22 Best Sites For Taking Paid Online Surveys For Money and Rewards (2019)


Taking paid online surveys for money and is a fantastic way to pass the time and even strike it big with prize draws and sweepstakes. However, many people don’t approach them the right way and not all are worth your time.  

To help you stay informed, we’ve reviewed over several dozen survey websites. This list will help you figure out where to focus and best practices to speed up the process.

How to make money taking paid online surveys 

Don’t be like the majority of survey site users, randomly logging on, being disorganized, and limiting their earning potential. Instead, we want you to maximize how much you earn while minimizing how much time you spend. Here’s how to optimize your time taking paid online surveys .


Set a realistic goal, no one gets rich taking online surveys for cash

If you’re in this for the long haul, you need to come at this with the right mindset. So many people think they’re going to strike it rich like the gold rush with survey websites. It’s just not going to happen. But, if you want to earn money on the side and while you’re bored, this is it!

Setting reasonable expectations, such as $100 per month or 3 gift cards per month will keep you motivated, achieving that goal, and doing this for years to come.  While taking online surveys for money can be a great side hustle, should not be viewed as a substitute for a full time job.  If you're looking to find a gig you can do from home, check out some of these options for legit online jobs.


Create a routine for taking paid surveys at home

We suggest creating a routine that works for your schedule in between work and school. For example, you can dedicate days of the week to certain websites or tasks. That way every time you log on to a survey site, you know exactly which one to use and what to do.


Use a email address dedicated to taking online surveys

You’re going to get a lot of emails. From new surveys to updates and newsletters, survey websites like to send their fair share of emails. With that being said, it’s best to separate your survey adventures and regular email to avoid confusion. You probably already have an overload, anyway!


Download survey apps that pay you

Several survey sites have a mobile survey app that you can download to make completing tasks easier. Harris Poll Online, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie are a few of them.

If you’re serious about earning rewards, take the time to download these. It’s much easier than continually logging into a browser that might not be suitable for your small phone screen.

What we look at when we review paid online surveys 

Our reviews have one goal, which is to give you an honest take on individual survey websites without bias. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. No bars hold. This is much different than most survey reviews that only talk about the good to send you their referral link. 

So, how do we review websites? We look at the most important areas that users like you care about. 

What is the process to sign up like? 

The first of which is the signup process. Is it quick and easy? Or is it drawn out and requires too much personal information?  The simpler, and least invasive the better.

How is the users experience? 

We also analyze the website design and overall user experience. We’ve found some sites to be more difficult to navigate and understand than others, as some had simple and modern sites compared to outdated ones.

What is the point system like?

Next, we look at the point system. Can points be easily earned relative to how much they can be redeemed for? Are you awarded points instantly or do you have to wait?

What are the rewards and payouts like?

Then, of course, we review the rewards. We don’t share just what rewards can be received, but how much points are required and the average time it would take to acquire them.

How we rate paid online surveys

We give every platform we review a rating out of 5 in three different areas. Some excel in one area, but lack in another. These are the three most important elements or a great survey site, which is why they make up out rating system.


How was the overall customer experience?

Imagine how frustrated you’d be if you signed up for a website, spent time answering surveys, and then never got paid? You’d be very annoyed. That’s why ensuring a company is legitimate is a part of our scale.

The first step we take is to look at online reviews, including TrustPilot and social media. These give us insight into both the positive and negative experiences that previous users have had.

Similarly, we look into the company’s history with the Better Business Bureau. This is a non-profit that was founded in 1912 with the goal of making every business transparent. When you search for a survey site on the BBB, it will display a score, customer reviews, and history. We use this to document if a reward site is trustworthy, accredited, and has a solid track record.


Are there multiple opportunities to earn money?

You’re probably not taking surveys for fun. You’re taking them to earn money and rewards. That’s why this trait is included in our rating scale. Websites that have more opportunities and tasks to get points will score higher in this section.


Is there a reasonable earning potential?

Not every website will net you the same amount of money or rewards. This is because they have higher or lower thresholds for redeeming and award different amounts of points. Due to this, some websites will have more earning potential than others, reflecting their score in this category.

Top paying online survey sites for 2019

Out of all the survey sites that we've reviewed, the following stood out as the cream of the crop.  These all have excellent track records, good earning potentials, and diverse offers that will keep you engaged for months.

1. Swagbucks

User experience

Complete surveys and tasks from anywhere with the SwagBucks mobile app for Android or iPhone. This makes it easy to earn money on the go.

