Paid Online Surveys: How to Make $300 Per Month

Interested in learning how to make money with paid online surveys? Then you’ve come to the right place. While survey sites are a great way to earn cash, few people approach them correctly. They don’t do their research, organize themselves, or make a plan to follow.

That’s what inspired this guide. We’re going to teach you how to maximize the money you can make while minimizing your time investment.

​How much money can you make taking surveys?

Survey sites are great for making side cash, but you need to have reasonable expectations. Many people get into reward websites, and then later become discouraged because they thought they were going to buy a Ferrari by answering questions.

If you want to do this for the long haul, you need to first understand one principle — paying survey websites are ideal for side cash, gift cards, and fun rewards. NOT to earn a full-time living.

Let’s say that you consistently earned $5 to $10 per day. If you did that every day per month, you’d be looking at an extra $150 to $300. What could you do with that kind of money? Keep reading if you’d like to learn how to achieve this.

​How do survey websites work?

We’re going to use the terms survey site and reward site interchangeably since they are the same thing. These types of websites allow you to gain points for completing tasks, including watching ads, playing games, downloading mobile apps, reviewing products and services, and as you could guess, filling out surveys and answering questions.

These points can then be exchanged for various rewards, like cash withdrawals, gift cards to your favorite stores, and big prizes like paid vacations.

Imagine answering a few paid surveys a day, and next, you know you’re vacationing in Mexico. Not bad, huh? They are a great way to begin earning extra money online as a hobbyist or to get your feet wet before diving into internet businesses.

What rewards do survey websites have?

Let’s be honest. One of your main motivations for using reward sites is to get rewards. Right? So, let’s take a deeper look at what you can be earning with your hard-earned points.

Cash via Paypal

Some reward websites offer PayPal withdrawals in varying amounts, bank deposits, and cheques mailed to your address. The best part about choosing money as a reward is that you get to spend it on anything you want. Heck, you can save it or reinvest it if you wanted.

Gift Cards

What stores do you normally shop at? Amazon? Starbucks? Every website and shop imaginable has gift cards you can get from reward websites. These range from a few dollars to $50 or more. You could be grabbing coffee for free with your friends for a good month or two with one those cards.

Physical Merchandise

How does a flat-screen television or Bluetooth speakers sound? Because those are some of the many pieces of merchandise you can exchange points for. Now, this is only for very specific sites. We’ve had the pleasure to review many of them, and only a couple offered these physical prizes.

Vacations and Sweepstakes

Yes, you read that right. You could be winning vacations and getaways by entering into sweepstakes and prize draws on different reward websites.

Special deals

When you go to do some shopping, why not save money while you’re at it? Certain paid survey sites offer discounts and coupon codes for online stores that you can’t get anywhere else. Some will also give you points for completing purchases or showing proof of receipt.

Are paid survey sites a scam?

We know, we know. It sounds too good to be true. Earning money online? It’s not as much of a pipe dream as you might think. Especially when you set realistic expectations. Do you want to earn some gift cards and maybe $25 to $100 per month? That’s easily achievable. 

Here’s the thing regarding survey websites being called “scams.” A scam would mean that they take your money, personal information, or don’t live up to their side of the bargain. All of the major surveys pay you for your hard work, and they are absolutely not scams.  Many times they are respected market research companies who use surveys as a way to collect data on products and services.

However, some user reviews have reported negative experiences. These include not receiving rewards, being given points, or having their accounts suspended.

Digging deeper into some of these reports, we’ve found that there’s usually more to the story. Proxies, for example, can get accounts banned, there could be technical problems that day, etc. We’ve yet to see any websites that were flat out scamming people.

Some warning signs that a website may be scamming you would be if they ask for:

  • Credit card information
  • Social security number
  • Drivers license number
  • Banking information, unless it’s for bank deposits.

With that being said, always do your due diligence. Find the social media accounts of the survey website and analyze what people are saying about them. Check Trustpilot and YouTube for honest reviews, as well.

youtube swagbucks review

Check the Better Business Bureau

We’d also recommend looking into their Better Business Bureau report to get an idea of their history. This will allow you to make an informed decision and clear any fear or doubt you have. The BBB gives accreditation to businesses that have a record of transparency, honesty, and good customer service.

Better Business Bureau

It’s a green flag if a survey website has a good BBB score and reviews. Although, we have come across fantastic reward sites that didn’t have the best ratings. Sometimes high expectations, bugs, etc, can end up muddying the reviews.

How to make money using multiple survey sites

There are literally hundreds of different reward sites to choose from, and it would be crazy not to use several of them. Doing so increases your earnings, chances to win sweepstakes or giveaways, and gives you more tasks to complete.

