MySurvey Review: Where Your Opinion Is Valued (2021)


The internet offers plenty of ways to earn money. The idea of paying internet users to complete surveys was born out of necessity. It provided companies a way to learn more about their customers’ preferences.

Paid surveys are a great and easy way to make money online. However, in order to earn a decent amount, they require time. You also have to watch out for scammers.

Our MySurvey review takes a look at one of the better companies in the business. MySurvey lets you complete online surveys of your own choosing and pays you according to the complexity and length of the survey.

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How does MySurvey help?

Market research is essential to the success of a product or service. By studying consumer patterns and responses, brands around the world develop strategies and products that best serve the customers.

Paid survey sites like MySurvey offer a win-win situation. They pay users to fill out surveys and companies are able to use the data collected.

What is MySurvey?

Starting as a market research company back in the1940s, was introduced in 1995 and acquired by LightSpeed Online Research Inc. They then re-launched the re-designed platform in 2001.

The company’s initial concept was to provide accurate market data to industry stakeholders. After the re-launch in 2001, the concept was amended to better suit the needs of the global market.

MySurvey made its research process available online and developed a way for people to earn money while sharing their opinion.

As one of the oldest survey sites on the internet, MySurvey had a head start and experienced unmatched growth. In 2012, participating users were paid $15 million dollars. Three years later MySurvey paid over $50 million dollars to its surveyors.

Getting Started with MySurvey

It is easy to start using the website. Participants don’t need to show previous experience and the whole process can be completed from the comfort of home. 

Upon registration, users are asked to fill out a questionnaire that determines their psychographics and behavioral profile. This profile identifies the surveys that are most relevant to you, befitting your specific interests and demographics.

Users are paid per survey and the amount depends on the length and complexity of the survey and its topic.

Normally, a single survey pays around $0.5 to $1.25.

Point System

MySurvey works on a points system that sees users earning points for each completed survey. These points are meant to be collected and converted into actual money upon pay-out. The website limits its users to a minimum of at least 1,200 points, resulting in a $10 reward.

It’s not hard to reach the 1200 point limit. On average, a survey will give you around 80 points. Complete 10 surveys a day, and you can earn enough to claim a payout in a couple of days!

Depending on your location and payment options, claiming your rewards might take some time. It can take up to 4-8 weeks for the payment to come through.

However, more convenient is redeeming points for cash with your PayPal accounts. You can also donate your earnings directly to a charity.

The point system thrives on its flexibility. You can redeem points for a MySurvey gift card or merchandise.

The points you receive depends on a few things length of the survey and the number of responders.

Some surveys conduct a screening process to determine whether you are qualified to participate in the survey or not. If you don’t qualify, you still get rewarded for trying. You can fill out screening questionnaires on MySurvey’s app too!

Referral System

Another way to earn on MySurvey is through their referral program. Called Refer MySurvey, you can invite your friends and family to sign-up and earn 150 points!

There is no limit to how many people can use your referral code. So the bigger your network, the more you stand to earn!

MySurvey’s referral program also offers its users a chance to participate in more lucrative and substantial consumer research.  

The longer you are in the program, the more likely you’ll be asked to try product testing. This is where you will be sent a product for a written review and be paid accordingly.


Sweepstakes are similar to lotteries and are a way to supplement your income while participating in MySurvey.  Each month, one active user is selected to win 10000 points – that’s over $100!

You can earn additional sweepstakes entries by filling out additional surveys. Each survey completed increases your chances of winning!

Additional Features

  • Contests: MySurvey routinely hosts different contests and other opportunities, allowing users to earn extra points.
  • Low Age Limit: Most survey sites have an age-restriction, requiring that users be 18 years of age. MySurvey has set a minimum age of 14.
  • In-House Surveys: MySurvey has no outbound links so the user doesn’t have to leave the site and/or create any more accounts.

Signing up with MySurvey

Registering on MySurvey is a 4-5 minute process at best. Just follow these steps:

  • Open MySurvey’s website
  • Click the Registration button;
  • On the registration page, enter all your personal data and email address. Use a strong password;
  • Fill out the short questionnaire that comes up. Your responses will assess your profile to adjust the kind of surveys you receive;
  • After you are done, you will be given a set of surveys that match your profile.
mysurvey sign up

Who is MySurvey for?

MySurvey is for people who wish to make money off of their opinions, by participating in paid consumer research activities.

Earning money on the internet can be a difficult task. MySurvey provides a simple and accessible platform for users to do just that.

Along with paid surveys, MySurvey also sets you up with a multitude of other, more lucrative opportunities.

Is MySurvey legit?

Most reviews that turn up on Google for MySurvey are negative.

This is hard to fathom because it is one of the oldest survey sites on the internet. How does such an established site build up such a bad reputation?

The answer lies in people’s experience. The bad reviews are mostly from newer users who are just looking to get-rich-quick.

mysurvey review

Trustpilot website features a lot of reviews for MySurvey, with only a few good reviews in the mix. These positive reviews are usually by experienced survey takers who understand the ins and outs of the process.

mysurvey review

But some are older users who feel cheated.

Many users have complained that their accounts were unjustly shut down right before they were about to reach their withdrawal limit.

mysurvey review
mysurvey review

It sounds like MySurvey didn’t address the challenges their users are facing. Until you start listening to your user’s complaints, you can’t have satisfied customers.

MySurvey FAQ’s

MySurvey has tried their best to answer all queries in their Terms and Conditions as well as FAQs.

mysurvey faq

Pros of MySurvey

  • Good Record: MySurvey is one of the oldest survey panels. They boast a great track record on paper, with millions of satisfied customers spanning almost 2 decades.
  • Free to Use: MySurvey is absolutely free to use and doesn’t charge.
  • Low Withdrawal Limit: MySurvey has one of the lowest withdrawal limits at just $10.
  • Work from Anywhere: You can potentially work from anywhere. A stable internet connection is all you need to complete surveys and earn money!
  • Webcam Surveys: MySurvey is one of the few online survey websites offering webcam surveys. These surveys require participants to watch a video, while your facial expressions and reactions are recorded via your webcam.
  • Mobile App: MySurvey has a mobile app that can be used to fill out screening surveys.

Cons of MySurvey

Our MySurvey review wouldn’t be complete without pointing out a few of its downsides.

  • Unjustified Disqualification: At times, you may fail a screening test just because you took too long to finish your responses. At other times, users have been disqualified because MySurvey’s participant quota has been filled.
  • Unjust Deactivations: Some users have reported unjustified foreclosures of their accounts. MySurvey is reported to have deactivated user accounts without justification.
  • Location Limitations: Depending on your location, you may not qualify for a lot of survey offers.

Is MySurvey worth your time?

The surveys themselves don’t pay great, but the other methods of earning points can make a big difference.

Generally, filling out surveys is very time-consuming, and you should only go down this avenue if you have adequate time.

Take out half an hour every day to fill out 2-3 surveys. Over the course of a month, that could translate into a decent number of points.

Considering the number of earning options available on the internet, you are better off directing your time and energy elsewhere. But if you must go with paid surveys, MySurvey is a good place to start.

Already using MySurvey? Share your experience with us in the comments section!

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