Cashback Research Review: Earn Rewards For Your Opinions (2019)


Everyone has an opinion, and most of us are willing to give away ours for free. But there are market research companies that will pay for your opinions in online surveys.  Wouldn't you like to be rewarded for giving opinions? 

In our Cashback Research review, we'll take a look at one such website, dedicated to providing market data, and ensuring that participants are compensated for their input. The website offers qualified users cash rewards for their thoughts and opinions.

How does Cashback Research help?

Cashback Research is a great platform that benefits the market researchers hoping to gain insight into consumer behavior, as well as the participating users who are hoping to make some cash online.

Cashback Research provides multiple ways for their users to earn money. Its rewards system makes sure users are paid for their efforts and allows them to opportunity to cash in their rewards in the form of money, gift cards etc. It is a free service the provides people money to register, login, and take surveys every day. The incentive is strong with this one! 

What is Cashback Research?

Launched in 2007 in Myrtle Beach, Carolina by Tamara and Michael Hetzer, Cashback Research currently boasts 1.5 million members across the globe.

The concept of Cashback Research sees the website providing users with alternate cash-making opportunities while providing real-time research insights to companies.

It was launched in the era of early social media sites, where it first started generating buzz, introducing social media users to the world of paid surveys.

Signing up with Cashback Research

Cashback Research offers an easy registration process that takes around 5 minutes.  Just follow these steps:

Cashback Research login
  1. Access Cashback Research’s website;
  2. The first thing you will see is the ‘Sign Up Now and Get $5.00’ CTA. Put your email address and name in the boxes and click the sign-up button;
  3. Once you have officially registered, you will be shown a couple of paid surveys that you need to sign-up for. Choose one;
  4. After doing so, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can look for more surveys and bonuses.
Cashback Research login

Cashback Research login

Registered users on Cashback Research are prompted towards potential surveys. Choosing one takes you forward to potentially more surveys.

Cashback Research survey

Cashback Research dashboard

Many of the surveys usually have strict research parameters in place, making it difficult for most users to qualify and participate in the activities. If you have trouble finding the right surveys, don’t worry! Cashback Research has created a dashboard that allows it's users to easily find more opportunities and track their earnings to date.   

How to make money on Cashback Research

Daily surveys

The daily surveys offered on the Cashback Research website act as the primary earning avenue for users. The daily surveys are updated each day and are available in two categories:

  • Red Surveys: These are the surveys that you are already qualified for, based off your profile details.
  • Black Surveys: These surveys have additional research parameters attached and you will have to try and qualify for them.

Unfortunately, these daily surveys re-direct you to third-party survey sites. These may be company survey sites or just other paid survey sites. There is a good chance that you’ll have to register on that site too to continue.

In order to activate the daily survey options, you must sign up for one of the survey panels present in the Cashback Research recommendations. Cashback Research receives a recommendation commission every time someone signs up for one of the offered panels.

Survey panel recommendations

You will see a list of survey panel recommendations when you log in. Signing up for these will give Cashback Research earns a commission each time a user signs up for these, but so do you!
Users are entitled to a bonus of $10 for joining twelve of these panels.

Bonus cash offers

Clicking on that yellow box that says, ‘Bonus Cash Offers’ takes users  to a page that details other research avenues offering earning potential.

These include signing up for free trials, other websites, new apps and maybe even completing a certain level in a game. While these are all great ways to earn money users are encouraged to be careful as these sites might request personal information and possibly your credit card info in the case of a free trial.

Membership bonuses

Cashback Research is one of the few survey sites that has membership levels. New users join as Bronze members and then work to upgrade their membership to Silver, Gold, and even Platinum, each providing a better payout.

  • Bronze: $0.50 per daily survey
  • Silver: $0.55 per daily survey
  • Gold: $0.60 per daily survey
  • Platinum: $0.65 per daily survey

To get to more lucrative membership levels, members must participate in more survey panels.

As a new user, you can upgrade to Silver by joining 10 new survey panels. Upgrading to Gold requires at least 15 survey panel registrations or 5 payouts. For Platinum, you need 10 payouts, which might take some time to reach.

