InboxPays Review: Are They Legit or a Big Scam? (2022)


Thinking about easy money? Who doesn’t want that, right? 

Paid surveys offered by GPT sites (Get-paid-to websites) are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Choosing the right one, however, isn’t a decision to make lightly. You need to make sure you’re investing your time in something legit. 

When we did this InboxPays review in 2021, it appeared that the InboxPays website was a viable option. It offered several different ways of earning money other than just surveys. Sounds easy enough, right?

But when we went to update our review for 2022, we noticed that a lot of things changed. Especially their rating from the Better Business Bureau.

But before diving in, check this in-depth review of InboxPays, so you can be aware of some of the things that have come up in the past year. And when you do, you might choose to go to a different site, like Survey Junkie.

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What’s InboxPays?

InboxPays is a website that offers you money to complete surveys and complete offers. It’s an easy way to earn real money from the comfort of your home. InboxPays is owned and managed by A&A Marketing. A&A Marketing is the same survey company that owns Panda Research.

earn money by completing paid surveys

How Do I Join InboxPays?

All you need to do is register for an InboxPays account on the website. Then, as part of the registration process, they’ll ask you to answer some questions. Registration is free, you just need an email address and phone number.

As with most reward sites and survey panels, the personal information that InboxPays collects is used to match you up with the online surveys that best match your profile. You need to answer these questions accurately, so you don’t spend as much time sorting through surveys you’re not qualified for.

What Are the Requirements?

InboxPays is pretty much accessible to everyone who meets the following three criteria.

  • You must be at least 18 years old. 
  • You must live in the United States. It doesn’t offer surveys to anyone living outside the United States.
  • You must have a PayPal account. PayPal is the only way by which InboxPays issues payment.

Some appealing features

So what’s so special about this website? There are some features that you won’t come across in the average survey website. 

However, we’ll get to the downside of these features momentarily.

Historical payments

According to the website, InboxPays has given its members over $2.2 million since the website first opened.

InboxPays members earned over $2.2 million

And some of that money, you get just for signing up!

Sign-Up Bonus

You get paid via a sign up bonus offer just for getting started. As part of the signup process, InboxPays will automatically add $5 to your balance.

Five Ways To Earn

If you’re no stranger to survey sites, then you might be sick of looking for new surveys all the time. Especially cash surveys that don’t pay a lot of cash.

InboxPays offers you more than just surveys. In fact, there are five different ways of earning cash. 

1. Reading Emails

Emails are sent to your inbox daily. When you receive these emails, you read them, and get paid for it.

Standard policy is that you get up to three emails a day. Remember, though, your quota per cash-out is $25 when it comes to paid emails. You might want to make a separate email for this purpose alone to thwart the flood of spam.

Another thing you need to bear in mind when it comes to Cash Mails is that you can’t check them using your mobile device. You must use a laptop only, so cell phones aren’t an option. 

2. Cash Offers

You take part in trial offers and get paid by InboxPays’s advertising partners. You need to remember to cancel the trial offers at the end of the trial period, or else you might be paying for something you don’t really want. There are some free cash offers, but their payout isn’t as good as the trial ones.  

The payment method for cash offers is either Paypal or credit cards. It might take you longer to receive them though since the advertising partners are the ones who pay you directly. 

3. Spin the Wheel

This is a fun way to add to your earning potential! You can get paid cash prizes by the click of a button and the spin of a wheel. And you have the opportunity to earn free spins, which in turn get you more free money.

While you shouldn’t expect winning an impressive number, winning several little amounts can add up to a decent sum. Besides, it’s fun!

4. Referral program 

What are friends for? Helping you earn extra money, of course. If you invite your friends, every time they cash out, you get 10% of their earnings. 

5. Coupons

Who can say no to coupons? The more you clip coupons, the more money you save.

Is There a Catch?

There are a couple of things I uncovered during my review of Inbox Pays that I wasn’t excited about. In fact, since the last review in 2021, it really seems that this has gotten a little worse, as we’ll point out in our BBB section.

Extremely high payout threshold

You don’t get what you earn easily because of this really high payout threshold. You only get paid in increments of $50.

This means that if you’ve earned $49.99, you won’t get paid until you exceed $50. But at the same time, if your balance is $99.99, you’ll only get $50. The rest will stay in your account until you have $50 or more. 

While there are other methods of getting paid other than surveys, they all pay very little money. This means it’s going to take a very long time to get your first payment, much less future payouts. Some people find it not worth all the trouble.

Confusing payment ratios

What’s even worse? There’s a ratio. For example, you can’t cash out if your $50 are all earned through surveys and not other methods. 

InboxPays specifies, “You must have a MINIMUM of $25 approved from offers and/or Spin Wheel credits, only a MAXIMUM of $25 in Cash Mail credits is allowed per payment request.” 

If you exceed this limit, you’ll have them stored as credit. So you technically won’t lose them, but isn’t this just a hassle? But don’t take our word for it.

Let’s see what the Better Business Bureau has to say in their Inbox Pays reviews!

Better Business Bureau reviews

Let’s start with a blanket statement that I have never seen before, on a BBB website:

BBB blanket statement regarding complaints

In other words, it appears that Inbox Pays has deliberately made it difficult for InboxPays members to transfer their money to their PayPal account or bank account. They complete the trial offers, read emails, play games, as well as complete the online surveys.

But when they want to get their first payment, they have to reach out by using the customer service number. But then, they usually can’t get ahold of customer support.

Individual complaints

From there, they might submit a support ticket, which usually goes months without being resolved. Here are a couple of examples of these complaints:

 BBB complaint and one-star review

And Tiffany isn’t the only one who has a legitimate complaint about InboxPays’ lack of customer support. Here is another similar complaint.

One-star review

Customer support red flags

Another red flag is that A&A Marketing’s response appears to be grammatically incorrect. This is not language that a native English speaker would use.

To me, that indicates that customer support is being outsourced overseas (which is ironic, since InboxPays is only available to U.S. residents). Furthermore, it appears that customer service representatives are short-staffed and given very flexibility to resolve complaints.

Overall BBB ratings

These are not isolated incidents. At the time of this writing, InboxPays had a 1-star rating on the BBB website. This was based upon 6 separate 1-star reviews (no reviewer gave 2 or more stars).

Also, there were 17 different complaints closed out in the past year. Although A&A Marketing responded to each of the complaints, it appears that not all of them were resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

BBB 1-star rating for 6 customer reviews

What’s completely baffling is that InboxPays still has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, the BBB awards grades based upon points, not customer satisfaction.

As a result, this grade appears to be a result of manipulating the points system to achieve favorable grades, rather than a genuine effort to resolve complaints.

InboxPays BBB grade

Wrapping Up Our InboxPays Review

If you’re worried that InboxPays is a scam, it won’t steal your money. But you’ll end up spend a lot of time doing silly tasks. Then you’ll spend a lot of hard work trying to get money you think that you deserve for playing games from a company that will do everything they can to avoid paying you

Sure enough, you can easily join if you’re old enough and living in America. You can alternate between cash offers, cash mails, spin the wheel, inviting friends, and clipping coupons. Between the five options, you can earn yourself a good sum of extra cash with several clicks. 

But they’ll use every trick they can to avoid having to pay you out. And this is the part where many people get frustrated or simply quit.

Avoid this nonsense. If you’re going to go to a paid survey site, you should join Survey Junkie. After all, it’s just as free as InboxPays, and has a much better reputation!

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