Ways to earn

You can win big prizes through sweepstakes and team games which is a unique feature among survey sites. They also have a $10 sign up bonus!

Earning potential

You can redeem your points for PayPal deposits, gift cards to your favorite stores, or charity donations if you’re feeling generous.

swagbucks online surveys for money

Swagbucks is one of the longest running rewards sites out there.  They aren’t just for taking surveys, but also competing in mobile game tournaments, participating in contests, and more. They awarded over $300 million in prizes since their launch, and you can get a piece of the cake by signing up today.

2. InboxDollars

Overall Rating: 4.5 

User experience

InboxDollars was consistent across the board, from customer service to payment and awarding points

Ways to earn

If you choose to use InboxDollars, you’ll gain access to over two dozen different paid tasks.

Earning potential

Some activities on InboxDollars will net you more than $10. One task could equal to several surveys on other platforms.

InboxDollars Online Surveys For Money

InboxDollars is an Inc. 5000 company that was launched in the year 2000. They aren’t your ordinary survey site, either. They’ll pay you for watching videos, using their search engine, playing online games, and reading emails.  Why issue we found was when you withdraw before hitting the $40 mark, InboxDollars takes a $3 processing fee. It isn’t much, but it’s still a few dollars you’re losing that you worked for.

3. Survey Junkie

User experience

While it is only a small feature, we did notice that Survey Junkie lacked a progress bar to display how far you are from completing a survey.

Ways to earn

There are no sweepstakes, giveaways, or other big rewards on Survey Junkie -- just cash and gift cards.

Earning potential

The $10 minimum payout helps users get their money faster, instead of waiting to hit a higher limit like other sites.

Originally named Active Measure and Blue Media Ventures, Survey Junkie was founded in 2013 and is one of the best survey sites we’ve reviewed despite being so fresh. Every point you earn is equivalent to $0.01, and you’ll earn anywhere from 25 to 90 points per survey. The minimum balance to withdraw is $10, so you’ll need to complete roughly 15 surveys on average before cashing out.

Best paid online surveys for cash

Rewards and sweepstakes are great, but sometimes you just want to receive cash for your hard work. If that sounds like you, then these are sites are some of the best online surveys for cash focused individuals.

4. Vindale Research

Overall Rating: 4.25

User experience

Signing up, navigating their platform, and withdrawing is  easy. We experienced no issues with their site from start to finish.

Ways to earn

Unfortunately there are no gift cards, giveaways, or physical merchandise to redeem at this time.

Earning potential

 If you completed a $3 survey a day, Vindale Research would make you $100/month. They'll also pay $5 for a story about your experience.

Vindale Research was launched in 2004 and they are headquartered out of New York. With dozens of positive reviews and a high BBB rating, they are one of the most legit online survey sites we’ve tested.

Surveys pay up to several dollars each, which gives this platform high earning potential. You can also earn cash by referring friends, joining other panels, and entering reward codes found on social media. They even offer a jobs section for you to find part time and full time work!

5. Pointclub

User experience

The website design, layout, and overall experience is straightforward and easy to maneuver. That said, a common complaint is a lack of support when experiencing problems with the site.

Ways to earn

PayPal deposits are available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 increments. You can earn thousands of points for a single survey, so the ratio of points earned to redeeming is very fair.

Earning potential

Sure, you can earn tons of points quickly, however there is one big downside. You need to wait for your points to be approved, which can take weeks. 

PointClub is a newer survey site, so they still have plenty of time to grow and improve their platform. Currently they offer paid surveys, daily draws, and award plenty of points for every completed survey. You will earn $5 worth of points just for completing your profile and verifying your account.

A loyalty programs rewards active users with bonus points depending on which tier they reach. This means that the more you use PointClub, the more money you will make over time. At this time, PayPal deposits and gift cards are the only available prizes.

Best user experience

If you are going to be playing games and taking online surveys for money, they better be engaging or you won't stick with it.  They sites had tended to have the best overall user experience.

6. Ipsos i-Say

User experience

The UI is known to run into issues, such as buttons not working, or links to taking you to different pages then intended.

Ways to earn

Being a member automatically places you into draws and sweepstakes. Prizes include electronics and vacations. Imagine being on a resort with the latest iPhone, all thanks to surveys.

Earning potential

When you refer another use with your special referral link, you will be given 100 points. Imagine how many extra points you’d earn if you shared your link across social media, for example.

