YourSurveys Review: All You Need to Know (Updated 2022)


YourSurveys is an online survey service that connects people and companies together. This could be the perfect working plan for people looking to make some easy money online. It’s also beneficial for businesses looking for market research data or survey data to provide better customer service.

It’s an easy way to make a little bit of money on the side. Yet there were questions concerning the validity of the company.

So we decided to find out more through our own YourSurveys review.

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What is Market Research?

YourSurveys is a company that conducts market research for other consumer products companies. This is why we thought it’d be a good idea to start with what exactly that means.

Market research serves 4 main purposes:

  • Helps brainstorm fresh ideas, new services and products needed by consumers
  • Tells companies which of their divisions needs reshaping
  • Boosts company performance which results in larger profits
  • Gives companies a competitive edge

The idea of market research sparked great interest in the 1920s when Daniel Starch came up with an innovative way to test the market. He asked people on the street about various advertisements they’d seen in magazines and newspapers. Then, he used this information as a measure of how effective or ineffective certain ads were to the public.

Soon to follow was Ernest Dichter, who revolutionized the psychological aspect of market research. Then came television sets, advanced phone systems, and finally computers.

Today, we have the internet, which has become a significant player in market research. Nonetheless, other methods are put into play, such as questionnaires, focus groups, and, most importantly, surveys.

How Does YourSurveys Work?

The idea behind the website is actually pretty simple. It’s also a win-win for all parties included. So we decided to try it for ourselves.

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Getting Started

We began our YourSurveys review by heading to their website. We entered our email address and created a password. After that, we were asked basic profile pre-qualifying questions about the types of products or services we use. The purpose of these questions is to find surveys that best match our profile and personal preferences.

Right from the start, we were assured that our answers to survey questions would be anonymous. YourSurveys stressed on the importance of providing truthful answers. They were insistent that false answers would disqualify us from any earnings.

They also made it clear that it was important we take our time in answering, instead of just speeding through the process. Even answering too quickly is frowned upon. This is their way of preventing anyone from trying to outwit the process.

For Survey Takers 18 or older

The website states you must be at least 18 years old to take part in their market research surveys. Yet they’ll allow participants as young as 13 years, providing they have their parents’ permission.

YourSurveys is a global survey site. So anyone can join, even if you don’t live in the United States.

As a measure of precaution, for you as well as for the company, they will require viable proof of age. This could be a birth certificate, a passport, or a driver’s license.

You also need to provide them with a valid address, such as a tax receipt, posted mail containing your name, or a utility bill. This is to ensure you’re not trying to provide false information before they can allow you to take part in their surveys.

Validate Your Account Information

It’s true that you’ll be able to cash out your earnings through their website, but that happens once they’ve validated your identity and account information. Payments usually take around 2 business days to verify.

YourSurveys saves your information, promising to never share it with other members, 3rd parties, or solicitors. They also never ask for any amount of payments or fees before becoming a member.

No Daily Limits

There is no ceiling to the number of surveys you can complete per day. They add new surveys every couple of hours, but you might not find surveys that you’re qualified for.

Is YourSurveys Legit?

The company and its website is a bona fide business arrangement. It has a moderate to good trust score, which means it does what it promises. This positive score is based on an automated analysis of the website, its data sources, and location.

A good number of users complained about being disqualified after they’ve completed a survey. This means they won’t get their credit points, therefore forfeiting their chances of getting paid. Others say they got blocked from using the site for invalid reasons.

On a brighter note, there are YourSurveys users who are happy with the site and what it has to offer. They say they went through the process without a hitch and received their money as promised. However, they were candid about how unpredictable and inconsistent the website can be.

It’s important to remember that the website does state in its ‘Terms and Conditions’ that YourSurveys has every right to deny users credits for any number of reasons which they see fit. 

In short, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive credit or payment for any of the surveys you take.

YourSurveys Pros

  • Matches people with suitable surveys 
  • Anyone can join, regardless of where they live 
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time to set up
  • Provides real-time access to answers

YourSurveys Cons

  • There’s no guarantee you’ll be paid
  • Points may be deducted for no reason 
  • Some questions are confusing  
  • You could get disqualified halfway through a survey

Wrapping up our YourSurveys Review

It’s true that YourSurveys is a legitimate company. Its website does match you up with surveys of products that best suit your consumer habits. It’s also true that they provide payment for your honest opinion of these products.

However, the idea of being disqualified halfway through maybe a little discouraging. Whenever you’re trying a new survey website, just make sure that you aren’t requested to pay anything upon signing up. 

While YourSurveys isn’t as popular as Survey Junkie, it’s still worth checking out.

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