PanelPlace Review: Is It Worth Your Time? (2021)


Many people think survey sites are a good way to make some extra cash. So, we should start by clarifying in this PanelPlace review that PanelPlace isn’t actually a survey site itself. What it is is a sort of middleman between you and paid survey sites. 

It was developed in 2012 and take registrations from around the world. It works like a filter, where after you register it matches you with some recommended survey sites. It’s also much more than that, as we’ll explore right away.

Let’s dive in!

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PanelPlace’s Features

PanelPlace isn’t like other survey platforms. Instead of giving you paid surveys, it matches you up with other legitimate survey sites.  So how does it work?

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Registration is free and easy. It doesn’t require much personal information, just enough to match you up with potential survey sites that would work for you.

Matching Up

You don’t have to put more than your email address. However, it would be better to provide some more personal information. To ensure you’ll be matched with the best survey sites for you.

Those quality matches are made by taking into consideration your demographics, and geographic locations, as well as your identity.


It doesn’t require money itself. There are also a lot of free opportunities you can access through it, like rewards sites and finding a job. There are also free online paid market research surveys. 

Information on Recommended Lists

It doesn’t give you inside information on those sites. It just sends you the recommended list with their links that they matched you with.

Points System

After registering, you take up on a few surveys that give you points. Those points could be exchanged for PayPal cash or cheque or coupon codes. 

Non-Survey Features

Other than surveys, it matches you with job portals or freelance sites. They will also send you the recommended job opportunities.


This all will come to you through emails. There aren’t redundant emails, on average you should get 3-4 emails a week. They update you on your surveys, job recommendations, and progress on the educational courses they offer on their site.

We’d like to add a disclaimer here, their educational courses aren’t free, but they do offer discounts on them. They also have updated health and fitness tips on their website once you’re a member. 


Some of the cons of that platform are the following.

  • It doesn’t reward you for getting a friend. You can refer to a friend to join the site, but unlike other survey platforms, it doesn’t offer you anything in exchange for getting more people to join the platform.
  • It doesn’t offer important inside information. PanelPlace isn’t a survey platform it is, but as its main job is to give you links of other survey platforms, it should offer more information on those sites.

Best Features

So what makes this platform great? You might say I can do a google search myself on paid survey sites. Well, it offers you more than just sparing you the hassle of looking yourself.

It’s Legitimate

It doesn’t just help you save the time you’ll spend on searching, but also the mental energy worrying whether that site is a fraud or not. All the sites PanelPlace offers you a link to are legitimate.

To prove this to you, on their website they have a proof page. On that page, other members share a testimonial that they got their money. 

You’re also rewarded with points when you offer that proof, so it’s a cycle of trust and making money.

It Offers Job Opportunities

Online paid surveys aren’t the only thing PanelPlace offers. It also provides quality job opportunities, whether for freelancers or not. It matches you with jobs that fit with your skill-set and experience and send you emails or notifications with them where you could apply right away.

Mobile Apps

For convenience, PanelPlace offers an app for both IOS and Android. You can access everything you need to on the apps. 

You can log into your account and browse all of your digital products. You can also easily upload your social profile image from the gallery to post recordings of your earnings.  Also, instead of going to the website to get notifications of new opportunities or progress, You just get an instant notification on your phone.

Promotional Contests

While there aren’t any actual paid surveys on this site, there’s still a way for you to make money. The contests are held monthly. There’s usually a simple task to complete to get a chance of winning like sharing the link of the website on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter.

There are usually 20 winners every contest and the reward is up to 10$. The contest itself is easy, with riddles you can answer or questions you can guess the answer to.

However, take notice that there are over 1 million members of PanelPlace, so there isn’t always a high chance of winning.

Finances Tools

PanelPlace is essentially a place made to help you earn money. That’s whether by helping you land a job, completing an online survey or by helping you gain more skills. This is no different, finances tool is a new feature of the platform. 

It helps you track your finances and puts you on the way of saving more money.

Educational Content

They also offer audiobooks and online courses with certificates. They’re paid, but they do offer you discounts. Those courses are also picked to match your desired skill-set and interests.

Health and Fitness Tips

There’s a health and fitness section on the website where you can access after registration. It offers many updated tips to get more healthy and fit.

Wrapping Up Our PanelPlace Review

PanelPlace isn’t for everyone, it has its drawbacks. However, a great thing about PanelPlace is that it’s straightforward and honest from the beginning over what it is and what it isn’t.

It does exactly what it claims it does. It matches you with a variety of opportunities, revolving around survey websites. It also offers educational content and job opportunities and it does all of that for free. 

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