Survey Club Review: Make Money with Your Opinion (Updated 2019)


Paid surveys and market research are a great way to earn money just by sharing your opinion.

You’ve probably come across paid surveys and brushed them off as scams.  They pop up on different websites, offering cash rewards for your responses.

Too good to be true? Yes, but some of these surveys are quite legitimate.

In order to take advantage of this phenomenon, you must be able to differentiate between trusted survey sites and phishing survey sites.

A great place to look for the right survey sites is Survey Club. A quick online search for Survey Club reviews turns up multiple responses, an indication of its popularity.

Survey Club acts as a platform for users to access paid surveys, survey sites and even focus groups and clinical trials.

Unlike similar sites that charge a monthly or annual subscription fee, Survey Club is absolutely free!

How does Survey Club help?

Most surveys online fall under two categories— scam sites, that are just looking to harvest your personal information, or paid sites that charge a subscription fee.

Paying for a subscription isn’t recommended as most surveys pay little to begin with.

Survey Club is absolutely free. Once users have signed up, Survey Club automatically generates links to several paid survey and survey site links, befitting the user’s profile and personal information.

Survey Club gives you free access to a plethora of paid surveys and survey sites.

What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is a central hub for paid online surveys, survey sites, clinical trials, and focus groups.

Researchers gather invaluable data using these methods, and platforms like Survey Club help connect the researchers with their required demographic. In a win-win situation, people can earn money by participating in the research activities, while companies are able to gather the market data that they need.

Survey Club was launched in 2005, in Colorado, and is recognized as a pioneer in the industry. It currently boasts over 16 million registered users across 6 continents.

The concept behind the set up was to provide companies with the market research they needed while giving the general public an opportunity to earn extra money by participating.

It was an attractive money-making opportunity, especially in 2005, when the internet was not as widely popular as it is today.

Unfortunately, most paid surveys don’t work that well now – the paid survey industry is over-saturated and overrun with scam sites and surveys.

Start using Survey Club

getting started with survey club

Once you have registered with Survey Club, you have access to surveys that best match the details in your profile. In order to be eligible for more surveys, you will likely be required to fill out pre-screening questionnaires or build a community rapport on Survey Club.

This is because the companies conducting the surveys usually have strict profile and demographic requirements for participants.

]The Survey Club website is organized into categories:

Paid Surveys

While Survey Club hosts some surveys, it mostly provides links that redirect users to third-party websites. These surveys are usually conducted by the companies doing the market research or hosted by other free survey sites.

These links contain referral codes that give Survey Club a small commission every time someone uses their link to complete a survey. Survey Panels

At times, Survey Club will redirect you to another survey site that requires you to sign up.

This means that another website will now have your information.

It is also important to note that in order to withdraw your money, you have to reach a certain threshold – you’ll have to earn $20 if you want to withdraw your money from Survey Club. Same goes for any other survey sites you register with.

Signing up on a lot of survey sites is not recommended because you’ll likely end up earning money on all of the sites but below their minimum withdrawal threshold. It is best to register on a few survey sites so you can actually reach their dictated limits and withdraw the money you have earned.

Focus Groups and Clinical Trials

Survey Club provides users with focus groups and clinical trials taking place in their vicinity. Using your information as a demographical framework, Survey Club automatically shows you potential focus groups and clinical trials in your locality that you might be eligible for.

Participants can expect to earn anywhere between $10-1000 through these focus groups and clinical trials each.

Companies prefer focus groups over other methods of market research as they provide detailed insight into the customer’s mind.

There are many types of focus groups on Survey Club;

  • Mini Focus Groups: Smaller focus groups with 3-5 members rather than the usual 6-12.
  • Online Focus Groups: Globalization and increased internet connectivity have allowed researchers to conduct online focus groups, through video conferencing applications.
  • Teleconference Focus Groups: These are focus groups conducted on a conference call, either through landline or cellphones.
  • Dueling Moderator Focus Groups: Two moderators are purposely on opposing sides so that the participants can have a better opinion building process.
  • Dual Moderator Focus Groups: Two moderators work separately, as one makes sure all the topics/questions are covered, while the other ensures that the session goes smoothly and efficiently.
  • Client Participant Focus Groups: A client representative participates in the discussion.
  • Respondent Moderator Focus Groups: One of the respondents is asked to moderate the session (usually temporarily).
  • Two-way Focus Groups: One focus group discusses, while the other is observes. The observing focus group records all the interactions and derives a conclusion after a comprehensive discussion.

Clinical trials, on the other hand, are a little more hands-on and probably require your physical presence. If you are eligible and qualify for it through Survey Club, you will most likely be invited to the company to run more tests or proceed with the trial.

