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Start earning a little extra money for just a few minutes of your time. You won’t get rich, but it doesn’t take much time either.

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Best Paid Surveys

Best Paid Survey

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie
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A popular survey panel with a track record of happy customers

  • Payout: $1.00 to $3.00
  • Payments: Paypal, Gift Cards
  • Experience: Very transparent offers with time estimates
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Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars
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It’s easy to stay engaged with many ways to earns

  • Payout: $1.00 to $5.00
  • Payments: Checks, Gift Cards
  • Experience: Easy to complete


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A stand-out for their variety of survey offers

  • Payout: $0.40 to $2.00 per survey
  • Payments: Paypal, Gift Cards
  • Experience: Thousands of survey offers made daily


Paid Surveys FAQ’s

If you’ve never taking a paid online survey before, you likely have a ton of questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Below are some of the most common questions about taking paid surveys.

How do paid surveys work?

Paid online surveys work by allowing you to complete surveys and tasks in exchange for points. These activities can include watching videos, answering online surveys, downloading mobile games, or comparing travel deals. You can then exchange them for a variety of rewards, including cash, gift cards, and physical prizes like televisions.

Remember that every platform is a bit different. Accruing points may be quicker on one site, but slower on another. As well, they will have unique rewards you might not find on the other.

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How much do online surveys pay?

The average paid survey will net you anywhere from $0.25 to $5 or more. If you are able to complete a few surveys that pay this much every day, you could be making up to a few hundred extra dollars per month.

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Are paid survey sites legitimate?

Most paid survey sites are legit and not a scam. They are used by market research companies whose business relies on soliciting feedback on their client’s products and services. However, there are some red flags you need to be aware of to avoid getting scammed. 
– You should never share your social security number, under no circumstance
– Don’t share bank account information, unless you have chosen to receive bank wire payment to withdraw cash.
– Avoid any websites that make you pay to join them

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Do online surveys pay cash?

Yes, many online surveys pay cash in addition to points. In most cases, after you accrue enough reward points, you can withdraw those points for money via a PayPal account or bank wire on some platforms.

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How do you close a survey site account?

In order to close a survey account, you will have to follow the instructions found on the specific survey panel’s website. It will differ company to company. Not all will send you a confirmation email so you’ll have to follow up.

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Why am I not eligible for many surveys?

In order to be eligible for a paid survey, survey takers will take a qualifying questionnaire created by the market research company. Since they are looking for a very specific type of customer for their partners, often times you may not fit the desired profile.

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Can I earn gift cards taking surveys?

Many paid survey panels payout with gift cards in addition to Paypal. Just make sure you check their FAQ’s before you sign up.

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How do you become a paid product tester?

In order to become a paid product tester for a market research company you’ll need to sign up through a known product testing panel. Once you sign up, you’ll be asked questions to determine what products would be the best fit for you.

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Paid Survey Panel Reviews

We review every survey for their customer experience, ways to earn, and earning potential.

Customer experience: Ensuring a company is legitimate is important. We sign up for the surveys ourselves and research 3rd party reviews, such-as the Better Business Bureau.

Ways to earn: You’re not taking surveys online for fun. You’re taking them for money and rewards, so we look at payouts amount, speed, and sign-ups bonuses to determine average payout.

Bottom line: Not every panel is the same. Do your research and be thoughtful of the time you invest.

Paid Survey Reviews

Survey PanelAverage PayoutPayment Type(s)TMPF Review
Survey Junkie$1-$3Paypal, Gift CardsSurvey Junkie Review
OneOpinion$1-$5Gift CardsOneOpinion Review
Pinecone Research$3+Paypal, Gift CardsPinecone Research Review
LifePoints<$1PaypalLifePoints Review
Branded Surveys<300 pointsPaypal, Gift CardsBranded Surveys Review
Ipsos i-Say$0.2-$1Paypal, Gift CardsIpsos i-Say Review
Harris Poll Online$1Gift Cards, CharityHarris Poll Review
MyPoints$2.50Gift CardsMyPoints Review
Survey Club$0.5-$5Paypal, Gift CardsSurvey Club Review
Opinion Outpost$0.5-$5Paypal, Gift CardsOpinion Outpost Review
Vindale Research$0.5-$5PaypalVindale Research Review
Swagbucks$0.5-$2Paypal, Gift CardsSwagbucks Review
InboxDollars$1-$5Paypal, Gift CardsInbox Dollars Review
WhatusersdoWhatusersdo Review
Signature SurveysSignature Surveys Review
Panel BucksPanel Bucks Review
MakeSurveyMoneyMakeSurveyMoney Review
Panda ResearchPanda Research Review
TimebucksTimebucks Review
GetPaidtoTryGetPaidtoTry Review
Opinion InnOpinion Inn Review
Survey VoicesSurvey Voices Review
PermissionResearchPermissionResearch Review
PanelPlacePanelPlace Review
OpinionSquareOpinionSquare Review
FusionCashFusionCash Review
TolunaToluna Review
YouGovYouGov Review
YourSurveysYourSurveys Review
Survey RewardzSurvey Rewardz Review
Panel PayDayPanel PayDay Review
Opinion CityOpinion City Review
MySoapBoxMySoapBox Review
MobileXpressionMobileXpression Review
iSurveyWorldiSurveyWorld Review
InboxPaysInboxPays Review
MySurveyMySurvey Review
Cashback ResearchCashback Research Review
Survey ClubSurvey Club Review
Surveys2CashSurveys2Cash Review
PaidViewPointsPaidViewPoint Review
CashCrate CashCrate Review
Global Survey GroupGlobal Survey Group Review
ePollePoll Review
MindsPayMindsPay Review
PointClubPointClub Review
VIP VoiceVIP Voice Review
TellwutTellwut Review
Apex Focus GroupApex Review
PrizeRebelPrizeRebel Review
EarningStationEarningStation Review

Survey Comparisons

Some paid surveys are better than other ones. Maybe they payout more, or are easier to qualify for. We take a look at some of the most popular surveys side-by-side and lay out the pros and cons of each.


Recent Survey Posts

Tips for making money taking paid online surveys

Don’t be like the majority of survey site users, randomly logging on, being disorganized, and limiting their potential. Instead, we want you to maximize how much you earn while minimizing how much time you spend. Here’s how to optimize your spare time by taking paid online surveys.

  1. Set a realistic goal: If you’re in this for the long haul, you need to come at this with the right mindset. So many people think they’re going to strike it rich like the gold rush with survey websites. It’s just not going to happen.
  2. Create a routine: Create a routine that works for your schedule between work and school. For example, you can dedicate days of the week to certain opportunities or tasks. That way every time you log on to a survey site, you know exactly which one to use and what to do.
  3. Use a dedicated email address: You’re going to get a lot of survey opportunities. From new surveys to updates and newsletters, survey brands like to send their fair share of emails. It’s best to separate your survey adventures from your regular email address to avoid confusion.
  4. Download the survey app: Several survey sites have a mobile survey app that you can download to make completing tasks easier. If you’re serious about rewards, take the time to download these. It’s much easier than logging into a browser that might not be suitable for your small phone screen.

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Next Steps

If you’ve read this guide from start to finish, by now you should be a wizard at taking paid surveys. You can make a reasonable amount of cash rewards and cool prizes from these platforms if you have done it correctly.

Once you get that first deposit or gift card, you’ll be incredibly motivated to keep this going for a long time. If you follow what’s laid out, you’ll soon be making extra money online for taking paid surveys at home!