Ipsos i-Say Review: A legitimate way to earn extra cash (2020)


Over the past 30 years, Ipsos i-Say has grown to be one of the most popular choices for taking paid surveys.  

In our Ipsos i-Say review we’ll share what we’ve found both good and bad, covering how to sign up to, what you can earn, and if they are as legit as they might seem.


Who is Ipsos i-Say?

Founded in 1975, Ipsos is a market research company based in Paris.   With over 15,000 employees across 80 countries, they are the third-largest market research firm in the world.

 Ipsos created its i-Say survey platform to make it easier to connect consumers with marketers.  It’s worked out well, with over 70 million online surveys completed annually.,

Is Ipsos i-Say legitimate?

Ipsos i-Say is the real deal.  Companies pay the Ipsos Group to conduct the survey panels to uncover consumer insights that can improve their products. As a participant, you get paid so it’s a win-win.

Let’s check out the experience of some actual users. Our first reviewer experienced site issues such as surveys not being available and long process times.

Ipsos I Say Review

There’s also plenty of positive Ipsos i-Say reviews.

Ipsos I Say Review

Doug is a returning user Ipsos. In his i-Say review, he says he’s pleased with the improvements they’ve made to the platform since last participating.

How to sign up for iSay

First head over to their sign up page.

ipsos isay login

Next, you’ll complete a profile set up a form that takes about a minute to answer some qualifying questions. If you’re outside of North America, it will direct you to select your country.

After that, click “Continue” and finish the signup process. You’ll then need to verify your email.

Ipsos I Say Sign up

Finally, you’ll be prompted to log in. Once logged in, select “Surveys” from the menu. This will display what surveys you are eligible for.

Each survey listed will show the typical duration, how many points you’ll earn, and the deadline for completion.

Pick one of the surveys and get rolling.  

Ipsos I Say dashboard

How to earn i-Say points and rewards

Once you have a number of surveys under your belt, you’ll be itching to see what rewards are available.

They currently offer:

  • Cash payouts via PayPal
  • Amazon gift cards and other retailers
  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Donations to a charity of your choice

As long as you are consistent with your survey taking, your points will add up fast. Each survey will award you anywhere from 5 to 50 points. You’ll need about 100 points for $1 and 500 points for $5. This simplicity really contributes to their great rewards system.

Ipsos I Say rewards

Ipsos i-Say drawings and sweepstakes

A standout feature of i-Say is their prize drawings and sweepstakes, where you win big prizes such as a vacation or an iPhone.

You don’t need to do much to qualify either, just participate in their daily “Poll Predictor” polls. If you guess the answer right you receive points that can be applied to prize drawings.

Ipsos’s prize drawings

Ipsos i-Say has five different prize drawings you can participate in, which helps keep you engaged.

  • Quickdraw: This is done once every four months, and you can win up to 5,000 points.
  • Poll Predictor: You gain access to this game with every completed survey. The goal is to guess how other users answered a poll.
  • Lucky Grand draw: You’re entered into this every time you redeem any amount of points. The prize is $1000.
  • Exchange for Education: This is specifically for students with school debt. It costs 200 points to play but the prize is $5,000
  • Sizzlin’ Summer Sweepstakes: Held four times each year the prizes are summer-themed, like vacations.

Referral and loyalty program

Surveys aren’t the only way that you can earn points. There is also a referral program that earns you 100 points per user.

A referral is complete once the user signs up and completes a survey. If they don’t do this exactly, you won’t be given the 100 points.

i-Say loyalty program

Ipsos i-Say features a tiered loyalty program that increases your rewards potential based on how active you are.

The loyalty program runs on a 12-month cycle with your points carrying over, but your survey count resetting yearly.

Ipsos i-Say’s mobile app

The Ipsos iSay mobile app is a new offering for Ipsos, available for both IOS and Android-based phones.  The app gives you additional features such as;

  • Instant notifications for new surveys you qualify for
  • Exclusive mobile only surveys
  • A convenient UI for checking your rewards and points progress
ipsos isay app

Wrapping up this Ipsos i-Say review

 Our i-Say review found the survey platform provides a great way to earn some extra money. They had some issues before launching their new platform, but it looks like they fixed a lot of the problems.

Getting started is very easy. You sign up like any other website and verify your email address. You’ll receive at least a few surveys to complete each week on average. This is slow compared to other websites, but the consistency is a plus.

Your individual demographics determine how many opportunities you receive which is normal. Referrals and their loyalty program are good but the drawings and sweepstakes are where i-Say really stands out.

Users could be paying off tuition or going on a surprise vacation — not many survey sites offer that. 

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