Global Survey Group Review: Is It Worth Your Valuable Time? (2020)


The Global Survey Group seems to be a drop in the ocean of paid survey websites invading the internet. A lot of speculations have surrounded this website in particular, with many accusing it of being a dishonest scheme.

However, in this Global Survey Group review, we’re going to shed light on this website and see what’s so impressive about it and where there’s room for improvement.


General Features of the Global Survey Group

Suitable for ages 18 and above, the Global Survey Group is a paid survey site where you can take online surveys and get paid for your contributions.

It’s a quick method you can collect some money with, but what features of the Global Survey Group can you find on their website? Let’s find out.  

Global Survey Group Homepage

Surveys Through Email

You don’t have to frequently log into the Global Survey Group’s website to check if any new surveys are available, they’ll do that for you! When you join the Global Survey Group, they’ll ask you to enter a valid email address that you frequently use. That’s where you’ll be informed of all of the surveys available for you to fill. 

In the emails you’ll receive after you become a member, the Global Survey Group will send you an invitation survey provided with a link that’ll redirect you to the said survey. 

Since they’re going to notify you with any available surveys via that address, make sure to keep an eye on your email.

Free of Conflict

Once you become a member of the Global Survey Group, you’ll have the freedom to fill out their online surveys without anyone contradicting your opinions.

These surveys aren’t made by the Global Survey Group themselves, though. They’re made by large domestic and international companies, where they employ market research companies to find out what consumers like us think of their products.

In return, the market research companies reward those who participated in their surveys by paying them a part of what they earn from the bigger companies. 

Free of Charge

You won’t be charged by either the survey companies or the Global Survey Group themselves for taking any online surveys. The Global Survey Group’s website is entirely free of charge, including its membership.

Room for Improvement

Despite these good features, there were a couple of cons that we didn’t quite enjoy about the Global Survey Group.

Residency Requirements

Despite the attachment of the ‘global’ to their name, the Global Survey Group doesn’t provide people from different parts of the world with access to their website. Residents of the U.S are the only ones who currently have access to their online surveys.

Compensation Methods

The market research companies’ payment methods don’t always include money. 

Upon completing a survey, the corresponding company will offer you several payment options to which you can choose from. These include earning points, prizes, drawings, charitable donations, gift cards, or sweepstakes.

If it did include money, then the amount of money you’ll earn a month depends on how much the surveys you have taken pay. 

Some online surveys pay around $0.5 to $10 per forum, but there’s another type of survey that you can take that pay a little better than this.

When you first register with the Global Survey Group, they’ll ask you two questions, one of them is about whether or not you’re comfortable with taking phone surveys.

These phone surveys can pay you as much as $100 per forum, which is a better opportunity than the online surveys. So basically, you’ll earn around $10 to $250 a month.

The Global Survey Group will transfer the money you have earned throughout the month via Paypal or check. Make sure you have access to either of them before joining the website.

Special Features of the Global Survey Group

This is where the Global Survey Group really excels!

Earning Money Online

Filling online surveys is probably one of the quickest methods available to earn cash. They don’t take up much time to complete, as most surveys take around 3-10 minutes max.

However, you shouldn’t consider filling online surveys as a reliable source for monthly incomes. Don’t expect to get rich from simply taking online surveys. It’s more of a side-hustle you can practice during your spare time than considering it a full-time job. 

The survey companies are the ones who will remunerate you for completing their online forum, and you’ll get to decide on which method you’d like to be compensated with.

Canceling Memberships

The Global Survey Group gives you the chance to cancel your membership at any given time. You aren’t chained to complete a certain number of surveys to be able to call your subscription off.

Keep in mind that they’re going to spam you with a lot of emails once you register. If you’re annoyed by such emails, you can cancel your subscription with a click of a button.

Gaining Knowledge

You can’t form an opinion regarding something without having enough knowledge about it. 

Taking surveys can expand your knowledge about different subjects. You’ll have to search up the topics you aren’t familiar with, which can help you gain additional information. 

Each survey provided by the Global Survey Group contains a number of different questions relating to new products or services that are under development. Your opinion about those products will greatly influence them, so it’ll be best to write honest opinions regarding them.

Additionally, you aren’t obligated to participate in a specific number of surveys. You can fill as many surveys as you can, and that can play an important role in expanding your awareness regarding various issues.

Wrapping Up Our Global Survey Group Review

Instead of aimlessly spending time on the internet, you can make use of the many online survey websites available to improve your personal finances and extensive knowledge about numerous subjects.

The Global Survey Group is a good choice for participating in online surveys, as they offer different surveys from which you can freely choose one.

Joining them doesn’t require any complicated procedures as well, so it’ll be easy to become a member of the Global Survey Group.

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