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LetGo Review: LET GO Of Your Stuff For Cash (2022)

LetGo Review: LET GO Of Your Stuff For Cash (2022)

Our LetGo review takes a look at a handy little app that offers an easy way to find a good home for your stuff, and make a little extra cash.  Instead of using up much-needed space in your closet, why not try selling that almost-new jacket?

Nowadays, with lifestyle expert Marie Kondo’s minimalist and sustainable organizing solutions trending all over the internet, why not get in on the fun and make some money at the same time? 

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​How does LetGo help?

Staying true to its name, LetGo gives you an opportunity to “let go” of things you don’t need.

Offering a one-stop solution in a clever little app, LetGo helps people buy and sell locally. A few good photos of the item and an asking price is all that’s required to set up a listing.

What is LetGo?

Started in January 2015, by the former CEO of OLX , LetGo is a competitor of eBay and Craigslist.

In May 2016, they merged with Wallapop, another similar start-up keeping their brand name as LetGo was the majority shareholder

In 2018, a housing section was added, thrusting the app into the local real estate market. They also added image recognition and video listings for a better user experience.

Getting Started with LetGo

Once registered you can go ahead and post your first ad. The search functions can also help to browse for items you need.

The app provides users with a database of items for sale, according to their search and location parameters. This helps you find exactly what you need.

What makes LetGo different from other such services is that it’s location-based so you can choose to see ads that are within a certain mile radius from your position.

Buying on LetGo

As a buyer, you can look for whatever you need in your vicinity.

To buy items on LetGo, browse or search for the product you have in mind by using the filters available.

If you’re in search of furniture, for example, the ‘Home and Garden’ filter will help narrow down your search to relevant listings near you.

LetGo screen

Click on the item you want to buy, or favorite it for later by tapping the heart icon. You can check your favorites by going to the ‘Your listings’ option in the main menu.

Once the listing has opened, the app allows users to scroll through and view any additional photographs. The ‘More Info’ tab on top of the screen allows users to view any additional details added to the listing.

LetGo Review

Selling on LetGo

As a seller, if you want to start selling your stuff, all you need to do is take some good photos and provide a good description and put it up. Your ad will then show up to all potential buyers.

If you have posted multiple products, don’t worry. You can track and view your listings by clicking on the ‘Your listings’ menu option.

Additional Features

Built-in Chat: The in-app chat service automatically sends you a notification when you receive a message. This is a super helpful feature – you definitely don’t want to share your personal information online.

Free Transactions: LetGo is not involved in the payment process at all. It has no online payment system so LetGo doesn’t charge anything from the seller or the buyer.

Signing up for LetGo

LetGo Sign Up

It’s as simple as it is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the app on your smartphone or mobile device.
  • Register using a valid email address and set a secure password and post your first ad as a picture (you can discard it right after).
  • You have now officially registered! Post your first ad or browse to buy something you need.

Who is LetGo for?

LetGo is for everyone.

If you have something you no longer need, list it and make some money. As the saying goes, that’s two birds with one stone!

The app also helps you find second-hand items listed at a great price. If you’re on a budget, LetGo can help you find exactly what you need.

Is LetGo legit?

At first glance, you’ll find some negative reviews from users calling the app a ‘scam’.

However, it’s not really the app itself that is to blame. People are using the app without fully educating themselves, and this leads to bad experiences.

LetGo Review

LetGo itself is well- known, mentioned and endorsed by big publications like Business Insider.

LetGo has firmly, and repeatedly, stated that it is not liable for any losses. However, most users’ first response is to blame the app because there is no one else to take the fall.

LetGo Review

While they have all the safety and best practice tips available in their help section, most people don’t read the Help or Terms and Conditions sections when using a product or service. While it’s the customers’ fault, LetGo could help ensure customers are fully aware of the risks.

Letgo community guidelines

How to use marketplace apps safely 

  • You should always use the app for communications. To avoid any conflict, never share your personal email address, phone number or online credentials with anyone.
  • Try to always meet in person so you can inspect the items and handle paying them.
  • Shipped items should be avoided. LetGo is location-based, catering to local clients. If someone is asking you to ship the item, something is fishy.
  • Always meet with buyers/sellers in bright, busy public places to minimize risk.
  • Conduct all payments in cash or via PayPal. This can help keep you from getting scammed or having your financial information stolen.
  • Be cautious if the other person makes unusual requests. This should be a huge red flag.
  • Always go through the user’s profile to check whether they are verified and okay with meeting in-person.
  • Oh, and definitely avoid responding to spam messages.

If you feel like someone is being dishonest or you notice a red flag, report the user to LetGo. The offending user’s profile will be investigated and if any fraudulent behavior is noticed, LetGo will take immediate action and suspend or delete the account in question.


  • Great Platform: The app offers a great platform where items no longer of use to the owner can be discarded sustainably. Used and second-hand items can be sold at discounted prices or even given away for free.
  • User-friendly: It is a simple, yet beautifully designed app, offering a user-friendly experience.  It is easy to navigate your way through the app because it doesn’t have a steep learning curve. You have all the freedom and flexibility that you would normally have in the outside world, maybe even more.
  • Flexibility: LetGo is not involved in the payment process at all. It doesn’t list any pre-outlined parameters that the buyers and sellers must adhere to. This gives you the independence to negotiate your dealings as you see fit.
  • Free: It’s absolutely free to use and all sales proceeds you are yours to keep. There is no commission system.


  • Limited Reach: LetGo is a location-based service which means you can only reach people within a certain location. If an area is not popular on the app it may not have as many buyers or sellers.
  • Limited Liability: LetGo only provides you with a platform. It does not vet the users and remains uninvolved in the payment process.
  • Potential Scammers: LetGo advises all online communications to be conducted via the direct chat option offered in the app.

Wrapping up our LetGo review

Our LetGo review found it to be a pretty awesome app. Simply put, where other apps have tried, LetGo has succeeded.

It offers users a chance to discard items, guilt-free – find new homes for their valued items where they can be put to good use. 

LetGo could definitely benefit from being more hands-on with their user’s experiences on their app.  Maybe a tutorial on mistakes to avoid or red flags to spot would be helpful, similar to how the app guides you through the selling process. 

The LetGo app has a user-friendly design that is easy to navigate. Use it as your personal garage sale, and won’t be charged a single dollar.

If you’re looking to let go of unwanted items, download the app and let go already!