OpinionSquare Review: Are They Really That Legit? (2021)


Our OpinionSquare review is here to help you navigate the confusing world of online paid surveys. With so many sites to choose from, you may find a little guidance useful in setting one apart from the others. 

We’ll look at their reputation with their users and the better business bureau. We’ll also take you signing up and using their platform, so you know more about what you’re getting into!

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What is OpinionSquare?

OpinionSquare is an online market research company that helps different businesses understand how consumers feel about their products. They do this working with online reviewers like yourself, who are paid to share their opinions.

Operated by TMRG and Comscore Inc, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, OpinionSquare has been around since 1999. As of 2019, they claim to have over 2 million members.

They are also a global platform, with surveys open to residents of other countries outside of the USA.

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Is OpinionSquare legit?

Their parent company ComScore Inc earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau whom they’ve been accredited with since 2001.

Despite the positive rating, their profile does have their complaints about customer service and point disputes. This isn’t uncommon with online survey sites. Most reviews of OpinionSquare are very complimentary.

Joining OpinionSquare

Becoming a member of OpinionSquare is easy.

First, go to their homepage and click the sign-up button. Then you’ll be directed through their registration. Once you’re done you’ll start receiving surveys.  Survey invitations for these will show up every few days.

Surveys range in topics from health care and travel to retail and consumer products.

If you had questions before signing up, check out their FAQ page.

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One unusual item is that OpinionSquare requests you download software to complete some of their offers. You can still complete activities without downloading it though your options for surveys are then limited.

What rewards does OpinionSquare have?

OpinionSquare‘s rewards offering is one place they shine. Currently, they offer over 17,000 different rewards, broken down into various categories such as gift cards, games, magazines, and other goodies. They also offer cash prizes via Paypal.

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Points are earned via a token system. Each token allows you to play online games that earn you reward points. Those points can then be spent on prizes.

It’s a bit confusing, but users seem to enjoy the games and consider it part of the experience


No site is perfect and most sites have at least a little something going for them. Here’s where OpinionSquare shines.

  • Big rewards selection: This quality is really impressive. If you can’t find a reward for yourself you probably aren’t looking hard enough.
  • Sweepstakes entries are worth big money: They have a cash prize draw of $100,000! How cool is that!
  • Online reputation:  The BBB accreditation and positive rating support their legitimacy.  
  • Easy to get started: OpinionSquare doesn’t run you through the wringer during the registration process. They allow you to jump in and get going.
  • Easy to qualify for surveys: OpinionSquare is great at narrowing the number of surveys users are offered.


Even the cons of using OpinionSquare aren’t that serious.

  • Rewards are inconsistent:  A straightforward points system would make it easier for users to determine how many surveys they have to take in order to earn the rewards they want.
  • You have to download their software:  Some users may not mind this, as it does make for better user experience. However, many users may feel forced into downloading software just to take advantage of its offerings.  
  • Customer service isn’t great: If there was one complaint that seemed credible, it was that the site and service might be slipping. We did notice page loading issues while trying the site registration and navigation.  
opinionsquare review

Wrapping up our OpinionSquare review

Overall OpinionSquare is a good bet if you’re looking for a strong and reliable survey to earn extra cash. While the reward system and software downloads take some getting used to the overall experience are positive.

Our OpinionSquare review found them to be trustworthy and timely with paying out. If your main complaint with other survey sites is a  lack of offers, OpinionSquare might be the site you’ve been looking for.  

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