Additional Features

  • Sign-Up Bonus: Cashback Research is one of the few survey sites that offer a sign-up bonus. Users are instantly rewarded $5 as soon upon sign up and added towards the first payout.
  • Payment Avenues: Cashback Research offers easy and convenient payout options allowing users to access their rewards via PayPal or in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.
  • Login Bonus: Cashback Research rewards users with a $0.05 bonus for everyday they log in on the site. This acts as an incentive for users to visit the website more frequently, thus completing more surveys.
  • App Bonuses: Cashback Research provides unique cash and in-app bonuses for registering on the apps on its panel. Apps like Mega Casino and Bingo Café offer in-game benefits along with the cash bonus on Cashback Research’s dashboard.

Who is Cashback Research for?

Cashback Research is for people that just want some additional money on the side. As Cashback Research says, “You won’t get rich, but you will get paid!” Their website acts as central hub of paid surveys and bonuses where users can participate in surveys and panels hosted on third-party websites.

Is Cashback Research legit?

The internet offers plenty of options by way of paid survey sites. Online user reviews for Cashback Research shows mixed results.

Their website states multinational firms like Neilson, Netflix, and Disney, etc as their research partners, evidence that the company is a legitimate platform.

So then why are some people dissatisfied with Cashback Research?

Cashback Research Review

Most people reviewing Cashback Research indicate how happy they are with their experience. This is mostly common in users who understand how survey sites operate and take the time to read the website’s terms and conditions.

Cashback Research Complaints

The negative reviews mostly arise from people who are new to the survey business and/or people who haven’t understood the terms and conditions.

Cashback Research Complaints

These users tend to fast-track to filling out surveys and do not bother to read the best practices and the terms dictated by Cashback Research.

Cashback Research FAQ's

Cashback Research maintains a comprehensive FAQ section on their main page, right below the sign-up option, with answers to a list of possible questions users might have. 

The customer support team at Cashback Research has shown that they try to address the concerns of their users, and seek to provide solutions to the negative reviewers that are complaining about their experience on the website. You will find that no other survey site does so.

This continuous engagement with users shows the team’s drive to provide an optimal experience on Cashback Research.

Cashback Research FAQ

Advantages of Cashback Research

  • Bonuses: You receive multiple bonuses throughout your time with Cashback Research. This includes a $5 sign-up bonus and an additional $0.05 bonus for logging in every day (caps at $0.50).
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard: Their dashboard is pretty easy to navigate and everything is displayed on the main page. Cashback Research delivers a smooth and easy experience.
  • Fast Response: Cashback Research has great customer service, usually responding to support tickets and emails in under 24 hours.
  • Payment Options: Cashback Research provides easy and convenient payout options through PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Honesty: They’re upfront about this not being a get rich quick scheme or a realistic part time job.  It’s just an additional way of making money on the side.

Disadvantages of Cashback Research

Our Cashback Research review wouldn't be complete without pointing out a few of it's downsides.

  • Low Earning: You won’t get your time’s worth on Cashback Research. That much is pretty evident. Earning around $1 an hour for a survey you may or may not qualify for is pretty low compared to other survey sites.
  • High Minimum Payout: Compared to other survey sites, Cashback Research has a pretty high payout threshold. At $30, it is absolutely ridiculous. A lot of people give up before reaching that amount because it is hard to get to.  
  • Third-Party Links: Cashback Research is full of third-party links, redirecting to websites that require users to input their information on multiple platforms, making for a very inconvenient experience. These links are unavoidable as Cashback Research does not host any surveys on their own site. .
  • Email Spam: One of the worst things about Cashback Research is that they spam users with emails. Most of these emails contain spam third-party links, so it is best to use an alternate email for any of this site.

Other sites like Cashback Research

If you're looking for other sites like Cashback Research we'd recommend checking out these survey and rewards sites

Wrapping up our Cashback Research review

If you don’t mind spending an abundant amount of time on filling out surveys, you should give Cashback Research a shot.

They don’t pay much, but they are completely legitimate and you are guaranteed payment. The minimum amount of time spent completing a paid survey is 15-30 minutes.

So if you have that kind of time, and are willing to share your opinion on surveys, Cashback Research deserves your attention. Make sure to read their FAQ’s so you fully understand what you’re signing up for.

Tried Cashback Research? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!

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