Cashback Research Review: Rewards For Your Opinion (2022)

July 2022 Update: It appears that Cashback Research is no longer conducting online surveys. A quick visit to their webpage shows that the domain is currently parked, and the website has been taken offline. While Cashback Research still has a Facebook page, the latest post is from 2019.

This review is a historical reference point for Cashback Research, and a placeholder in the case they come back online. If you’re in search of better opportunities to complete surveys and earn extra income, please check out our reviews of the best survey sites:



In this Cashback Research review, we’ll take a look at an online survey site known for its research and customer service. Their platform offers qualified survey takers cash rewards for their thoughts and personal opinions.

Cashback Research logo

How does Cashback Research work?

Cashback Research connects market research companies looking for consumers’ insights with survey-takers willing to be paid for their opinion.

They provide multiple ways to earn rewards and exchange them for extra cash and gifts. On top of that, it’s 100% free to register, login, and start taking daily surveys. The incentive is strong with this one! 

What is Cashback Research?

Cashback Research was launched in 2007 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They currently boast 1.5 million members across the globe.

The site was founded during the days of early social media sites such as MySpace. That’s when they first started introducing internet users to the world of paid surveys.

Signing up with Cashback Research

Registering is straightforward. Completing the registration process should take around 5 minutes.  

Cashback Research login
  • First go to the Cashback Research website
  • Next click on ‘Sign Up Now and Get $5.00’ call to action button. Once you click the button, you’ll be prompted for basic information like your name and email address.
  • Once registered, you will be shown a few paid surveys that you need to sign-up for.
  • After choosing your first survey, you’ll finally be taken to the main Cashback Research dashboard. From here, you can search for more surveys and bonuses.

Cashback Research login

Every time you log in to you’ll be prompted with a lot of surveys that you may qualify for. Choosing one actually prompts you more options, so it doesn’t hurt to do it.

Cashback Research survey

Dashboard view

Many surveys have specific eligibility requirements which can make it difficult to qualify. If you have trouble finding the right surveys, don’t worry!

Cashback Research created a dashboard to help its users find the best surveys and track their earnings.   

How to make money on Cashback Research

Daily surveys

The daily surveys are your primary options, falling across two categories:

These may be for other survey sites. That means you’ll have to register twice.

To activate the daily surveys, sign up for one of their recommended panels. They earn a commission every time someone signs up for one of the offered panels.

Survey panels

When you log in you’ll receive a list of recommended survey panels. Users received a $10 bonus after joining twelve panels.

Bonus cash offers

Clicking on ‘Bonus Cash Offers’ brings you other ways to earn including free product trials, other survey sites, new apps, and even games.

While these can be a great way to earn money be careful. These are often 3rd party site and it’s possible they’ll request credit card information.

Membership bonuses

Cashback Research is one of the few survey sites with membership levels where you are rewarded for your engagement. You’ll start at the Bronze membership level, and work your way to Platinum levels.

Each tier provides a better payout than the previous one.

  • Bronze level: Starting level. A bronze member can earn up to $0.50 a survey
  • Silver level: Requires joining 10 surveys and earns you $0.55 each
  • Gold level: Requires at least 15 surveys or 5 payouts and earns you $0.60 a survey
  • Platinum level : Requires at least 10 payouts and earns you $0.65 a survey

Additional Features

  • Sign-Up bonus: Users are instantly rewarded $5.00 just for signing up and becoming a new member. You can also earn loyalty bonuses.
  • Payment options: Easy and convenient payout options via PayPal or Amazon gift card.
  • Login bonus: You receive a $0.05 bonus for every day they log in on the site.
  • App bonuses: Apps like Mega Casino and Bingo Café offer in-game benefits and cash bonuses.

Who is Cashback Research for?

Cashback Research is for people that just want some additional easy money on the side. Their motto is “You won’t get rich, but you will get paid!”

In other words, the hourly rate isn’t high and it’s not much money. But it’s real money you can earn in your spare time.

Cashback Research acts as a hub for paid surveys connecting the best survey sites under one roof.

Is Cashback Research a legit site?

With customers such as Nielson research, Netflix, and Disney and a solid track record of operations, they sound like a legitimate platform.

Most user reviews are about how much they enjoyed the survey site. One thing to note though is that the most positive feedback was from users familiar with how survey sites work.

Cashback Research Review


The negative reviews are mostly from people new to the surveys or those who didn’t read all the terms and conditions. You need to read the terms and conditions.

Cashback Research Complaints

Frequently asked questions

Cashback Research maintains a comprehensive FAQ section with answers to a list of possible questions new users might have. 

The customer support team also tries to answer user issues the best they can. You’ll often see them responding to negative reviewers and looking for solutions for them. You will find that not many sites do that.

Cashback Research FAQ


  • Bonuses: These include a $5 sign-up and a $0.05 loyalty bonus for logging in every day (caps at $0.50).
  • Easy dashboard: The Cashback Research member dashboard makes navigation easy with everything displayed on one page.
  • Fast response: Great customer service with a 24 hour turn around on customer support tickets.
  • Payment options: Easy and convenient payout options through PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Honesty: They’re upfront about this not being a realistic part-time job. Kudos to them for being honest.


Our Cashback Research review wouldn’t be complete without pointing out a few of its downsides.

  • Low pay rate: Earning around $1 an hour for a survey is pretty low compared to other survey sites. That’s not much money for a lot of hard work.
  • High minimum payout: At $30, it is higher than the normal payout threshold.
  • Third-party links: Cashback Research is full of third-party links making for a very inconvenient experience.
  • Email spam: Lots and lots of emails, so it is best to use an alternate email address.
  • Membership levels: Until you reach platinum membership, your pay rate is pretty low.

Wrapping up our Cashback Research review

If you don’t mind spending time filling out surveys, you should give Cashback Research a shot. But it might not be the best option as you get used to the surveys companies in the marketing industry.

They don’t pay much, but they are legitimate and you will get paid if you follow their terms. The minimum amount of time spent completing a paid survey is 15-30 minutes.

So if you have the time and are willing to share your opinions, Cashback Research deserves your attention. Read their FAQ’s so you fully understand what you’re signing up for.

Tried Cashback Research? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!

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