Additional Features

  • Referral Commissions: Survey Club allows you to earn referral commissions by inviting your friends to register on their website.
  • Good Customer Support: Great customer Support is the secret to customer retention and trust. Survey Club boasts a solid customer support team, providing active support 24/7. Their number is present on the website, allowing users to reach out anytime with any and all question, queries, and/or complaints immediately.
  • Filters: Survey Club has filters that help weed out phishing, spamming and illegal surveys and survey sites. These filters also help identify the studies that you might be qualified for, while listing them by age and time needed to finish up a survey. Keep in mind that shorter surveys pay significantly less.
  • Payment Options: Survey Club makes payments using PayPal, bank checks or Amazon depending on the user’s preferences. Note that all payments take 3-4 weeks for processing.

Signing up with Survey Club

survey club login

Registering on Survey Club is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Survey Club’s website;
  • Click on the red ‘Join Now’ button;
  • You will be prompted to a registration page where you are prompted to enter your personal details;
  • You will be required to fill out a small survey that asks several questions. Your responses help build your demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profile, allowing Survey Club to filter out surveys according to your requirements and qualifications;
  • Upon completing the questionnaire, you will be given a set of surveys you are eligible for. Choose one and start earning!
survey club sign up

Who is Survey Club for?

Survey Club is for people who want to earn a little extra money on the side with minimal effort.

Usually, earning money online is hard. Survey Club provides an easy alternative where all you need to do is give your opinion and a little bit of time.

 It provides you countless potential earning opportunities in the paid survey industry and acts as a central hub where you can find surveys and focus groups that you are qualified for.

Is Survey Club legit?

When you Google Survey Club, you’ll find a lot of Survey Club reviews that question its authenticity.

The fact is that Survey Club is one of the oldest sites of its kind and has over 16 million users. Those numbers tend to speak for themselves.

One should always do their own little research regarding such sites before using them.

trustpilot review survey club

You will find that most people who have been using Survey Club are pretty satisfied with it. The people who understand the process and payment system are content with their experience.

trustpilot review survey club

As with any website, you will also come across a lot of bad reviews. However, upon reading these reviews, it’s quite clear that Survey Club is not the problem.

Most negative reviews have been left by users who are new to paid surveys, and don’t understand how it works.

Survey Club FAQ's

Many users complain about the constant redirects, not realizing Survey Club’s role as a middleman site. While Survey Club should clarify this detail during the registration process; users also have a responsibility to read the terms & conditions, and FAQ’s before proceeding.

Survey Club’s FAQs answer a number of queries, however, it’s only accessible after you scroll all the way down to the bottom (which majority of user fail to do).
survey club faq

Advantages of Survey Club

  • Free Registration: Most paid survey sites and hubs charge a fee. Survey Club is one of the few that is absolutely free to use in all regards.
  • Participation Reward:  Survey Club gives you $0.10 even if you don’t qualify for a survey as a reward for trying, something no other survey site does.
  • Low Withdrawal Threshold: Survey Club has a relatively lower withdrawal threshold than other such sites. The average is around $30-40 while Survey Club’s threshold is $20.
  • Access to Focus Groups/Clinical Trials: These are usually high reward market research efforts. Survey Club allows users to earn a significant amount of money in a world of mediocre payments.
  • Customer Support: They offer ready support 24/7 to help you with all your queries and problems.

Disadvantages of Survey Club

Our Survey Club review wouldn't be complete without pointing out a few of it's downsides.

  • No App: Despite being in the industry since 2005, Survey Club still does not have a mobile app. You need to use your device’s browser to use Survey Club. This is probably because a lot of the links are redirects.
  • Pre-screening: Many have complained about the time it takes to just qualify for a survey. The pre-screening qualification survey can take up to 10-15 minutes which is a lot of time considering the fact that the survey might take another 30-40 minutes.
  • External Payments: Redirects might require registration on a different site. These websites are likely to have their own withdrawal threshold options, different from that of Survey Club.
  • Spam: You will receive a lot of emails on your email address because Survey Club and other survey sites you have registered on send out constant updates on new surveys. It’s best to use an alternate, throwaway email for these sites.

Other sites like Survey Club

If you're looking for other sites like Survey Club, we'd recommend checking out these survey and rewards sites

Is Survey Club worth your time?

The answer to this question depends on how much free time you have on your hands.

Paid surveys are an easy way to earn money, but it is time-consuming and doesn’t pay much. If you’re a busy person juggling multiple responsibilities, Survey Club is definitely not worth your time.

However, it’s not a bad option if you’re a student; you probably have a lot of free time on your hands and you have to pay for those video games somehow!

It all depends on how much time you have and how you want to utilize it.

Truthfully speaking, it is better to have a part-time job or try freelancing because it will pay you better and help build up your work experience.

So, if you have time and want to earn a little extra money with minimal effort, register on Survey Club.

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