Ipsos is the third largest research firm with over 15,000 employees in 80 different countries. They’ve been helping businesses make better decisions with the help of people like you. The i-Say platform has completed over 70 million surveys, giving consumers like you a voice to influence big brands.

7. MyPoints

User experience

Most tasks you complete will only net you a few points at a time, making the cashing out process much longer.

Ways to earn

You will enjoy using MyPoints because of how many ways you can earn, such as shopping online or using coupons. It's a huge perk of their platform.

Earning potential

Despite having so many activities, you can only redeem points for cash, air miles, and gift cards. However, there is no physical merchandise, vacations, or big prizes.

MyPoints has been around for 22 years, making them one of the oldest survey websites.They offer a huge range of paid tasks, including shopping online, watching videos, and comparing travel deals. This variety will stop you from getting bored, compared to taking survey after survey on other sites. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll be awarded 10 points for your time.

Online survey sites that payout fast

What's the point of earning points or cash if it takes forever to withdraw it?  These sites have the lowest thresholds for payout.  That means you can get your money quick, which is a good thing.

8. PrizeRebel

User experience

Plenty of survey options. There are many different surveys you can choose from to keep things interesting.

Ways to earn

Earning is easy. You can expect to earn up to $10 per week with working much on PrizeRebel.

Earning potential

Unlike other websites that require you to earn at least $25 to $50 before cashing out, PrizeRebel allows you to redeem your points for as little as $5.

PrizeRebel claims to the number one survey website on the internet. They’ve paid out over $15 million in the 7 years that they’ve been open. With over 8 million active users, they are also one of the most trusted paid survey sites.

9. EarningStation

User experience

Unlike most survey websites, you do not receive any points for disqualifying, and it can be difficult at times to get accepted.

Ways to earn

Don’t feel taking surveys one day? No problem. Watch videos, play games, or shop through EarningStation to earn points instead.

Earning potential

You will get an extra $10 for signing up for five other survey sites through their website, and $25 for completing offers 10 days in a row.

EarningStation was founded in 2011, making it a baby compared too many other survey sites. However, their wide selection of tasks, referral program, and exclusive coupon codes has made a name for themselves.

You will earn a few cents to a few dollars for completing surveys, roughly the same for videos, and 10% of earnings of those you refer. Imagine if someone earned 1,000 points per month. You’d get 100 without doing anything!

Most reliable paid survey sites

When it comes to investing your time taking surveys for money, being reliable is important.  These sites deliver on that over and over, offering consistent surveys, rewards, payouts, and all an around great customer experience.  

10. OneOpinion

User experience

You don’t have to worry about OneOpinion being a scam, as they have a great track record and excellent customer service.

Ways to earn

he surveys and offers that a reward site gives you are based on what they have to give based on your demographic and their partners. Due to this, sometimes there will be no surveys for you to do.

Earning potential

A frequent complaint among user reports is that they experience a high level of disqualifications. This slows down the earning process and can be discouraging when it happens repeatedly. 

OneOpinion is run by the company Critical Mix, who boasts an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can earn points from taking surveys and product testing -- one of the most unique activities we’ve seen to date. They allow multiple accounts from a single household, meaning your whole family can get in on the fun.

11. Pinecone Research

User experience

Instead of wasting your time getting disqualified, you’re automatically prescreened for offers so you can jump straight to earning.

Ways to earn

If you don’t meet the demographics Pinecone Research is looking for at the time, you may have difficulty being accepted.

Earning potential

You’ll be earning as much as $3 per survey, which is much higher compared to other survey platforms.

pinecone research online surveys for money

Pinecone Research is owned by the Nielsen Company, and has been paying people like you to take surveys for 20 years. Many surveys will net you several dollars for only 5 minutes of your time. Aside from surveys, Pinecone Research also offers product testing to get your valuable feedback on how products should work. If you want to earn a couple bucks and voice your opinion, check them out!

12. Opinion Outpost

User experience

Opinion Outpost has been around for more than a decade. Its fair reputation in the market and strict security measures all make it a panel that you could safely trust.

Ways to earn

In the past, some users have reported having their responses deleted mid-survey. Some have even complained about not receiving their points after completing them.

Earning potential

Opinion Outpost has one of the lowest redemption rates in the market (as low as $5 or 50 points for Amazon.com Gift Card Claim Codes). 

