video games online
  • Free trial offers

Swagbucks is one of the higher-paying sites on the web. Swagbucks is number one because most users can earn real money online.

Users can typically earn an amount of $30 per month after letting the videos play automatically. Every time the user completes a task in this application, he/she makes points. Users exchange these points in return for the direct deposits to the PayPal account, gift cards, or cash prizes. 

The application also comes along with a great referral program. In case each friend who is signing up using the link can earn 10% of the amount they will be making for life. Swagbucks offer a $10 welcome bonus, but sometimes the amount varies from $5 and $10.

Swagbucks is considered one of the highest paying applications for watching online videos. 


The Reward is making its way pretty quickly up in the list when making money to complete the small task jobs.  One can start making money while watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, and referring surveys. But the user needs to keep in mind that it is mandatory to hit the “Next” button to keep earning with the application. 

The option of pay-out usually is much better when compared to any other applications. When the user is logging in, a welcome bonus of 100 points is deposited into the account. Once the minimum balance is reached, the user will be able to cash out for the gift card or PayPal money that is free. 


ClipClaps is another application that pays money if the user is watching videos. It is one such application that was launched recently and is becoming very popular. Videos can be both fun or short from the phone.

In case you are opting for searching videos on YouTube, quickly opt for switching to ClipClaps for getting paid for it. When a person registers for the application, a $1 welcome bonus is automatically credited after using the promo code.

ClipClaps is another app that pays you to watch videos online

Or else, all the new users are eligible for receiving the Diamond Chest at the time of registration. It contains various prizes. One can also make more cash by referring to friends. During the time of signing-up, one can earn $1. What is most crucial about ClipClaps is it is quite addictive because of the entertaining videos. 

Once the least amount of points is reached, the user can exchange the facts to the PayPal account for the direct deposits. 


FusionCash is a website that offers a good incentive by giving the user a sign-up bonus of $5. The user also needs a minimum amount of $25 necessary for the user’s account to convert to cash. But one thing you must keep in mind is that it should not take more time to reach a certain amount. 

Make money by watching videos with Fusioncash

You will get paid to watch videos; simultaneously, FusionCash helps the user take surveys, listen to music, refer to friends, and even click ads. There are plenty of offers for new users, and it is not a tough job to earn an amount of $25 within the first thirty minutes. 


MyPoints is popularly known to be a cash-back shopping portal. They are partnered with many online retailers across the entire world, and they have placed all of their links on the retailers’ page. 

Every time a user clicks on the link and starts shopping at the retailer of their choice, they are eligible for earning a commission. Instead of keeping the cash to themselves, they give it to their users in cash-back. You can also expect to make a cash-back amount ranging from 1% to 10%. 

Earn points by shopping at your favorite stores

Not only for this feature, but MyPoints is also so much popular. It also enables its users to earn free cash by watching videos on mobile applications simply. However, these videos are not passive; one needs to hit the next button to watch the videos. You will also get a bonus of $10 when you earn the first $20. 

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a reward site that pays its users for completing the task apart from watching videos. In case you are searching for a site that can help you earn a maximum amount of cash, then it is recommended that you visit these apps and do a combination of watching videos and feeding mails. 

InboxDollars pays users to watch videos

These are straightforward options and are also a favorite of many. But one thing is to be considered, i.e., Inbox Dollars is not just a passive income site. One has to click the “Next” button to play the following videos. The most exciting fact about InboxDollars is it gives a sign-up bonus of $5. They also have an outstanding referral program. 

Even for every friend that the user refers to, they are eligible for earning 10% of what they deserve. 


It is an excellent way by which one earns money by finishing the tasks online. The site also includes the functions of referring friends, watching videos as well as taking surveys. You can also make money by being the AFK on the servers. Hence it becomes one of the passive income apps. 

Earn free things with idle-empire

The user can also have Idle-Empire by using the computer’s processing power to assist the mining of the cryptocurrency. In return, they give free money, and the user is not liable for doing any activities. They also have a minimum cash-out rate that is extremely low of 1,000 points. 

Nielsen Computers And Mobile Panel

You can earn extra money of about $50 per year on each device by installing the app and leaving it streaming in the background.  Nielsen computers and mobile panels furnish you with enough payment without any registration bonus. Also, it can be installed on several devices such as desktop, tablet, or mobile apps with which one can increase their earnings. 

Nielsen Homescan

As a market research process, Nielsen computers and mobile panel gathers information and sells it to another company to reward you. Nevertheless, they are responsible enough not to disclose any personal data of the users so that no one can track down the user. 