Here’s how to make the overall process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Create a new email address

Survey websites will commonly email you with updates, new surveys, and opportunities. Because of this, it’s best to create an entirely new email address to separate from your everyday mail. This allows you to become more organized and nothing will get lost in the sea that is your inbox.

Gmail has over 1 billion active monthly users and is one of the most popular email providers. If you’d like to make a separate account with them, fill out their form here.

Google Account Sign Up

Step 2: Sign up for the best survey websites

Every website also has its own individual pros and cons, specifically with tasks. For example, one website might be more lucrative for watching videos, while another is better for downloading mobile games. To maximize your earnings, narrow down what sites are best for what.

You should take this and organize it into a spreadsheet. David Allen, productivity coach, and author, once said that your brain is great for creating ideas, not storing them. By putting them down on paper or in a document, you gain more clarity and speed up the process.

Imagine having to sit down at the computer every day and manually think of what sites to go to for what. That would be very time consuming and would drain you of so much energy that you wouldn’t even want to take surveys!

Your spreadsheet should look something like this:

Paid Online Surveys tracking spreadsheet

Over time, continue to add more websites, what activities to double down on, and your account information to keep it safe.

We’ve taken the time to narrow down legitimate paid online survey sites so you can jump straight to earning. Add these to your hit list, and check out our reviews on popular survey sites to get more information on them.


swagbucks homepage

Swagbucks has given out over $300 million in prizes since its original launch. They remain as one of the most popular reward websites and is often the poster child of earning money online for beginners.

With a TrustPilot score of 8.3 and over 9,000 reviews, they are also one of the most trusted sites you can use. They offer points for shopping through their special links, contests, videos, surveys, and more.


MyPoints homepage

MyPoints has been around for over 20 years, helping users like you get gift cards and cash. A unique feature of their platform is that you can gain points for comparing travel deals, hotels, and car rentals. PayPal withdrawals are available for $25 worth of points, and cards to Amazon, JC Penny, and more.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research Paid Online Surveys

Vindale Research is owned by the company iGain LLC and has been in business since 2004. They’ve worked with Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and other big companies, so they have a very good reputation.

You’ll earn $1 for signing up and finishing their tutorial, and you’ll find plenty of surveys on the “Studies” page. Vindale also lists relevant job opportunities that can potentially lead to more money-making ventures.

You can extra an easy $5 by taking a photo of yourself and sharing your story of your experience using Vindale, as well.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Paid Online Surveys

Survey Junkie is the new kid on the block. They’ve only been around since 2013, but have made their mark in the survey site industry. You’ll gain 25 points for signing up and 50 for completing your profile, giving you an instant boost.

Every point is equivalent to $0.01, and the minimum balance to cash out is $10, or 1,000 points. Seeing as you get 25 to 90 points per survey, you’ll be getting rewards quickly. There are also gift cards for Amazon, Target, and other big stores.

Step 3: Download mobile apps

Some survey websites offer a mobile app that makes answering surveys and doing tasks very easy. Instead of going through your browser and having to zoom in, you can use the app that’s optimized for your screen.

Imagine completing surveys while you’re at a bus stop, in between classes, or during a break at work. That can really add up. Survey Junkie, Ipsos, and MyPoints are some of the platforms that offer a mobile app you should download.

Make a routine

Always remember the compound effect. This is the rule that says when you do something repeatedly, it compounds into something much bigger. This 100% applies to survey websites.

Think about it — if you took a few paid online surveys every day and earned a few dollars, that would equal to $1,000 or more over a year. That can help pay your phone bill, tuition, car insurance, and help you fund a vacation.

You should make a routine that you can stick to on a regular basis. Here’s an example of how you can structure it:

Every day, you can focus on a different survey website or specific activity. Spacing out how often you visit individual websites is wise. Once you’ve completed or attempted to qualify for surveys, you might not get any more for a few days or upwards to a week. This gives you ample time to let the site find you relevant offers and surveys for when you return.


Making money with paid online surveys is a lot easier than you think. You need to be prepared and organized to maximize it, however. They are not scams, despite what some reviews might claim. Follow the rules and terms of service, and you’ll be earning rewards for many years to come.

The first step is to create a dedicated email for survey websites to keep your inbox clean and organized. Afterward, sign up for all of the major survey websites that we mentioned and others you research on your own. Use tools like TrustPilot, Better Business Bureau, and social media to get an honest review of them.

If they offer a mobile app, make sure you download that, as well. It will make earning on the go easier and streamlines the whole process.

Then, focus on establishing a routine. Dedicate specific days to certain websites or activities. This will keep you consistently earning cash and rewards, which is much better than sporadically doing them.

What are you waiting for? Take what you learned today and start making some money!

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