OneOpinion Review: A Site Were The Rewards Are Worth Your Time (2019)


In recent years, participating in paid online surveys has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. This is especially true for those working to improve their personal finances. But not all paid survey sites are legitimate.  In our OneOpinion review, you'll find out why they are one of the better options in the market. 

Who is OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is an online survey panel, owned by Dynata, formally called Critical Mix.  This survey panel provides members the chance to take part in surveys and product testing in return for earning points. Once you earn enough points, they can then be redeemed in a variety of ways.

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While OneOpinion itself isn’t listed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) but Critical Mix is, and it has an A+ rating. This isn't surprising since the are a well-known and highly regarded tech company that specializes in data visualization services for market research firms.a market research company that operates an online survey panel.  

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How to get started with OneOpinion

If you live in the US, UK or Canada, you can create an account with OneOpinion and start earning. Additionally, unlike most survey sites, OneOpinion allows multiple accounts from one household. They also accepts participants that are as young as 13 years old with parental consent, and that means teenagers can join to make some cash during school breaks.

Note: If you plan on signing up for multiple surveys, you may want to create a specific email address to use to cut down on inbox clutter.  This is one if several ways you can optimize your survey side hustle.

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Signing up with OneOpinion

Signing up is easy, quick, and free, and you can connect through Facebook or a regular browser. The site will require you to enter and verify your email address, after which you’ll be required to take a short questionnaire to determine the types of surveys you would prefer.

If you answer an obvious question incorrectly, however, OneOpinion will suspend your survey-taking privileges for a day.

While most other websites don’t bother with questionnaires, uses them to make sure their users get the surveys that suit their interests so that they can take them seriously.

Critical Mix vows to keep all your answers confidential, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your information getting into the hands of any third-party fraudsters.

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OneOpinion's Virtual Assistant, Emily

Starting in 2019, OneOpinion improved their enrollment process by adding a friendly chatbot.  Named Emily, this chatbot will lead you through signing up step by step,  She will also try to answer any questions you may have about their surveys and program.

OneOpinion Chatbot Emily

OneOpinion's login process

Once you've completed your sign up questionnaire, you'll be able to login to OneOpinion.  Just click on the "member login" button in the top right-hand corner and you'll be prompted to enter your email and password.  

For security purposes, OneOpinion will ask you to setup a two-step authentication process, where they'll text a code to your phone.  This is a great security feature more sites should implement. 

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How to make money with OneOpinion

OneOpinion gives its members two ways to earn money; surveys and products and services testing. Surveys are the site’s primary money-maker because they come in large numbers. 

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Once your account is up and running, you can access new surveys through the invitations that OneOpinion will send to your email, or log in and search for them yourself. A smartphone app is also available with additional mobile options.

Before the actual survey, a participant starts with a pre-survey demo, which is another way the company validates its members. OneOpinion is unique in the amount of work they put into curbing fraud, and although it may get annoying, it proves the legitimacy of both the users and the website.

The number of surveys you're allowed to take in a day varies according to your profile and the projects that are open at the moment. If you match the available surveys, you'll get loads of them, and if you don't, it might take you a while to get going.

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Earning with products and services testing

Besides surveys, OneOpinion also gives its users the opportunity to test products that haven't hit the market yet as an alternative way to earn points. The company sends the product to you, and you try it out, and then give your feedback. Once you return the product, you get your points.

It's highly recommended to perform some product testing.  That's because it's an excellent way to earn points while having the fun experience of trying new things for free.

Moreover, although most platforms attach a small fee to the products they send, OneOpinion members test products free of charge.

The points you earn go into the same account, just like the ones you get from surveys, and you can redeem them in the same way.

OneOpinion points 

Most surveys last a maximum of 30 minutes, paying between 1,000 and 5,000 points, where 1,000 points equal $1. Occasionally, you'll stumble upon lengthier surveys and earn up to 15,000 points. The points you get depend on how long it takes to complete the survey, and not on the topic or subject.

OneOpinion rewards center

When earn at least 25,000 points, you can redeem them instantly via the OneOpinion reward center for $25 in cash via PayPal or a Visa gift card.

For the Visa card option, OneOpinion can deliver a physical Visa debit card to your home via USPS, which will take ten days to arrive, or you can opt for a virtual card and instantly start using your money for online purchases.

OneOpinion Pros

For an online survey website, OneOpinion surprisingly has a lot to like. 

Their intuitive and informative website

The design of the page is fresh, straightforward, practical and up to date. It also offers comprehensive information about the people behind the platform, an indication that the company is commendably transparent.

All your household members can join

​Because it doesn't restrict households to just one member, OneOpinion encourages users to get the rest of their family onboard, including teens. Everyone with some free time can contribute to boosting the household's income.

Instant rewards

OneOpinion rewards are impressive, to say the least. If you don’t need a Visa debit card, you can send your money to your PayPal. And instead of cash, you can exchange your points for various items, like Amazon gift cards. You get your surveys and product testing points immediately, and once you hit 25,000, you can instantly swap them for rewards.

Serious about legitimacy

Perhaps the most significant upside to signing up with OneOpinion is that it takes legitimacy very seriously.

The questionnaire at the beginning and the demos that users take before each survey enable the company to know that they’re dealing with honest members, and that shows they’re very concerned about their reputation. You can also rest assured that you won't be required to pay for any of the activities you engage in, be it a survey or a product test. 

Excellent customer service

OneOpinion takes pride in having top-notch customer service. Their customer support staff are always ready and willing to address your concerns, day or night, to ensure you’re comfortable and satisfied with the platform.

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OneOpinion Cons

OneOpinion maintains a satisfied user-base, but as the issues below clearly show, it's not always perfect every time. 

Frequent rejections

Many people who have joined the platform with the hope of making easy money have ended up getting frustrated by its frequency to disqualify participants. While the website does a decent job of matching users with the right tasks depending on their interests and demographics, people do get rejected after spending time answering pre-survey qualification questions. Unfortunately this is a problem with all survey sites.

A high payout threshold

A frequent complaint among members, is the payout threshold for redeeming rewards. With one survey paying a maximum of $5, you'll need to complete at least five to reap the fruits of your labor. Some participants have reported doing more than 20 to get to the $25 payout threshold. 

OneOpinion isn't one of those fraudulent services that eventually abscond with a user's money after they've spent time building up to the limit, but with survey websites like Swagbucks, EarningStation, and PrizeRebel offering a threshold as small as $5, $25 is on the high side. 

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Not always consistent in what surveys are available

​Like all other survey sites, OneOpinion can't promise you a consistent supply of surveys. If the company doesn't have clients that are looking for feedback, you'll get no surveys, and consequently, no money. Therefore, don't expect to depend on for consistent income.

Other sites like OneOpinion

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Wrapping up our OneOpinion review

Despite some downsides, OneOpinion is an excellent option for those looking to make some money by completing surveys and testing new products at home. If you've used a fair number of survey sites before, you can probably tell stories that are worse than occasional disqualifications and a high minimum payout threshold.

So, is OneOpinion worth it?  Definitely.  In addition to paying good money, they have offer product testing with which you can earn even more. They also have payment methods that will enable you to get your cash in no time, leaving you thoroughly satisfied. 

They offer real opportunities to get paid for sharing your opinions.  By joining, you'll not only get the prospect to earn money online but also become a participant on a platform that is fair, trustworthy, and best of all, fun!

We'd recommend you give OneOpinion a try and judge for yourself!

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