Opinion Square Review: A Popular Site With a Long History (Updated 2019)


The smartphone you carry in your pocket does way more than just help you stay in touch with your friends. It also lets you earn money online with a side hustle.

Participating in online surveys gives you the potential to put a little extra cash in your wallet during your free time.

Our Opinion Square review is here to help you navigate the confusing world of online surveys. With so many sites to choose from, you may find a little guidance useful in setting one apart from the others. 

Not every opportunity is right for everyone, so we’re here to shed some light on the pros and the cons of Opinion Square. We’ll look at their reputation with their users and the better business bureau watch dogs.

We’ll also take you through their process for getting started, so you know more about what you’re getting into!

What is Opinion Square?

Opinion Square is an online market research company that helps different businesses understand how consumers feel about their products. They do this working with online reviewers like yourself, who are paid to share their opinions.

According to Opinion Square, they have over 2 million members, making it “the largest continuously measured consumer panel of its kind.” 

Opinion Square is operated by TMRG, a division of  comScore Inc. They are headquartered in Reston, Virginia and have been in business since 1999.

Over the years they have undergone a number of name including:

  • PermissionResearch
  • RelevantKnowledge
  • Opinion Square
  • Voice Five Networks
  • PremierOpinion

Is Opinion Square legit?

Although the name changes in the past few years may seem like a red flag, it looks like there’s little to fear from Opinion Square. Their parent company comScore Inc has earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, and it has been a BBB accredited business since 2001.

Despite their glowing rating, the company’s BBB profile does display a number of complaints. The complaints deal mainly with bad customer service and with reward point disputes that are not uncommon with online survey companies. .

Most other online reviews of Opinion Square are very complimentary. They tend to shine in a number of areas in which many sites are lacking.

Joining Opinion Square

Unlike some other sites, Opinion Square is not just open to the United States and Canada, but residents of other countries as well.

Joining Opinion Square is easy.

The sign-up button is right up front near the top of the homepage. When you finish the registration process, you'll start to receive surveys.  These survey invitations will show up in your email every few days.  Some will be a waste of time, but you find a few good survey per month.

If you had questions about Opinion Square before signing up, check out their FAQ page.  It features a convenient list of question links that route you straight to a clear answer. 

opinionsquare review

Opinion Square is also different from sites because users are asked to download software specific to the Opinion Square system. Not everyone likes to do that, as it requires Opinion Square to access a user’s personal devices to track their internet usage.

Members of  Opinion Square may still complete activities without downloading the company’s software. However, the number of surveys and rewards systems in which the user may then participate are significantly limited.

Basically, the download is key to taking advantage of all the best things Opinion Square has to offer.

What rewards does Opinion Square have?

The wide selection of rewards and reward opportunities is really the area where Opinion Square shines the most. Opinion Square currently offers over 17,000 different rewards all broken down into various categories for easy sorting.

Here are some different rewards categories offered:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Books
  • Video Games
  • Gift Cards
  • Magazines
  • Electronics

The different reward categories are in addition to the cash prizes that some surveys reward and the sweepstakes entry opportunities for which Opinion Square is known. 

opinionsquare review

Opinion Square uses a token and game system through which users can play a game with the tokes they’ve earned.  Through these games, the win the reward points that they can then spend on the wide variety of prizes. This system is a bit less straightforward than a direct reward point system, but might add a bit of excitement for some users.

Unlike some sites, we found no complaints of the Opinion Square system being less generous than it should be. This suggests that users feel that Opinion Square rewards are at least comparable to the average.

The overall user feedback online seemed to suggest that Opinion Square pays out their rewards in a timely and reliable manner.

opinionsquare review

Pros of Opinion Square

There are enough survey chances on the internet that there’s no reason for users to get involved in the frustrations of using bad ones. We believe that the best sites should be recognized and rewarded with success, forcing the lesser sites to improve or fold. Therefore, we try to provide a balanced and fair review of each online paid survey site.

No site is perfect of course, and most sites have at least a little something going for them. There are better ones and lesser ones, though, and we agree with the common opinion that Opinion Square is one of the better ones. Here’s a review of some of its finer points.

  • Big rewards selection: This quality is really rather impressive. Opinion Square doesn’t just offer its users bland old gift cards or a limited number of unappealing items. If you can’t find a decent reward for yourself from Opinion Square, we’re not sure what you’re after.

  • Good reputation online:  A paid online survey site doesn’t survive for two decades if it’s completely turning users away unless they’re treating their users pretty fairly. The BBB accreditation and rating seem to support their legitimacy.

  • Easy to get started:  Unlike some other sites, Opinion Square doesn’t run you through the ringer during the registration process. They allow you to jump in, provide the necessary information, and get started without too much time and effort.

  • Offers are relevant: Opinion Square is impressively good at narrowing the number of surveys users are offered. They cut it down to mostly the ones for which you are eligible. The inability to do this is a common complaint heard about survey sites, but Opinion Square handles the issue nicely.

Cons of Opinion Square

Even the cons of using Opinion Square aren’t that serious. Mostly, they involve differences in preference that could vary between users. However, we feel that most people’s main interest generally lies in the most direct path between taking surveys and earning rewards.

  • Rewards are inconsistent:  A straightforward points system would make it easier for users to determine how many surveys they have to take in order to earn the rewards they want. The Opinion Square system introduces a bit of mystery to this.

  • You have to download their software:  Some users may not mind this, as it does make for a better user experience. However, many users may feel forced into downloading software just to take advantage of its offerings.

  • Customer service isn’t great: If there was one complaint that seemed credible, it was that the website and the customer service might be slipping. We did notice a small amount of page loading issues while putting the site registration and navigation through the paces.

opinionsquare review

Wrapping up our Opinion Square review

Overall Opinion Square is a good bet if you’re looking for a strong and reliable survey site to anchor your online earnings. While the reward system and software downloads take some getting used to the overall experience is positive.

Our Opinion Square review uncovered a number of strong indicators that you can trust them to pay out and with reasonable timeliness. 

If your main complaint with other survey sites is a  lack of offers, Opinion Square might be the site you’ve been looking for.  

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