Through the app segment, which displays Nielsen’s TVating, you will get the chance to collect points if you watch videos from your phone through this app.  the company will receive information regarding the kind of videos you are watching youtube and for how long.


This app has no registration payment. It is a website whereby playing games, watching videos, taking online paid surveys, and referring to friends you can get paid. The app is much popular and preferable to people as a significant amount of money can be earned solely by referring it to friends making it easier to earn money.

Earn digital rewards and gift cards with earnably.

 You can also earn an extra payment of 10%. At least a minimum amount of $5 is needed for gift cards or PayPal cash. It is possible to get paid to watch online videos through this app though it may not be as high as other items listed here.


By watching the very first video, you can start earning a welcome bonus of $.50.simply by watching online advertisements from your personal computers and mobile phones. You can get paid to watch videos app with a significant amount. It prevents confusion regarding converting money to points by paying you in cash, which is regarded as the best thing about this website. 

Wallet-Your finances in one place

Watching each short video in an ad wallet pays between 0.50 cents to $3. The only drawback of this website is that there are not good videos available in this app which is why one has to check now and then if there are any latest videos available. 10% extra payment can be earned as a form of bonus on top of their general earning by referring it to friends.

Creations Reward

With a registration bonus of $5, creations reward is an app that pays you to watch videos. Similar to Swagbucks, this site pays you. It lets you earn points by taking part in various online activities besides watching online videos, referring to other friends, taking a survey, and completing small tasks. 

Creations Reward pays you to watch videos.

It provides you with 10% of the earnings made by your friends. If you earn $5 in the initial five days, we will be given a bonus of $5. Converting only $5 in cash is required on this website which is the best thing about this platform. You can exit from this website at any time by simply uninstalling it and still manage to earn some easy money. You can quickly recover your points for PayPal money or gift cards.

Cash Crate

The cash crate is ruling the market for a long time and eventually growing in reputation. With negligible registration bonus and no welcome bonus, it is a short task site that gets you paid for watching videos, taking paid surveys, referring to your friends, and carrying out online shopping. It pays an additional $20 to $30 per month to watch videos. 

Earn extra cash with cash crate

You can engage in other online tasks if you have the intention of increasing your earning. Taking surveys and completing each small task will grant you points that can be converted into gift cards. The site is transparent enough to expose a new user to all the earning possibilities before signing up for the website.

App Trailers

With a registration bonus of 50 points, get paid to watch videos online through app trailers. The video in this app are well-sorted and categorized, which makes choosing what to watch easier. 

App trailers

They include an advertisement for games, movie trailers, and many more, which, when overlooked, will make you earn a significant amount. It pays 10-20 points for the videos, which last for 30 seconds. At least 500 points are required to redeem for rewards. You don’t have to wait to be paid as it is done instantly. You can even save your points for PayPal cash or gift cards.

National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel or Nielsenhomescan Consumer Panel is an organization that gathers information on consumer habits. Along with allowing earning from video surveys, they also pay you to scan the purchased product. For starters, one can use an android or apple device, but a manual barcode scanner will be sent by them if required. 

National consumer panel

To make instant money, one can go through some video surveys after you sign up temporarily. You can earn points by watching a video that can later be exchanged for a prepaid card, gift card, and other options without any registration bonus.

Grab Points

Join Grab Points with 500 points as a registration bonus. By completing small tasks from your phone and watching videos, you can earn money. Other than this, you can also earn money by referring it to friends, taking surveys, and installing apps on the smartphone. 


There are innumerable videos available in the app which can render you points and can be redeemed for a free card. 1 to 10 points can be earned by watching per video. It gives out a much higher payment if you install the other smartphone apps along with the grab points app. It is a user-friendly app that explains how to get paid to watch videos online.


it is not difficult for you to search for video apps that pay you though there are some pros and cons associated with each website. Some websites include no or minimum investment to sign up. The websites are legal and secured as no personal information is exposed though some are involved in fraud activities. Some websites may deal with the delay in the payment, which may give you the feel of insecurity. Some gift cards may hold a minimum purchase value to get redeemed. It is proved that online video earning jobs can be highly beneficial for earning a side income. 

Watching videos is considered fun to earn money, and it is also a quick way of making some extra amount of cash or even score some gift cards on Amazon in the spare time. Sometimes, the pay-out on an hourly basis is considered to be very low. Therefore you need to approach the whole matter with some realistic expectations. 

That is why the most well-known sites are also enabled to earn with surveys or cash-back shopping. These activities pay higher on an hourly basis. This also helps to get the most significant chance to reach the minimum amount of cash-back. 

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