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How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2020 – A Quick Start Guide

Do you love Pinterest? Imagine being able to earn money through the platform while you use it. It would be a dream come true.

Well, that dream can become a reality because we’re going to show you how to make money on Pinterest today.

It’s a great social network to begin a side hustle while having a day job or studying in school. You can earn an extra couple hundred bucks per month or turn it into a full-time business with enough effort.

Try out some of the following Pinterest strategies or a combination of them to maximize how much cash you can make.

Set up a professional-looking account

Before making money, you need to first create a foundation to work off of. This begins with creating a professional-looking account that followers can trust.

It’s been proven that we remember 65% of visual content up to three days later. This means by curating an impressive social media profile, users will be more likely to remember you.

Begin by adding a high-quality picture to your account. This can be one of yourself or a logo. If you require a logo design, try out a website like Fiverr where you can outsource it for cheap.

Also make sure you have a detailed description of who you are, what you do, and what your account is about. Your followers should instantly understand what to expect by following you.

You will then want to create several different boards that will pertain to what you will be pinning, as well.

Next, start to follow other users to start generating a fanbase. Look for group boards that you can join to help amplify your reach. The key is to a successful Pinterest strategy is to stay active and engaged. This means repinning their posts and responding to messages.

Once you’ve done this, you can move onto the money-making methods ahead.

Sell crafts via Etsy

Now onto the fun stuff. Pinterest and Etsy go together perfectly because they both thrive on beauty and fashion niches.

Etsy is a platform made to empower the seller of handmade goods. Since Pinterest is huge for fashion, decor, and cute items, it’s the perfect place to promote bespoke products.

Etsy Homepage

Sign up for an account by clicking the “Register” button from the top navigation. Enter an email, first name, password, and confirm your email to verify the account.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Complete the setup wizard by entering the shop language, country, and currency.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Etsy

You will then be required to name your shop, add products, and set a payment method. Once your Etsy store is set up, take high-quality photos of the products and post them to Pinterest boards.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Interested users will click through to your shop and potentially become a paying customer.

Promote affiliate products

Affiliate marketing and Pinterest is another great combination. Since it’s a visually-based platform, it’s perfect for promoting affiliate products in the fashion, health, and beauty niche.

But, what is affiliate marketing? It’s a business model where you promote a company’s products in exchange for a commission on a sale.

First, you must find a program to join. I recommend visiting Google and searching for a niche keyword plus “affiliate program.”

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Depending on your niche you can find a few programs on the front page alone.

Let’s use Sephora as an example.

Beauty is one of the most popular topics on Pinterest, especially because 81% of Pinterest users are female.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Sephora

Read the affiliate program guidelines carefully. It should mention the commission structure for affiliates, cookie duration, and other benefits of joining.

Some programs, including Sephora, host their program through other networks like Rakuten or Linkshare. You simply need to sign up, and if you’re accepted you will have access to special links to promote.

You can begin earning on Pinterest by creating graphics and pinning them with a relevant blog post that contains your affiliate link.  Don’t link directly to the product though. That’s considered to be a bad practice and can get you banned from Pinterest.

Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and that means great opportunities for you to make money on Pinterest. How so, you ask?

By showcasing other brand’s products for a fee.

This first requires you to have a sizable following on Pinterest. This can be achieved through regularly posting content, following other users, and engaging with them. Over time you will have a dedicated following of users that can be leveraged via influencer marketing.

Ensure that you have a website or contact information readily available on your profile, so interested sponsors can reach you too. Typically they will offer influencers a free product to review or promote, which is a huge bonus to growing your profile.

Additionally, you can make money on Pinterest by charging a fee for promoting another business. This usually is done in the form of you re-pinning their content to reach your large following.

I recommend being flexible with how much you charge because it will open up more opportunities. You could begin with $100 per pin and slowly move up to see how interested sponsors react.

Drive traffic to your blog

There are bloggers who earn seven figures thanks to Pinterest. Don’t believe me? Just look at Michelle Schroeder from MakingSenseofCents. 

She created a finance blog while she was paying off school and it turned it into a million-dollar business!

Making Sense of Cents

You can have all of the traffic in the world, but you also need something to sell on your website. I recommend every blogger to become familiar with ad networks like Google Adsense.

On the podcast, Do You Even Blog, Michelle said that she generated most of her traffic and earnings from Pinterest alone. By posting high-quality photos she’s able to drive hundreds of thousands of users to her blog.  This generates millions of pages views and sales for her.

These are services that place ads on your website, and pay you every time someone clicks them. It’s a win-win. You generate passive income, and businesses gain exposure on a relevant blog.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Google Adsense

Sign up for an account and enter your website information and email address. Note that Google looks for active and valuable websites, so you should have plenty of content before applying.

Once you’re in the platform, you can copy and paste the code onto your website for the ads to display. This may take a few hours to fully appear, so be patient. Ensure that you also don’t have Adblocker on, wondering why ads aren’t popping up!

Besides ads, selling digital products is a common income stream for bloggers. E-books are a great place to begin because you can start writing today.  Once you’re ready to list them on your site or a marketplace like Amazon and begin selling.

Another option is an online course, which can be made in a similar fashion.  One big benefit is you don’t have to fret about shipping or inventory like physical goods. If you’re a blogger on WordPress, consider picking up one of the free course plugins like LearnDash.

LearnDash LMS

They allow you to create courses with curriculums, tests, certificates and connect directly to PayPal or other payment gateways.

Offer Pinterest consulting services

Never underestimate the power of knowledge. People will pay large sums to be taught by experts in any field, and Pinterest is one of them.

Consulting about Pinterest can be done in many ways, as well. One way is by becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant. These experts help clients set up SEO optimized accounts, manage their profiles for them, or assist in performing influencer outreach.

Check out New Start Consultant as an example. They set up clients Pinterest accounts for $225!

How to Make Money on Pinterest

The best part about consulting is that you don’t need a website or anything fancy to begin. However, you do need an impressive Pinterest account with a good amount of followers. This is to display to potential customers that you really know your stuff.

Here’s another example of a successful Pinterest consultant, Mary Lumley. Note how she’s placed keywords like “Pinterest consultant” in her name to attract more users through Pinterest’s search engine.

Pinterest Expert Mary Lumley

Her description also clearly states that she helps entrepreneurs with Pinterest and offers a free course to get started.

Optimize your account like Mary’s, and decide on the following things:

  1. How much would you like to charge?
  2. What packages will you sell?
  3. How can you separate your consulting services from others?

As you begin obtaining regular clients, I’d recommend investing in a personal website. You could also advertise with Facebook ads to scale your business.

Wrapping up

Pinterest is an awesome social network to earn some side cash or create a full-time business.

The first way you can do so is by selling crafted items on Etsy and linking to them through Pins. Create boards for different product categories, and give them a rich description to be found easier by users.

Secondly, consider joining an affiliate program and earning money by promoting other products. This is a great source of passive income.

Similarly, if you have a blog you can use Pinterest as a traffic source by linking to your blog from pins. Ad networks, e-books, and courses can be used on your blog to generate money with the traffic you gain.

As you begin growing a large following, sponsors will reach out to have their brand promoted. You can then charge a fee for sponsored pins.  Some brands may send free products for you to show off to your fans.

Lastly, those with expertise on Pinterest can offer consulting services to help clients get a better result from the network. Common services are managing accounts, performing outreach, or setting up optimized profiles.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know how to make money Pinterest, start earning today!