iSurveyWorld Review: Legit, But Worth The Time? (2022)


If you have some free time and would like to earn extra money answering online surveys in your spare time, then this article is important for you.

Many paid survey sites promise they’ll pay you to answer new surveys as survey invitations come out. But later on, after you fill out those long surveys, they won’t give you your money.

This is always frustrating and unfair, especially to new members who believe they’re signing up for a legit survey site. However, our iSurveyWorld review found them to be a legit site and a great way to earn money online.

We’ll talk in detail about iSurveyWorld and answer all your questions concerning that site. Let’s dive in! 

ISurveyWorld review

What Is iSurveyWorld?

iSurveyWorld is an online survey platform that helps people make extra income by answering surveys. The answers to these surveys are sent to companies that need feedback and reviews about their services or products.

iSurveyWorld started in 2013, and it’s now one of the most popular paid survey websites in that field. It’s run by Dale Network Inc. Dale Network Inc. is one of the largest and well-known affiliate marketing companies in the USA and Latin America.

iSurveyWorld Homepage

How Does iSurveyWorld Work?

What makes joining iSurveyWorld so great is that it’s free to join and easy to use. Other online survey websites provide different options to earn cash rewards. These different ways might include watching videos or playing games.

But iSurveyWorld just focuses on surveys and nothing else. So if you don’t want anything more than to complete surveys, you’ll be satisfied. What we love the most about iSurveyWorld is the simple signing up process. 

How to sign up for iSurveyWorld

Use the sign-up link and fill in the blanks with your profile information. This basic information will include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address

Then you’ll answer some questions about yourself. This helps iSurveyWorld ensure that they’re sending only relevant surveys to you.

Finally, a confirmation link will be sent to your email address. This link will direct you to your survey dashboard.  

Congratulations! You’ve received $5 in your account as a sign up bonus.

What’s Next?

You’re now done with signing up, you have an iSurveyWorld account with $5 in cash rewards. Now, it’s time to find available surveys and earn some extra cash

However, before you’re able to take a number of surveys, you need to click on “Qualify for a new survey” then you have to answer some questions. Your responses will determine which surveys you’re qualified for.

After answering their questions, you’ll receive your very first survey. They’ll later send you invitations for surveys according to the questions you’ve previously answered.

We recommend completing your profile and answering all the questions to maximize the types of survey invites you receive.

How Long Does It Take to Answer a Survey?

The length of surveys may vary. iSurveyWorld tries to provide only short surveys that take around 15-20 minutes. Before you begin to answer, they’ll give an estimated time for finishing it.

It’s important to know that not all surveys are the same. You might find some surveys easy to answer while others might take a long time to answer. This varies according to the service or the product and the online marketing company itself.

How Much Does iSurveyWorld App Pay You?

Unlike other platforms that give you online gift cards and vouchers, iSurvey pays you in actual money.

They pay around $1-$2 for a 15 minute survey. Moreover, if the survey takes more time, they’ll pay for that extra time.

How do you get paid?

The more you answer surveys, the more money you’ll receive. The minimum payout threshold is $25. That means whenever you reach $25 or more, you can click on “Redeem My Rewards”. 

Right now, PayPal is the primary payment option. When you redeem your earnings, you can expect to receive your payment within three to four weeks.

Is iSurveyWorld Legit?

YES! iSurveyWorld is a legit survey site, where you can complete surveys for real money.

iSurveyWorld depends on your opinions and feedback, and it actually pays you money for that reason. Your responses have an important role in improving different products and services by providing important market research data to those consumer products companies that work with iSurveyWorld.

Moreover, iSurveyWorld has a customer service team, physical address, lots of users, and many companies. They work in transparency, take money from business owners, and pay money to their staff.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about this point because it’s not a scam or illegal. Also, you can easily receive your money once you reach the limit and you can withdraw them.

The Pros and Cons 

Our iSurveyWorld review took a look at some of their pros and cons to understand more about their experience.


  • By signing up, you’ll receive a $5 signup bonus
  • Access to your iSurvey World dashboard is easy
  • You earn actual money, not vouchers
  • Signing up is easy and simple
  • Available for anyone 18 years and older
  • Responsible and decent customer support
  • Accepts people from all regions in the world
  • Many surveys available for Spanish speakers 
  • If you don’t like it, it’s easy to delete your account


  • No referral program, so you can’t gain money by referring a friend
  • You don’t always get surveys to answer
  • Money takes up to 4 weeks to be received
  • It takes some time (up to 3 weeks) to appear that you’ve completed a survey
  • You need to have at least $25 to redeem your rewards. This can take months

Wrapping up our iSurveyWorld review

You can’t find all people agreeing that iSurveyWorld is the best option or the opposite of course. So what matters is your own preferences. While we highly recommend it, it is worth a few minutes if you have the time.

After reading our iSurveyWorld review, you should decide if they are suitable for you. You need to determine your needs.

If you’re looking for full-time income, or for a serious online job to earn a good amount of money, then iSurveyWorld won’t help you. But if you’re looking for a couple of survey jobs as a side hustle, then joining iSurveyWorld’s survey panels might be one of the easiest ways to do so.

If you’re still in doubt, why don’t you give it a try? You won’t lose anything, and you’ll get $5 as a gift. 

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