Opinion Outpost lets users share their two-cents on a number of areas, including electronics, medicine, advertisements, and politics. Businesses, in turn, use this information for their research. Having been in the online survey industry for more than 10 years, Opinion Outpost boasts a reputation for providing trustworthy surveys, good customer service, and some of the best incentives to its members.

13. Harris Poll Online

User experience

While you won’t get a heap of surveys every week, they are known to be consistent in the long term, which means regular money for you.

Ways to earn

Every two months, Harris Poll holds a sweepstakes for $10,000 in cash. You’re automatically entered by actively using their platform, too.

Earning potential

A big reason people use reward sites is to get money, but unfortunately Harris Poll Online does not offer cash withdrawals at this time.

Harris Poll Online has been operating for the past 45 years, paying users like yourself to partake in surveys. Some of your responses may even make into national news outlets, which is another bonus. Surveys take from 5 to 25 minutes to finish, and you can expect to receive 3 to 5 per week.

14. VIP Voice

Overall ​Rating: 2.5

User experience

You’re bound to have some questions when using a new website. We appreciated their FAQ page which covers all types of  questions you’ll have about your account, points, rewards, and more.

Ways to earn

No mobile app: With no mobile app available, you will have to manually log in through a browser every time you wish to use their website.

Earning potential

The more effort you put into VIP Voice, the more you get out of it. With their tiered reward system, you awarded bonus points for completing a certain amount of surveys over time.

VIP Voice conducts over 12 million surveys per year, and you can get in on the action to make some money. They cover topics including electronics, fashion, health, and more -- giving everyone a chance to chime in. They are a very trusted survey site, with over 3 million active users.

15. LifePoints

Overall Rating: 3.5 

User experience

LifePoints offers several quick and convenient options for redeeming your LifePoints. For example, if you want to redeem your Starbucks voucher, you will receive it within 24 hours (maybe even immediately).

Ways to earn

You can receive anywhere between 35 to 250 points for completing surveys. 23 points are equal to $1 so if you do the math, those are some great earnings.

Earning potential

It can take a long time to accumulate points, especially if you’re filling out surveys that take 30-40 minutes each. It may take you 2-3 months before you even reach the cash-out limit.

lifepoints logo 2

LifePoints was launched in 1946 as Nation Family Opinions and later acquired by Lightspeed Research. LifePoints partners with over 1500 companies, in 70 different countries. As of 2019, they boast a total of 5.5 million active registered users across the globe.

Gaining prominence during the internet boom, LifePoints’s sole purpose was to provide companies with research data.  The rise in internet users looking for ways to earn money online made it an earning opportunity for the customers who completed the surveys.

16. MySurvey

User experience

MySurvey is one of the oldest survey sites and boasts a great track record on paper, with millions of satisfied customers spanning almost 2 decades.

Ways to earn

MySurvey has a mobile app that can be used to fill out screening surveys.

Earning potential

MySurvey has one of the lowest withdrawal limits at just $10.

As one of the oldest survey sites on the internet, MySurvey had a head start and experienced unmatched growth. In 2012, participating users were paid $15 million dollars. Three years later MySurvey paid over $50 million dollars to its surveyors.

17. Survey Club

User experience

You will receive a lot of emails on your email address because Survey Club sends out constant updates on new surveys. It’s best to use an alternate, throwaway email for these sites.

Ways to earn

Despite being in the industry since 2005, Survey Club does not have a mobile app. You need to use your device’s browser, which is probably because a lot of the links are redirects.

Earning potential

Survey Club has a relatively lower withdrawal threshold than other such sites.

The average is around $30-40 while Survey Club’s threshold is $20.

Survey Club was launched in 2005, in Colorado, and is recognized as a pioneer in the industry. It currently boasts over 16 million registered users across 6 continents.

The concept behind the set up was to provide companies with the market research they needed while giving the general public an opportunity to earn extra money by participating.

18. Cashback Research

User experience

You will receive a lot of emails on your email address because Survey Club sends out constant updates on new surveys. It’s best to use an alternate, throwaway email for these sites.

Ways to earn

You receive multiple bonuses throughout your time with Cashback Research. This includes a $5 sign-up bonus and an additional $0.05 bonus for logging in every day (caps at $0.50).

Earning potential

You won’t get your time’s worth on Cashback Research. Earning around $1 an hour for a survey you may or may not qualify for is pretty low compared to other survey sites.

Launched in 2007 in Myrtle Beach, Carolina by Tamara and Michael Hetzer, Cashback Research currently boasts 1.5 million members across the globe.